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11/26 c13 Dasgun
11/20 c1 Keronlaeda
I really liked the translation, I want to see the sequel.

(С) Milim_Nava.
11/20 c1 Dasgun
10/16 c8 Naruto Sleep - Runa
10/16 c13 1acissej1460
I love this fanfiction so much! All the character interactions and dynamics are so good and lovely to read. I first read this in 2018 but had an itching to read it again. To my surprise this fic was better than I remembered and I re-read it in an entire day! Thank you for writing this!
10/11 c1 SongUchiha
i am hooked . she doesn't know she is in narutoverse and it's the waring clan era .. life is harder here
9/29 c13 6Fujoshi-dono
This is such a beautiful and unique story! I’m excited to read more. You have an amazing imagination
9/24 c13 misseublack21
I'm a new reader and just discovered this beautiful story today. And I must say that this is absolutely fun to read! I immersed myself in reading for the past 1-2 hours. I hope you can update this story again, soon! Thank you!
9/23 c13 7era-romance
hoping you continue
9/22 c13 Kayumeee
I really enjoyed reading your writing. I hope that this story has a happy ending for all three of them and their goal for peace. (And some romance, but I wanna see a happy ending lol)
9/21 c8 Kayumeee
I…can’t believe-…damn I hate character death. Like I had to comment! I was so fixated on reading that I haven’t commented yet but I just had to! Sigh. Alright, back to reading.
9/20 c13 jingerr
hope your well! your book is amazing! hope one day to see the final chapter.
9/20 c13 Guest
3 just reread for the sixth time 3
8/28 c13 Flashtime
Great Story. Loved it. Know you have not updated in over a year but I hope you come back to complete it. Cheers.
8/13 c13 2Times eternal servant
Hoping your well and that you will be able to update soon! I'm dying to read the ending! I re read this regularly amd it always makes me so happy
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