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for A Second Chance

7/8 c10 Arielwashere
This chapter was amazing. I am so grateful that you updated! I was slowly losing my mind being stuck inside. I was wary that Emmett wouldn’t want to hear any of Rosalie’s excuses even though he had every right to just walk away from her. And can you imagine Rosalie explaining vampires and their adventurous lives that exist in another timeline. I wasn’t at all surprised that Royce and her parents already arranged for her to be married to him. The Missing person flyer(flier?) was just a last attempt at finding their daughter as they were probably genuinely concerned and afraid for her safety but also in a rush to quickly and permanently entwine themselves with the King family to ensure the comfortable lives stay that way and hopefully someone will see their daughter call them and they’ll have her examined to see if she’s still a virgin because they’d be completely mortified and shamed for having a rebel runaway daughter who is not a virgin anymore. Someone in town will report that she’s in Gatlinburg sooner or later and everything will come crashing down. Can’t wait to read more chapters. Please update soon.
7/8 c10 2Bluebelles112
Glad to come back to your story, the way you wrote Rose's character is great and very similar to how SM writes her. Can't wait for the next installment.
7/8 c10 4YaleAceBella12
Please write more.
7/8 c10 8KateTheCat
7/7 c10 80Jesytypes
Omg omg omg that was so intense
7/7 c10 23Odeveca
oh man I can see where this is going, and I hope that one of them does not tell on Rose's whereabouts, perhaps they will run to save her, will Alice want to help them out, I really hope she does, and I wonder if we will see the rest of the Cullens again, great story you have me reeled in and hooked great work and looking forward to your next chapter :)
7/7 c8 Odeveca
this chapter had me reading the last paragraphs twice, how critical and methodical you have wrote this story, and it really shows in this scene, great writing, I think you truly have your hands in deep with this story and I can't wait to see what you create next! Well done
7/7 c7 Odeveca
this chapter was so precious and Rosalie is so posessive of him, I love it! :)
7/7 c6 Odeveca
i loved the way that they met, great work, you included Emmett's family and I love it, thank you thank you for writing this!
7/7 c4 Odeveca
so bittersweet but I know that Carlisle and Esme would want her to reach out for her true happiness I am so happy that you are writing this story! Well done
7/7 c3 Odeveca
wohoooo great writing i can't stop reading
7/7 c2 Odeveca
great start i really feel as if this is rosalie
7/7 c1 Odeveca
love this story!
7/7 c10 Spockdatabones
I am so happy you're back! I was thinking about this story a couple of weeks ago. Good stories are few and far between in the twilight universe anymore. Looking forward to more chapters.
5/29 c9 Guest
Are you going to update this ? Please I am sure so many are waiting for the next chapter. Please please post
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