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for Beginnings And Middles But No Ends In Sight

7/15 c93 2shadewatcher
7/14 c90 22Yuki Suou
I was reminded why I shouldn't read this while drinking water xD
7/10 c92 23Mel Writer
I love all of these, but I can't tell which is my fav - Reborn snuggling with Verde for warmth, or Skull 'trying' to beat Fon.
7/9 c92 18ilovecartoonsgirl
Yep, those poor streets...do I wanna know where Colonnello took Reborn? Great chapter!
7/9 c92 14Ennael
ooh! I really liked the snap of Viper and Lal! we don't see them often alone together, it was super nice ! and seeing them do reckless stuff while trying the bullet XD and damn, the cloud one look like hell horror show, I don't want to see it on a human. ever.
I liked a lot the one with Reborn, Verde and Luce too ! Reborn and his "I'll die like a gentleman" and then cuddling with Verde XI'm surprised that Verde open his coat on his own without even an annoyed breath but then again, I guess he is used to it by now and that was heart warming.
thank for writing, see yah soon !
7/9 c92 2shadewatcher
Bwahahahahahahahahahaaa! such glorious chaos!
7/8 c78 Ann
Pretty sure Tsuna, who at least in fandom calls Reborn the devil, would agree that a child of Reborn's would probably end up being the anti-christ.

This is hilarious! They made a soap-opera up from scratch.
7/8 c77 Ann
With Reborn, if you find his safehouse, you then have to find his safehouse /inside/ the safehouse. Lol
7/8 c76 Ann
Aw... Reborn really does care and he was really upset that Skull died, but then Skull wasn't dead and Cloud propogation went crazy healing him and probably gave Reborn a freaking heart attack crawling through the hole in the back seat to get him.
The others thinking their hitman is in shock is ... sweet? Concerning? There isn't really an adjective I can think of, but I'm glad that they're all appropriately worried and attempt to help him. Unfortunately, Reborn doesn't respond well to attempted therapy techniques and f-s off. He /does not/ want to discuss his experience in the car.
7/8 c75 Ann
Either Reborn is dreaming, hallucinating, or Skull just grew a third arm/hand. ... Or the others caught up.
So, for comfort, Reborn was wedging himself in somewhere small? Interesting coping mechanism. Certainly would explain a lot of his hidey holes.
7/8 c73 Ann
Freaking hilarious! Reborn only looks different to the people with the refined tastes he has. These uncultured fools can't really tell. Lol, it's funny to see Reborn get on /everyone's/ case about their normal clothing and their inability to wear black-tie attire.
7/8 c71 Ann
I like how Luce is the calm one who also supports their weirdness. Like, she'll relax in the hot springs like a normal person and make cookies and encourage acting as a group, but she also finds their cosplay antics cute and is completely unfazed by their murderous craziness. She's a woman with layers. Meanwhile, Lal doesn't care about societal norms, jumping into the men's bath so she can take part in the races.
I really love this group's antics, reading this fic always brings a smile to my face.
(Was this the start of Reborn's more wild cosplay or was this just feeding into his hobby? I recall him crossdressing in earlier chapters but I can't remember if he's hidden in plan sight as a vase or painting yet)
7/8 c69 Ann
This is great! Love everyone's morning routines and stealing each others clothes.
7/1 c91 1HoloObssession
6/29 c91 14Ennael
this one put a smile on my lips all around :D Thank Skull for your antics it helped all of them. I was thinking, I would love to see the team taking class to take care of baby and/or children ! I mean Arya is going to be born soon and seeing some catastrophe on a mission like them having to protect a little heir and traumatising him for like idk. Luce could force them to have those class to learn to take care of baby and child. I can see some of them being reluctant at first and then kind of like it, like Fon or Reborn.
Anyway thank for the chapter and the two other stories you posted at the same time too :D
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