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5/10/2020 c22 Animeadict2021
Just binge read this entire fic and it’s honestly brilliant. Really hope one day you chose to continue it!
1/19/2020 c22 N.B.S
And one more thing...pretty please, don't make us wait another four months. I don't think I can take it...
1/19/2020 c22 N.B.S
Sorry for commenting this late, I just had to make up my mind about this chapter. Just like with the 21st chapter I liked this one a lot, though it seemed shorter than it usually is (or maybe it just feels like it due to the time gap between 21st and 22nd chapter).
I have nothing against Makoto and his investigating, I actually really like his character, but...I was always happy that this story has only an additional few characters and all of them (sometimes excluding Amaya) are somewhat normal and believable. So, even when I know this is someone's OC, I just feel...afraid a bit. Obviously it can be just a feeling, but a new character, mysterious one at that and also a vampire? I don't see anyway she can fit into the story organically...
But we'll have to wait and see. If anyone can pull this of, I believe it's you. As for this chapter, I generaly really liked it
1/20/2020 c22 3FireDragonX23
I laugh at the beginning of this chapter XD
1/16/2020 c22 8Dark Maiden95
Honestly, I'm really glad Makoto's in the picture, since the Diabolik Lovers series could use a male character who isn't, well, a Sakamaki (or a Mukami). I'm excited to see him investigate further!
1/11/2020 c6 N.B.S
Just a quick reminder...we're all still here! We're patiently waiting for the next chapter and we hope to get it soon!
(Sorry for pushing you but...you know how it goes...)
12/26/2019 c18 Update
Update. Pwease
9/22/2019 c21 3FireDragonX23
I laugh during that prank. That was funny.
9/18/2019 c21 N.B.S
By the way Ayato refers to Yui as Cupcake in one sentence. Just so you know...
9/17/2019 c7 Guest
9/17/2019 c6 Guest
I hope that there's gonna be a AmayaxSubaru pairing! X3
9/11/2019 c21 N.B.S
Did you just use my criticism to make the story recognize the lowering stakes of punishments? Because if that really happened...well, you surprised me. It actually makes sense for someone to notice how Amaya is getting away with a lot of things without too much of a punishment. But to the chapter itself, I really like it!
The girls are great together and Kanato is always a win for me. Laito calling out Reiji was also pretty good. And what I found very interesting after two readings was the way Kanato behaved. He actually seemed to think of Laito's relationship with macaroons (as weird as it sounds), which was really sweet.
So, after the average 20th chapter, I think this one is a lot stronger. Yes, there's one thing that is a bit...stupid for Amaya to do, but I remember Yui doing trying to prank Ayato in games and it wasn't that big of a deal there so...that gets a pass.
Thanks for continuing this story. I will wait patiently (just as Kanato did or didn't for the cake) for the next chapter. It could come out just a bit sooner, though...
8/31/2019 c18 Fricka U
Frickin. UPDATE!
8/14/2019 c18 LunaMaid
8/8/2019 c3 AnimeWolf16
I would have fangirled till I died of suffocation...I also would have cried at the beauty of his voice. T~T
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