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3/31/2020 c4 Bluzerker
Why isn’t this tagged as a romance? I didn’t know anything about the manga, just one punch man, and I was excepting some actual friendship, not Alabama incest. Ugh fucking anime.
7/25/2019 c2 Mangoose
This is the crossover I never knew I needed. Please make more. I'd love to see the Monogatari cast react to how powerful Saitama really is. Also, to be honest, I'm quite convinced that the Monogatari girls are what Saitama needs to start feeling human again.
10/25/2018 c4 bmurd3rf4c3
I hope the next chapter, ploz that your update arrives early next time.

Even so, do you plan to follow only the monogatari story or will you go for the opm events?
10/22/2018 c4 17Ben56
Okay not bad new chapter, i wonder what would the girls think of him if they come to witness, Saitama's great power. Well i will be waiting for the next chapter, how will he get to flirt whit Asahi?
10/22/2018 c4 kerrowe
Weird story.
Kinda funny though.
Only know Saitama.
10/21/2018 c4 Dark.Lord0
Change this to M-RATED! And just DO the LEMON!
8/18/2018 c2 14Dim95
Continue with the plot, in addition, you should make Saitama taciturn, expressionless and reserved
6/12/2018 c3 McTopHatIII
5/5/2018 c3 3Echoh
Y'know, I'm not gonna lie. I don't quite know what to make of this. It's glorious yet strange and all at the same time I can't wait to see more lol
5/2/2018 c1 Saru
No genderbended characters, that's just weird
4/30/2018 c3 14Dim95
podrías seguir con la historia es muy buena y hacerla más larga, también tengo que aclarar que Saitama no demuestra sentimientos, el es indiferentes y muy poco expresivo, podrías arreglarlo
4/23/2018 c3 Guest
Copulate with 14 females?
While there isn't enough amount of canon females characters in One Punch Man for that to work, if you exclude the other female characters in Minamoto-kun Monogatari, it would be quite interesting if you decide to gender bend/swap some of the male characters in One Punch Man. I'd like to see female versions of Genos, Sonic, Amai Mask, and others in this story after all.
4/22/2018 c3 17Ben56
Good chapter, i was realy wondering when you will update this story? It was worth the waiting, Saitama begins his new adjunto, alongside his Hero for hobby job. Thank you, see you next chapter.
4/22/2018 c3 Dark.Lord0
Maybe you should change the rating to M if there will be any sexual content
4/22/2018 c3 Dark.Lord0
Thank you for the update!
That was Amazing
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