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3/2/2019 c1 ManticoreBlues
this is pretty good so far, you should continue
2/28/2019 c1 ManticoreBlues
please continue
8/1/2018 c1 1Gizmo Gear
Oh, you have GOT to continue this!
1/7/2018 c1 Kotor13e
10/26/2017 c1 5ShugoYuuki123
Awesome start to a story. Hope there is an update for this soon though
7/6/2017 c1 1runelt99
FlownNorth shi- wait a minute... am i really begging for romance while mc is still a baby? What is wrong with me!
6/14/2017 c1 xenocanaan
I can't wait to read the next chapter!
4/8/2017 c1 2grifman275
Now, this is very interesting, and I can't wait to see where this goes. I wonder if she will figure out how to use her powers, or if she can't, go to someone like Ozpin and get them trained. She will need all the help she can get if she can reverse the fate of what happened to Canon!Summer.

I have a feeling she won't go the way of Canon!Summer and will live to see her daughter, if she haves her, grow and go to beacon.
4/4/2017 c1 49bankerrtx01
To say im excited is an understatement have fun in be watching.
4/2/2017 c1 20GoreslashDOW
I like how you named the bird faunus Gabriel. It will also be fun to see how you interpret Summer's past, as we barely know anything.
4/2/2017 c1 Back to Lurkin
Are you accepting OC? Just asking.
3/31/2017 c1 Emiliano733
Hello, your story seems interesting and wrote well. I'm very curious to see whath you will do with your Summer and i hope you will use Hummingbird(Qrow x Summer), i love thath ship and Qrow as ruby's father. See you later.

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