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7/1 c91 1HoloObssession
6/29 c91 14Ennael
this one put a smile on my lips all around :D Thank Skull for your antics it helped all of them. I was thinking, I would love to see the team taking class to take care of baby and/or children ! I mean Arya is going to be born soon and seeing some catastrophe on a mission like them having to protect a little heir and traumatising him for like idk. Luce could force them to have those class to learn to take care of baby and child. I can see some of them being reluctant at first and then kind of like it, like Fon or Reborn.
Anyway thank for the chapter and the two other stories you posted at the same time too :D
6/29 c91 18ilovecartoonsgirl
lol, I don't think anyone is too old to enjoy a playground. Great chapter!
6/29 c91 23Mel Writer
Ahhh I love these idiots
Thank you
6/29 c91 LavaLilly
This made my day, thanks
6/29 c91 2shadewatcher
lol Too cute!
6/15 c90 katsekala
Funny chapter!
6/14 c89 katsekala
6/14 c87 katsekala
Great chapter!
6/14 c86 katsekala
Funny chapter!
6/14 c85 katsekala
Lal, the eternal babysitter!
6/13 c90 23Mel Writer
Poor Reborn, cockblocked by Colonello! And yes, Lal really should have that conversation with everyone, but it likely won't happen...

Also, while I know and understand this an Alt universe and not in the storyline, I have to wonder... will there be a continuation of this?
6/12 c90 18ilovecartoonsgirl
Alt. universe or not, I'm glad that Lal decided to be proactive about her relationship with Colonnello. She's not the typical dense female harem lead that's for sure! Not that she is one...or would want to be one. Fun chapter!
6/12 c90 2shadewatcher
6/12 c90 14Ennael
Oh yessssss, please, have a big talk all together about this mess of a relationship !
Also, I have no doubt Verde making out with Reborn was for science. I'm sure he was testing the input flame level when exitation going up or something... on that note, could Verde make them all take an aphrodisiaque to test their willpower or something ? I'm sure Reborn would act as if he is a total beast when he is not affected at all because he trained himself out of poison before.
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