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for Beginnings And Middles But No Ends In Sight

6/9 c82 katsekala
Great chapter!
6/8 c81 katsekala
Great chapter!
6/8 c80 katsekala
You made my day.
6/8 c79 katsekala
Funny chapter!
6/4 c89 vicky360
OMG I wish I had 1/4 of the energy of reborn.

I feel like these 6 in the casino could be a fucking interesting story.

I do not doubt that reborn and viper know what to do, but and others LOL
6/3 c78 katsekala
6/3 c77 katsekala
6/2 c76 Guest
Poor Reborn and Skull.
6/2 c75 Guest
Three hands... I'm spooked now.
6/2 c74 Guest
Great chapter!
6/2 c18 Tbiscool35
I have the Reborn has heatstroke scene screenshotted and resides permenantly in my fic wall of fame
6/1 c89 18ilovecartoonsgirl
Reborn is a beast, but at least he doesn't leave his teammates hanging...(remembers the Russia adventure incident) when they really need him anyway. This was great, funny as always!
6/1 c89 2shadewatcher
Muwahahahahahahahaaa! These guys are a delightful mess of a dysfunctional family. Hilarious and adorable! Love love love it!
6/1 c89 Ennael
Reborn is casual like "yeah you were dead but I'm awesome like this and dead own me with how much I send them corps gift" but I'm sure he wasn't this composed when Viper die. The fifthy corpse neatly lined in front of them and his position above Viper like a guard dog are quite saying. Could we have some more shorts about Reborn freacking out or/and being super protective ? Like with the beach ark (I'm still doing nightmare about the worms and Reborn reaction, thank you verry much) or when Skull die too. Thank for the chapter ! I loved Fon with no key too and the team Viper Verde, there isn't enough of thoose too together ! Also, who pay when they're all together ? do they have an accound group book ? I would totally see Reborn doing the count for the bills and all with Viper one afternoon and trying to make head or queue of why there is more bills for, like, idk toothpaste than there is for new gun or car reapers.
6/1 c89 23Mel Writer
I LOVE THE DYNAMIC It's all so good! Thank you so much for this!
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