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for A Very Merry Kidge Week 2017

4/24/2021 c1 Dasgun
5/18/2020 c3 horsefan17
I just about DIED at Keith's ABORT MISSION
4/7/2020 c1 ultimate-shipper
I absolutely LOVED this chapter! I hope you can right a sequel or smth...
11/7/2018 c5 2AngelaLove072101
Lovin' it! Good job!
11/7/2018 c4 AngelaLove072101
Nice! I like how you manage to put both their perspectives in
11/7/2018 c3 AngelaLove072101
Yeeeeesssss Allura ships it haha
11/7/2018 c2 AngelaLove072101
Cute I think you got Lance's reaction to a girl's fifteenth birthday, perfectly A girl's fifteenth birthday is a huge thing in Latin American culture :)
11/7/2018 c1 AngelaLove072101
I like your take on this. Very well written, I think
10/12/2018 c2 Drablu
Yas Lance we totally need a Kencieda!
4/3/2018 c5 dragonFRUIT
i just love this
12/10/2017 c5 2FalconRukichi
why the sooo cite!
12/10/2017 c4 FalconRukichi
what the hell! The confession was damn cute!
9/20/2017 c1 2unicorncat453
can I please state something? Ok then for all people who think allura is piloting the red lion YOU ARE WRONG red chose lance in season 3 and the blue lion let down her barrier in the hangar for allura. Allura was wearing pink armor and is piloting blue after Keith started piloting black blue would not let her barrier down for lance,from a distance lance heard red roar and went to investigate then red let down her barrier for lance and let him start piloting her soon after allura was moping about not being able to pilot one of the lions when blue let down her barrier for her allura wore her pink clad armor for the memory of altea so please to all of you fake voltron fans and people with no memory ALLURA NEVER HAS AND HOPEFULLY NEVER WILL PILOT/PILOTED THE RED LION! Thank you
7/20/2017 c5 sand beneath our feet
By the way, side note for the last chapter I love how you ship Allura/Shiro too ;)

This whole story was so good, thank you so much I absolutely loved it (as I've said almost every chapter, haha)
7/20/2017 c4 sand beneath our feet
OH MY FREAKING GOSH I thought this wouldn't get any better but this is by far my favorite chapter but wow I love the whole thing
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