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12/4/2019 c8 orange cactus
“Tsuna answered simply, still acting as if his actions were completely justifiably normal; sadly enough, they were by Vongola Standards.” Stuff like this makes me laugh all the time :D Vongola absolutely breaks one’s perceptions of “normal” lol

“Do you think there's something wrong with us" Lambo suddenly asked in a quiet mumble.(...) I just thought, since Tsuna wants to be normal, and I-pin…(...) I just thought, if they want it so bad…" HEARTBREAKING AND SWEET AAAAAA I’M NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING

OKAY SO THIS WORK. Is so. Good. *_* There’s clearly so much heart in it, and it shows, and there are so. many. different ways one character can be with others, and their different bonds with different people? So good!
I loved the plans to unite the worlds to prevent global crisis, and I loved how much consideration you put into business aspect of mafia, because yeah, mafia is not only fights (Tsuna’s normal day schedule some chapters back was Very Believable)
Again, i loved so many small details of this fic! Thank you so much for writing this! I’ll be glad to see new chapters if you decided to write them one day 3
12/4/2019 c7 orange cactus
“Boss does get sulky and whiny when there isn't enough chaos" Dokuro said softly, in her usual sweet yet unrepentantly blunt manner” This is the only thing I can believe in, after years under Reborn :D As well as himself being

“Serafino does tend to attract the weirdest situations" Benny mused aloud, using his Italian name as he and Felicita knew him by, "Remember finding Atlantis in Cleveland?"
"Or the time he found an actual Yeti at the beach" Felicita inserted
"Oh Hayato, remember that time we got stranded in Death Valley?" Takeshi exclaimed
"Which time?" Gokudera grumbled, "The time with squid or the time with giant iguana?"
"Haru remembers that, weren't you guys running for the border police and ended up falling out of the getaway plane?"
"That was an EXTREME!"
Kensuke just stared, 'Tsuna… what the hell?'” THIS IS ALL AMAZING OMG XD

“(...)Evil-Byakuran-Time-Travel-Adventure' that everybody swore up and down was true(...)” yeah, it’s a hard thing to take ones word for about if you weren’t there yourself, ooops

It was somewhat good to see Tsuna’s closer circle of friends expanded since middle school, because even if likely, and having REALLY strong bonds with them, it’s just not realistic (for Tsuna anyway) not to pick up more people to hold close in several years and stick to only the canon gang all his life.
12/3/2019 c6 orange cactus
Hayato you sly sly dog (cat, in actuality), “for his own good”, SUUURE
12/3/2019 c5 orange cactus
...so I did consider waiting for maybe updates on ao3, but when I realized there probably was more of this story on ff, and there was... okay, so I wasn’t able to make myself wait I’M SORRY! BUT! I’m so happy I get to read more of this world and more of your version of Tsuna! 333 and listen, there was much to love these two chapters, but I esp enjoyed Tsuna’s reluctance to harm his future student, and also this: “I love writing a scary Tsuna the most, because I have to find new ways to make him scary without breaking Tsuna's soft hearted character(no killing intent- so scaring people by using V.H.I to look into their hearts)”, BECAUSE YES to not breaking his character and YES AND KUDOS for finding such fun ways to still make him scary af! 3
6/7/2019 c8 ikusatsunagi
Tsuna x Eva 3
10/7/2018 c8 Dragonfyre1234
This is great...I love the thorough detail and the clear signs of hardwork and care you put in to it... I really hope you continue this one day as it got me inspired to read the manga for both of these anime in hopes of maybe one day writing a similar crossover
10/5/2018 c8 Pyro dragoon98
I really enjoyed the story hope you update again soon.
8/28/2018 c8 Jed Cat
please don't let tsuna get into any relationship
7/29/2018 c8 rin fujitora
I REALLY hope that tsuna will be stay single for all the story line. I read some story which tsuna ship with someone and I think tsuna better not include on those harem. let negi has all of those harem. maybe tsuna position better be like older brother for negi and for all the girls
7/9/2018 c4 30Engineer4Ever
Chao, Chao you play with fir-er flames and I love it!
5/29/2018 c8 ckashorro
amigo por el amor de dios buda goku y los caballeros del zodiaco NO abandones esta historia por que lo juro en las bolas caidas de yoda que no hay historias tan buenas como esta , y amigo von esto te coloco en el numero 4 de mi anking de mejores historias de fanfiction .com gracias por una gran historia y esperando el proximo episodio
tu nuevo fan
4/22/2018 c8 13foxchick1
I can't wait to see what happens next.
4/21/2018 c8 Jamydodger1
Did you delete a chapter, the one from Lambo's point of view or did i just imagine that chapter existed?
4/19/2018 c1 D.manna
chapter 9 disappear
4/18/2018 c1 alaude hibari
where's chapter 9?
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