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for Beginnings And Middles But No Ends In Sight

5/31 c100 katsekala
I loved it! Many kisses!
5/31 c99 katsekala
Great chapter!
5/30 c98 katsekala
Great chapter!
5/17 c69 1Ignia04
I am sure there are enough people who wouldn‘t have minded you writing an orgy.
3/30 c85 2Glorificate
Have to say, I absolutely love this chapter. I actually drew the scene because I couldn't get it out of my head.
mania-motherofsouls. tumblr post/ 680219907470868480/ a-drawing-based-on-the-85-chapter-of-beginnings
I just love your whole take on the Arcobaleno in general! It's a lot of fun.
10/29/2021 c100 Jay Dawn
I'm? Going? To? Re-read? This? For? The? Nth? Time I love this so much, you have no idea. Anyways, after all these years, I finally remembered my email and password for this site (sucks, because I still don't remember my AO3 account), so I'm finally putting this fic in my fav list. Thank you simply for existing and being you.
9/7/2021 c100 2shadewatcher
Huh, that sounds about right.
9/6/2021 c100 7BoyishBlue
A oneshot on Tsuna learning what happened to all of them! From beginning to end!
9/5/2021 c100 21Yuki Suou
annnnd the last two chapters made me cry!
9/5/2021 c94 Yuki Suou
at first I thought Reborn is a disney princess. then I was like, he IS a Disney princess, just more. . . murdery
9/4/2021 c100 22ilovecartoonsgirl
This was a good run if this is the last chapter. I laughed a lot in this story, I felt for the Arcobaleno, and I liked how this 'ended.' Great job!
9/4/2021 c100 23Mel Writer
Honestly, I can't think of a single chapter that I liked more than the others - maybe ones where we get to see the beautiful psychopath Reborn truly is, maybe ones where we see Skull falling more and more into the underbelly of society - but I loved it all so much. Thank you for having written it!
9/4/2021 c100 LazyRedHead
I liked chapter 63. Just reborn playin in the bath and it would be funny to see the others try and crash his baths numerous times to play with him. Nap times r also great . Just like. Puppy piling or something. I feel like i should cry since this storys over but i feel like that anyway whenever one of your reborn/kyoya stories finish tbh.
9/4/2021 c100 16Ennael
You maybe understood it with my 99 (or so, pretty sure I wasn't as constant as you) other reviews but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this story. it's clearly one of my favs of all fics and maybe my fav for KHR and is in my "in case of depression" liste of fics to make me laugh (well, almost all of the chapters).

I'm in awe of your characterisations of the arcobaleno, of the background and relationships you made for them. I think it will always be of this background I'll think about when I think of the past of the arcobaleno. You fucked up my character canon acuracie if I write a KHR fanfic in the futur, there is absolutely no way I'll be able to restrain myself not to make Reborn as a cuddle snarky murderous bitch or Skul asl an irrémédiable stalkerish optimist. And I can't be even mad about this because I love them too much like that.

About favourite chapters, I'm sorry but I'll have to re-read this entire story first to say it because I have absolutely no memories so the only things I remember are the traumas you created with this fic: Monster Skull and Reborn blocked in the car, Reborn snapping up in this mission, bitching the other and then playing it down and Fon pinning him for a nap in the hamack (absolutely LOVE their discussion here, it really marked me, the characterisation of the two on these two was impressive and really defined them for me, like, their core as a character) and of course the Damn Beach, wich always feature in my nightmares even years after.
But those moments lasted in my mind because they were so well placed in the middle of a lot of really goodly written crack and I'll be sure to tell you about my favourites funny moments when I reread it allThank a lot for this story! I'm so sad and so happy to see it end X) It clearly one of the fics I'll remember. I really hope you'll make a continuation, maybe somes one shot or even a whole story if you feel up to it. There is so much to play with ! The feelings of all the arcobaleno now that they have them again, how they deal with what happened between them since the curse (I'm sure some shots happend between some of them in all these years? at least all the lakey stuff with Skull) of course, how Reborn deal with all these memories he forgot on top of the feelings. I mean, he totally forgot about them when they have defined so much of him. I'm sure Reborn have habits that he now understand come from one of them, it must be so weird and hard to deal with so much of you wich you didn't know about. Also, there is all these stuff with Tsuna and the new generation. I can totally see Reborn kind of hiding from the other arcobaleno (because he don't know how to deal with them) by saying he have to make Tsuna the new Mafia Boss and so can't go with them. They could kidnapp him (or kidnapp Tsuna so Reborn have to come) IDK. The arcobaleno could also be feeling in debt of the kids for saving them from the curses ? They could become kind of mentor to some of them. Or decided to move up in the Sawada vicinities or just come to visit sometimes. There is all the fuck with Vongola and the Mafia too, now that the arcobaleno are once again even more super powerfull, I'm sure it screw up the new balances. also, Now that Reborn have feelings again (or that they are not muted at least) would his relation to Tsuna change ? He look like he got a bit attached to him in the manga by the time the curse is broken but wouldn't it be amplified with feeling again? Seeing how he acted in this fic with the other arcobaleno, I feel like Reborn would be way too much possessive and unlike the other arcobaleno, I don't know if Tsuna would be strong enough (physically and mentally) to create limit and keep freedoms, it could be an interesting thing to see how they deal with it. I wonder also how they would act with Yuni, they must have so much conflicted feelings (now that they have them again) because of Lust.

Anyway, even if you do not write a continuation, a big THANK YOU for this super fic and also congrats for the 100th chapter! You did it!
thank for writing and see you soon :3
9/4/2021 c100 7SalixMendax
Can I start by saying this story is epic and I have hung onto your every chapter? It seriously gets funnier everytime I read it. Thank you for this awesome, uplifting gift during a time without much else being positive.
If you do decide to continue/do a sequel, can I suggest doing something about other people's reactions to the uncursed arcobelano? After all, everyone has got used to the (comparatively) boring, muted arcobelano. I mean, imagine Tsuna's reaction to the realisation that, yes, Reborn can get worse. Not to mention all the people commiserating because they fooled themselves into thinking that they were exaggerating things in their memories, only to learn they really, REALLY didn't exaggerate anything and might have, just a bit, underestimated things.
It's just a suggestion for if you do decide to go on. I just think this story is too good to end now.
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