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8/13 c13 2Times eternal servant
Hoping your well and that you will be able to update soon! I'm dying to read the ending! I re read this regularly amd it always makes me so happy
8/8 c13 Agent Frank
This story was incredible and one of the most well written original stories I've read on this site. It had a great premise and you delivered.
8/3 c13 LordNimmu
ah the good old shit shed.
With the name like that, story feels more real and absence of Sen is felt more.
7/29 c13 2Ashy Wings
This story is so fantastic. I love all the characters, character interactions, descriptions. You handle emotion so well, really making it vivid. I just love so much about this story.
7/27 c13 ovrwrldkiler
What an excellent and interesting breath of fresh air. Quite different than the usual offerings of the Naruto Fandom, and expertly written. I'll be eagerly waiting for the last few chapters.
7/19 c13 Gracy2257
Thank you for this story! I really enjoyed it; you handled all the different personalities so well!
7/18 c1 Szymus
One of the best stories made in Naruto universe. I don’t know a lot about medicine but story sounded like u know what are you talking about
7/16 c13 Riri 77
I can't wait to read the next chapter. Your story is amazing. I loved the premise already and the execution is brilliant. It took me on a roller coaster with the portrayal of grief and recovery.

I know this is a fanfic in the narutoverse but I personally think more of it as a original story. This could have been written with any ninja's or in any low fantasy world. Which makes this fic an absolute blast to read and shows the many ways fanfiction can be used.
7/8 c1 liziprincsama
sigo esperando!
actualiza pronto!
6/30 c1 kingpanny
This is beautiful. One of the best stories I've ever read.
6/24 c13 4V3X
This fic has always been recommended highly and yet I always shied away. Primarily because of the non-ninja OC and I have never been that interested in the warring clans era.

I am very glad that I decided to give this story a serious read. It was absolutely amazing. I love the characterization of the MC and how they appear to have no knowledge of the naruto world. I love the dialogue and interaction between the ninja and the MC. I grew attached to her values and her struggles. Her neverending fight to improve the world's medical knowledge and how her values of sharing information confused the ninja felt so real, so natural. It all just worked and made sense.

The character differences between Hashirama and Madara were excellent. The merchants were all well done and very believable. The differences in how each character spoke and the influence of their background on their speech literally made me go look at my own stories for areas to improve.

Such a unique story. You managed to tell the story of a non-ninja during a time period dominated by ninja and I was never bored. So much world purposeful world build and excellent use of OC characters.

I'm not sure if you intend to do romance. Honestly, I think you've written it in a way that romance could make an appearance or not and I would be happy with either.

Enough of my rambling. Well done Sage Thrasher. You've more than earned my favorite and follow. I intend to use your fanfic to help improve my writing. Especially around dialogue.

Now I'm going to go bang my head against the wall until I gain the motivation to finish the chapters I've been working on. Bye bye!
6/17 c13 Guest
Por favor continúa la historia, es muy buena y me gusta mucho 3
6/15 c13 3Kitsune-Demoness
I loved this story and cannot wait to hear more
6/12 c2 Hyperman15
I found another gem, didn’t expect it. Each time I find one of these it’s like I unlocked some kind of hidden fandom dlc. Bravo for making this.
6/10 c13 LiveFreeDieWell
I've come to reread this again, it's such a great story. Very nicely written. I hope you're well and I'm looking forward to the conclusion whenever that may be :)
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