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12/24/2022 c72 8HunterHQ
Between Zahrah and Meena which of them will inherit the throne? I know it's unlikely but wonder if there may be a way for Seth to exploit that, like a situation with Loki and Thor how only one could Succeed Odin, or with Scar and Mufasa in lion king how only one of the brothers became king.

Just shows when you take out a threat sometimes a more dangerous one can fill inn the void, this case with the trio. Unfortunate for the loss but will have to see how things proceed for the group now.
12/24/2022 c72 mitchell.gamble.brandy
Well mate I got to admit I never saw it coming but other than this you did pretty good and I hope the D team can get back Genie very soon and other than this I wish you a Merry Christmas and wish you luck on the next chapter mate.
12/24/2022 c72 14Stoned Chompski
I am sed that the Rex x Zahrah ship is dead like the Queen of England….. that jokes not in bad taste is it?

Anyway, I love how the four Alpha dinosaurs have upped their game and actually became formidable opponents. And now that the D-Team know that Seth is alive, things are now getting more and more intense. Especially with a working Backland/Zeta Point now in the Alpha Gang’s possession along with Genie’s card.

The preview for the next chapter looks promising and I cannot wait to see it! I wonder what’ll happen in that chapter. New dinosaur? Cosmo Stone? Wonder where the location is at.

Alls I knows is…. when Rex typed “1-1-1-1” into the code, my mind immediately went to Meet the Spy when Soldier pressed the exact combination lmao

Was just expecting a blu briefcase to be on the other side.
12/24/2022 c72 7Harold Godwinson
Well, can't say that this went exactly as I hoped...

On one hand, I'm glad to see that all the training Brontikens and the trio did actually paid off, and actually put up more than a decnet fight againt the D-team (Which was awesome by the way. And seeing their reactions to Seth being alive was exactly as I imagined.

On the other hand, Zarah. Her reaction to seeing Genie getting taken was completely uncalled for in my eyes. I know I'm being a hypocrite when I say that, considering what we've seen in DKPI so far, and yes there are those times when you feel like you have to blame someone, but the actions she took were way out of line, slapping Rex to the ground like that. Having said that, you say the Rex x Zarah ship was dead, that will only be temporarily in my story (assuming you meant for it to be perminent) I can only hope that one day they will rekindle their friendship.

I'll end it here by saying that I have something very similer in mind for Rapunzel and Torch, and that I'm looking forward seeing what Shi means.

Oh, and ask him if Maleficent could interest him to tea and Cookies for me?
12/24/2022 c72 7EquestriamonWriter101
Oh no!

The Alpha Gang's got Genie and now Seth's revealed himself to them!

It seems Gigas, Armatus, Maximus and Brontikens are starting to shape up in a bad way! They've started to work together as one and even Brontikens started showing some team spirit!

But I know that deep down Zarah knows it wasn't their fault. She was just angry upon seeing her Dinosaur friend getting captured.

Now that the Backland's been restored I can only assume that the war truely starts to get even more firey and furious now!

The D-Team should start to bring some of the others with them other than the Move Card Dinosaurs on missions now that they know what they're up against.

But what's going on with Shi and Brontikens now? Hopefully next chapter the D-Team can rescue Afrovanator.

And I think I know why you had Genie get captured, you're having the D-Team rescue the Dinosaurs in the order they were returned to their Cards in the anime.

But I know that Pyro's just trying to get Brontikens ticked off, why else would that no good heat streak keep taunting him about how he and his colleagues aren't strong enough or about how he lost the Mashin-Kai?

If so then I can only hypothisic that at chapter 76 or 77 they'll rescue Genie and get both his and his Hydro Cutter Move Card back.

But for now wish you a Merry Christmas.
12/24/2022 c72 1RomisaThFar12367
I Hope One Day The D-Team get Genie Back And KICK THE ALPHA GANG'S BUTT!
12/24/2022 c72 554godamora
not sure what to say. . . .. .
12/24/2022 c72 203jboy44
I guess the princess was a fan girl or she would have comforted her crush at both the lost and seeing seth was alive.

not complaining just pointing our truth character is shown in lost, and her true character saved tank a swing.
12/24/2022 c72 9Nathanoraptor
One little thing - I discussed this with you over PMs but...

If we're building up to a defection from Brontikens and co., have them be treated, in the next chapter, with a greater degree of respect by the rest of Pyro's gang because they kicked the D-Team's asses and played a major role in catching Genie.

The reason why is that, again, it's more dramatically powerful if Brontikens, Gigas, Maximus and Armatus walk away from everything they thought they wanted (prestige, power, the respect of their colleagues) in order to stand for what is right.
12/4/2022 c71 Guest
What your opinion on the new fan game based of Dinosaur Ling called Dinosaur Kingdom
11/22/2022 c40 Anonymous
Toro Torosaurus x Lola Stegosaurus? Never heard of that ship before. I was thinking about Chomp Triceratops x Lola Stegosaurus and Toro Torosaurus x Diamond Pachycephalosaurus
11/14/2022 c22 BakuMan
Pfft Pa-lease! Team Alpha's nothing but the lamest gang ever!
10/29/2022 c48 Guest
Terry! Ally Likes You!
10/29/2022 c71 Guest
(Chanting) We Want More!
10/14/2022 c32 14Stoned Chompski
Zander did Bagman way before Mike and Saul did by crossing the Mexican desert lmao

yes, this is literally all I’m gonna say about this moment. it just reminded me of Bagman from the show. i mean at least Zander didn’t have to drink his own pi-
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