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1/5/2019 c1 33LAGC
This was a unique concept. Your explanation as to how Starbuck is Faceman is reasonable (in a sci-fi way) You melded Face and Starbuck well and portrayed the relationship between Apollo and Starbuck perfectly.
I also enjoyed “where in life” you placed Apollo.
11/4/2018 c1 84peppe1951
This was a different approach. If i understand it all...the Galactica found earth and disembarked. Starbuck was sent to find people who could be trained to fight the Cylons if they discover Earth. He got caught up in the Viet Nam war. His cover was Templeton Peck and he eventually became a member of the A-Team. This was a fantastic story, my only wish is that it was longer.
11/4/2018 c1 7vaughn28
This story is fantastic. Glad to see you have continued it. You have captured the characters nicely and woven the two shows together well.
5/18/2017 c1 maclooping
Really nice OS ! It's so sweet and touching to see them together again ! you are really did a good job with this story , i can totally imagine this scene in my mind !
5/9/2017 c1 thunder18
Great chapter Update soon
4/8/2017 c1 D.Rose
This was really good, I hope you do more in this crossover. I would love to see one where Murdock finds out or seems to suspect that Face is also a pilot.

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