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5/10 c7 13Welovethat
Ohhhh myyyyyy gahhhhhhh I need the other three moments! My heart is aching
2/7/2019 c7 SeptemberFirst
This is so freaking good! I really need my fill of Passion fanfic. Thank you so much!
8/17/2018 c7 ororo.munroe.3705
omg please write more
7/14/2017 c7 34ZiZiLuPone
This was beautiful even when it was so touching. You're melting my heart chapter after chapter Owwwwwwwww. And about Helena and Elizabeth, please do ! I had several request for it too, but to be honest I totally don't know how shall I put them togetherI'll explain in PM , with love ZiZi , can't wait for next chapter :3
6/25/2017 c6 ZiZiLuPone
It's brilliant. That small part of her with jealousy, perfectwell done !
5/22/2017 c5 ZiZiLuPone
Breathtaking ending :3 Beautiful...looking forward develop of story and as well for Penny Dreadful and Sweenett :3
5/13/2017 c4 2SVUVOYFAN24
4/23/2017 c4 34ZiZiLuPone
God that's wonderful :3 oh-my-God... they're really lovely couple and screw her cousin ! Sorry, but they deserve to be together :3333 aawwwww . Oh and yeaaaah I knows these time-struggles fucking well :D lol . Hope you updated soon dollit's gorgeous !
4/14/2017 c3 ZiZiLuPone
Wau... wonderful, especially that endmakes me fragile :3
4/12/2017 c2 ZiZiLuPone
It's beautiful how you can describe even such unpleasant moment like fit is...it's astonishing for me , I love the way you're tenderly writing. Great writer :3 and agreed about Fosca's am Giorgio's relationship
4/8/2017 c1 ZiZiLuPone
That is so beautiful :3 oh my God. I think the same about Passion. It's wonderful, touching, emotional musical, that's unappreciated, and this was so cute. Awww my heart jumped a little forward...

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