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11/12 c1 Eviik
Hello there! As I don't have an account on I come to visit this fic (and nowadays only this) every now and then and so I just wanted to express that I haven't forgotten this work and I'm looking for every single update :) (the time between the updates doesn't matter).
11/8 c118 KrypticShizz
Gotta love Gabe. Loved this chapter. Can't wait for the next one.

Speaking of chapters, what happened to Ava?
10/27 c55 1captainjack41
This made me laugh so hard i damn near died
10/15 c118 3BlueMoonMaples
Great chapter! I love the way you write Dean and Cas's relationship, and how Gabe perceives Dean's possessiveness. I'm excited for the next chapter!
10/2 c118 2DeathDoUsApart
I’m so glad you updated! I love your Cas, you’re staying true to his character even in a different body. I can’t wait for Dean to realize he is very much in love with his angel!
9/26 c118 63superlc529
SO very excited about this update! I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. THAT is the priority over updates on this fic. ;) Hope you’re able to continue the regular postings but take care of you first. :) Okay, here we go – finally some Gabriel interaction with our boys. 3

Ahh! Cas! A mix of ‘Mystery Spot’ and ‘Changing Channels’ all in one go? Hell yeah! I LOVE the image of Dean just shouting up into the air while patrons look on and poor embarrassed Sammy trying to get his big brother to stop. LOL! :) 3

Wow, Gabe! Disguising yourself as Azazel? – I actually did not see that coming. That was a twist.

‘But when had his unplanned hopes ever panned out?’ – True for Dean Winchester in EVERY universe. Love love love Dean pushing Gabriel’s buttons. He knows the Archangel turned Trickster so very well. :) ‘Some things, Dean figured with no shortage of sarcasm and bitterness, just had to stay the same.’ – LOVE that line. Some things stay the same, just in a different way. 3

LOVED the tape over Cas’ mouth when the Angel recognized that “Loki” wasn’t a Trickster but (I’m sure) Gabriel. :) 3 I can totally hear Rich’s voice in my head. This is fantastic.

Absolutely adore Gabe’s thoughts about Dean’s loyalty toward Cas. 3

‘(Yeah, he already knew that was never happening. Dean might be willing to face the damn Apocalypse without so much as a blink, but he was a coward in his own right when it came to owning up to his kid brother.)’ – Ain’t that the truth. By the way, LOVING Dean using his future knowledge to push Gabe’s buttons and attempt to try to get the Archangel to see the light that much sooner. :)

Yes, Gabe is a Dick, but he is OUR Dick. LOL. Agreed there. My heart hurt at the image of Dean’s ivory-handled gun broken into pieces. Oh what are you up to now, Gabriel? I wonder how long Dean will take before he “breaks” and lets the Archangel in on how he KNOWS him… perhaps he can play on that and reveal some stuff that I’m sure Gabriel had told him in the future that only Gabriel knows? No? Just speculating! LOL! I LOVE this fic! I can’t wait to see the rest of the Winchester family too with that little tease of yours – keep up the brilliant work! I know you will! Post more when you can. Until next time! 3
9/25 c118 Guest
Yo I heard the site is shutting down at some point? It would be great if you moved this amazing fic onto ao3 or something so that it’s not lost
9/19 c116 Brenda Joyeux
Yellow Eyes ? But I was expecting Gabe because come on . Glitter goo. Surely it would be a trick from the Trickster.
9/8 c117 1Ford Marches On
Binged the entire thing because the title stuck out to me as something I actually read and liked. Was not disapointed, excellent writing. Hope this encourages you to continue writing, but I'd settle for it affirming your skills.
9/5 c38 5ConsumedByTheShadows
I gotta say, this fic is my favorite Supernatural story by far. I know I haven't been reviewing as much as I should be, because man, this is amazing work.

I've been staying up way too late the last few nights just to read this fic, and even though my sleep schedule is super fucked up from it, it was worth it just to find out what happens next.

I have no clue how far I got the first time I found your story, but I've started rereading it again from the very beginning. It's just as enjoyable the second go around, and I can't wait to keep reading the rest :)
9/1 c117 L
So happy that you are back posting again 3
8/25 c117 2XLucyInTheSkyX
can't wait for Dean to tear Gabriel a new one hahaha
8/24 c117 amgcat
will the boys find the bunker earlier? before the apocalypse? will Bobby and Andy get to use the bunker with them?
8/23 c117 63superlc529
After that cliffhanger, I’m diving straight in! LOVE Dean still being protective of his Sammy – regardless if his body is breathing or not. All the feels!

‘'Cas.' The hunter slammed his eyes shut, fingers curling into fists as he put his all – every inch of soul – into that desperate prayer. 'Cas, I need you. We need you! Right fucking now!'' – YES! GIVE ME ALL THE DEAN PRAYERS. 3

Truly powerful stuff there with Dean’s thoughts and the weight of his gun, etc… *cries* All the feels! Beautifully written. HA! I *WAS* RIGHT! FULL ON MYSTERY SPOT FEELS BUT REVERSE! Complete with “Clowns or midgets?” :)

Poor Dean! I really love all the twists on the events in Mystery Spot from Dean’s POV and so much earlier. Poor Sam too, of course. ;) Come on, Dean, you can figure this out!

‘"Dean." Green met blue. Cas was staring at him, eyes wide, face close. Dean couldn't look away. "It's not–" The fish tugged on the line.’ – There’s just something so peaceful about that scene… with Dean fishing and his Angel Cas by his side. 3

This is SO brilliant! Azazel at work in a reverse Mystery Spot so early on… can’t wait to see how Dean will get out of this one.

‘Those blue eyes were so close, voice deep and panicked. "Dean–!"’ – YUP! FREAKING BRILLIANT! Cas is trying to warn him. Allllll the freaking feels! *bows*

‘"But you'll be dead." He said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world. A big part of the very simple equation that Sam and his big ole brain were somehow missing.’ – That will never compute for Dean. Living without his little brother is impossible… my heart!

‘Which wasn't quite right, now was it? He'd managed it once, for a year. A hellish year, for the most part, but Dean had sort of made it through. He could maybe do it again. And just viciously push down any and all thoughts about how fucking miserable he had been for that year and how he never, ever, wanted to live through that pain and grief and self-loathing again.’ – My Dean baby!

Dean keeping his promise to Sam and then giving in… do you hear that sound? It’s my heart breaking. So heart-breakingly beautiful and well-written. Come on, Dean. You gotta get you and Sam out of this. Cas being mysteriously absent has to factor in… Hmm…

‘The kid could at least show a little horror at the number of times Dean had committed suicide for him. They were broaching real Romeo and Juliet levels of commitment here, and Dean didn't do chick flick moments, damnit.’ – This is SO Dean Winchester. I could actually hear him saying this even though it was exposition. LOL! :)

‘Sam just stared, but Dean was elated. Pissed the hell off, but elated. He had finally found his plan C.’ – YESSSS! I think we ALL know what Dean’s Plan C is… bring on Gabe! 3 3 You totally called all the “I knew it!” comments. It’s a compliment though, Silence, trust me. ;) Keep up the absolute PHENOMENAL work! I can’t wait to see what comes next. Love Love LOVE this! So damn much!

Until next time! :) 3
8/22 c117 6AJ Granger
This is taking way too long to realize it's Gabriel. He's really messing with Dean. I find it disheartening that Dean loves his little brother so much and thinks so little of himself that he'd kill himself rather than live without him. Sam, of course, does not return that sentiment.
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