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for Dinosaur King Retold

10/7/2022 c43 Guest
Ursula: I hate men! (Pathetic Creep)

Zander and Ed: What the fuck did we do to her?
10/2/2022 c71 LeoGoldenheart
Love your Fanfiction, can’t wait to read the next chapter and keep up the good work.
10/2/2022 c69 14Stoned Chompski
So if I’m right, the main difference between your dinosaurs and the canon ones (in the anime) was that obscure organ that allowed them to communicate. And from there it basically becomes the butterfly effect. Taking a completely different line of events of what would happen as opposed if dinosaurs didn’t talk… which is basically what the canon anime dinosaurs as well as real life dinosaurs were. Shi and Seikatsu were basically like the two Gods of Earth that retreated to regain energy (well mostly just Seikatsu) into the time void and because of their absence along with their ability of speech, dinosaurs formed a sort of society as you will much like today’s albeit more… non-human like.

And both Shi and Seikatsu have to live in the Time Vortex to keep their energies stable, much like that of an animal needed to live in a specific environment otherwise it might die… which is like over 90% of all animals on this planet, including humans.

I also like how Shi played a heroic role in this as he actively warned the dinosaurs of the disasters as opposed to his villainous nature we’re all acquainted with in the main story.

Oh also both Seikatsu and Shi, probably the closest to Gods in this story… died. I guess even the mightiest of entities fall like Seikatsu or Zeus… or god forbid Larry King. I’m still kind of confused on the whole “came back but different” part if they’re seemingly the same entities in the same form. I do love how Seikatsu had to step in the help finish Shi’s job, like my older brother who tends to help me out cuz I screw everything up… the bastard.

So the way they decide on a new king is like modern day president voting except you can actually beat people up. Why can’t we do that? Oh yeah that’s right the uh… the French Revolution.

I’m calling it now… the Eocarcharia will eventually be Goma’s main dinosaur. I really hope to God he has a better name than Santa if he has one at all. Maybe Reaper, I’m not sure.

OOOOOOOOOOH! So those many versions of him in the last chapter were the many incarnations of himself! It all makes sense now!

Anyway, sorry for this overly large review. I was just trying to make sense of the story. I’m sure I got some things wrong but I feel like I have a better understanding now of the universe you created.

Keep up the good job, broski!
9/29/2022 c71 Guest
Glad to see your still working on this Fanfiction, keep up the good work and I can’t wait to read the next chapter.
9/29/2022 c68 Stoned Chompski
ooooooh i can’t wait until the D-Team find out Seth is alive. it’s gonna be one hell of a scene, i know for sure

i love the fact that the Gel Jarks were forced mute cuz of their problem and that their only form of communication was through a printer. it was like someone voted to mute them for mic spamming lol
9/25/2022 c67 Stoned Chompski
i would honestly be surprised if Armatus and Maximus ended up together in the end… and honestly id like that lol

so three stones down, three to go. fire and water are on the D-Team’s possession and the earth is now in the Alpha Gang’s. gotta say i’m excited to see what’ll happen when all six are located and found
9/25/2022 c2 10SonicStreak5344
Well in this story I kinda imagine Max as a red Dino ranger since all the Dinosaur themed Power Ranger teams have the red rangers from Jason, Rocky, Connor, Tyler, and Zato with the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex as their Zords. Cause being the king of all dinosaurs with the thing being the leader of the team is huge. I’m making a Dinosaur King fanfic that adapts a couple things from Power Rangers Dino Thunder. With special Dino Thunder Spectarl Armor that will tap into the energies of the Dino Zords including Terry getting a Spectral Armor allowing to tap into the powers of Connor’s Tyranno Zord.

Fun fact: One of the writers for 4Kids not only worked on Sonic X and later MLPFiM, but also worked on Season 1 of Mighty Morphen Power Rangers.
9/23/2022 c65 14Stoned Chompski
i’m hoping Pyro gets a well deserved defeat if not death. i can already see his arrogance being his downfall… literally. i can see maybe Brontikens either shoving him off a large cliff or suffocating him by pressing all of his weight onto Pyro’s neck. either way, Pyro’s defeat would be satisfying to watch… er read.

also i love the fact that the tavern is named Conveniently Placed Tavern lol

and i love how the Alpha dinosaurs are nerds lol like they’re not complete villains like they’re usually are to the D-Team

Champ and Chomp. i can totally see a recurring joke for a chapter where someone keeps misspelling their names and it gets Chomp in a whole lotta trouble that Champ has been doing lol

keep up the good work broski
9/19/2022 c71 ingramethan698
Will you stop that update thing every day it says their is a new chapter but their isn’t
9/16/2022 c63 Stoned Chompski
i like to think Terry and Chomp sang I’M 100% NI-
9/13/2022 c62 Stoned Chompski
Ya know, I always wondered. What EXACTLY was Chomp humming to Spiny’s fight?
9/1/2022 c60 Stoned Chompski
also quick question: how did the Diceratops get activated?
9/1/2022 c60 Stoned Chompski
what kind of raptors were the Western Raiders? like are they not loyal to their own king and they’re only out for blood like ravage animals? or they like these dinosaurs and follow a leader?

also i love Cretacia’s and Dr. Owen’s antics. those two would’ve made great friends in canon, and i’m sure Rex would’ve been doubly embarrassed as well lol

keep up the great work yo!
8/30/2022 c16 8HunterHQ
Considering how capable Seth actually is, repairing Zeta Point aside if Dr Z had sent him on missions getting dinosaurs earlier, or if Seth told Dr Z how much more capable Rod and Laura are than the Alpha trio makes me wonder what the outcome for the D Team would be like now. Or if he started making connections with other individuals like the ninjas early on. Wonder how outmatched the D Team would be then. Or if he dealt with the space pirates earlier somehow before they met with Rex, considering what he did before the events of the story he’d have seen them as a detriment to his future plans.
8/30/2022 c59 14Stoned Chompski
i like to think Rex interrupting the argument was a Jaws reference, where the part where Quint interrupted the town meeting with his fingernails on the chalkboard.

i gotta rewatch that movie. it’s a good ass movie bro lol

i also love the idea that you’re not letting Rex go to the future. it was sad to see Rex go to the future forever in canon, just leaving Max and Zoe. it was a bittersweet ending but i like this idea much better. thanks again for this.
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