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3/2 c14 dorothy.nediak
Thank you again for a wonderful update.
3/2 c13 dorothy.nediak
Wow. The buildup to this point, the realism of this struggle... This is a beautiful rendition of protagonist v. the world, with incredible depiction and character depth.
2/18 c14 1Charlieharold
Love it! Hands down my favourite Naruto fanfic
2/4 c14 RandoMando47
Story is pretty solid I can’t lie. Transmigrated character with no meta knowledge about the world is a tough premise to make work and is usually frustrating to read. This story though is excellent, good pacing for her progress in the world as well as for the ripples she’s had which lets everything feel earned. The time period and her interactions, her imperfections, and her legitimate struggles (even though she personally has a decent living standard) are all well chosen and make everything have a satisfying depth. You also do a great job touching on the mental health struggles of the profession in a small community and knowing how to save someone but not being able to translate that into doing so in the time window and with the resources available. Too much of that would be awful, too little and nothing would have weight.

I can’t wait for the final pieces to come together, finding complete stories in fanfic is so rare and I’m excited this story could be one. Thanks for the great work so far.
2/3 c14 randalthor17
I definitely didnt think i would enjoy this idea as much as i do. Kudos to the author. Hope it gets updated soon.
1/25 c1 LennyFaceSupplier
httpsdiscord. gg/aCtqGer5
1/22 c14 Phunpix
Thanks for the chapter
1/18 c14 MaisieMarbles
I can't wait to see the conclusion of this story. Thank you for keeping with it and I'll keep checking for an update every now and then. :)
1/13 c14 ice cream of the gods
The creation of penicillin and the suspense surrounding it were more tense than a lot of stories I've read of tenser topics. I was pushing further into your work, waiting and hoping for news of the penicillin's production.

I really appreciate your work, while it might be the first I've read where penicillin was a pivotal plot point. It was certainly the best written, the most impassioned, and the most cared for description against the race against life and it's ever moving seas.

Good work
12/30/2023 c1 Jckitch
Great stories, but it would be better if Yui is an OC that lived during warring states and demonstrated how ninshu can be used in area outside fighting.
12/19/2023 c2 6rosymalik
i think i read your fic back in 2018-2019 and im glad to have found it again- i will be rereading it
12/14/2023 c14 Guest
I kind of ship Yui /Izuna because they will be such a cute pair. They can have son. .. they can name Sen ( his death stings so much).
12/12/2023 c14 2footfungus
aand im caught up :') so bittersweet
since for some reason my other comments didn't show up for the previous chapters, let me restate my gratitude and love for your story :)

The story isn't good because it's a naruto story, it isn't good because it feature hashirama and madaraea, the charms lies soley with your simple but expressive writing and your lovely oc's, only 8 chapters in and I was fully invested and attached to every single oc. I originally feared that Sen or Eiji would die when they went to fight the bandits but that didn't happen. It lulled me into a false sense of security and then I got hit by chapter 8. "Quietly, Sen died." I don't think I will ever forget this. The impact this small sentence had was too great. I was not expecting Sen to die just like that. If only you could have seen my reaction lmao

And this happened right when I had concluded that I love your oc's :') a cruel choice to kill him off. Of course the aftermath was just as if not more heartbreaking. The way Eiji and Yui dealt with his death brought me to tears multiple times! That's high praise, especially coming from someone like me who doesn't cry to stories. You managed to do so within 8 chapters, I only weeped more with the following chapters.

The last two chapters had me holding my breath, I was so scared that Izuna would die :')

You've done something truly wonderful with this story, it's a shame it's going to be ending within a chapter but I can't wait!

I will definitely be rereading this masterpiece in the future! Thank you for sharing this with us!
12/12/2023 c8 footfungus
oh my god. HOW COULD YOU. "Quietly, Sen died" THE WAY MY MOUTH FELL OPEN AND MY HEART SHATTEREDim legjt sobbing

just as i was thinking that the charm of your story lies with your oc's you go and kill off sen AND THAT HURT wow im just at a loss if words. just like that, he's deadhere i was holding onto hope he would be okay.

how did u get me this attached to an oc, jusy within 8 chapters? HOW DID U EVEN BRING URSELF TO KILL HIM OFF WHY LIKE THIS THIS IS TOO SAD IM CRYING

12/12/2023 c1 footfungus
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