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6/10/2006 c1 8macaday me a nut
aw...thats sweet and oh so true. That bit at the end could also be Ginny or Ron. Depending on who the reader thinks it is. Its very clever and well written. The second verse thingo is very clever...I would have never thought of that. But it seems you did...good job.

Macaday me a nut (and your one too!)
2/23/2005 c1 15aphinitea
Love it. Love it love it love it!
8/11/2004 c1 rabbitTsukino
This poem was really nice. It had a lot of emotion put into it.
6/25/2004 c1 4Alice Dodgson
This poem was truly lovely. I like the metaphor of red defining Harry's life...it's a much more original way to say that he loves Ron than, say, well, other ways he could have said it. And yes, as I am a huge H/R shipper I do see it as a love poem. ;)
1/2/2004 c1 232Kay the Cricketed
M, good poetry. And I loved how you came up with all the red that defines Harry's life, using different periods of the day. S'good. ^_^ Very good! Wish I could write pretty poetry. *sigh*
6/15/2003 c1 Weasley Chick
5/31/2003 c1 Douceur
Oh, yes this is a good poem!

P.S: (I'll explain thie brainwash thing in cha. 6.

You've got a point about the too late thing; I'm just to lazy to re-do things... )
3/10/2003 c1 16JazzPizza
Aww. I much like this. The touching interlude between Ron and Harry, the imagery, and the cadence. Well done.
2/27/2003 c1 laur
Nicely done, and I usually don't care much for poetry. I like that Harry finds some escape and solace from the enormous pressures of his life. Imagine having to have those sort of dreams, and the guilty of maybe forgetting a dream-detail that might have been an important clue. I'm glad Ron is there - whether friend or lover. Thanks Quoth!
2/21/2003 c1 14The Amazing Maurice
Hmm. interesting. Quite sweet. Quite inventive. Quite slashy. Oh, yes.

Now write ore Giving Notice!
2/20/2003 c1 13MoonFire1
This is really quite lovely, how you were able to show the many different ways "red" defines Harry. Of course the most important way, be it by friendship or love, would have to be Ron. Well done!

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