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8/26/2021 c1 4Hitori no kage
It's been a while since I last saw an update for this story but I was certainly more than thrilled! I ended up re reading this from the beginning and I'm once again stunned by how you've regaled us with a brilliantly written narrative.

The pain she went through is raw and palpable, and it remains a raw emotion even in the healing process because something like that never quite completely fades; it always leaves an indelible scar however faded, just like the one on her cheek.

I also love how she acknowledges none of these 'inventions' were really her own and she's okay with it. And despite having this foreknowledge, it doesn't make it any less hard for her to recreate them. And in reading that, it leaves me humbled again at just the milestones we in real life have made in the field of science, research and medicine. My sister is a nurse and I myself have dabbled in medicine and studied behavioral health. Those achievements never cease to amaze me and you wrote those instances of awe among the characters, even the MC, so well!

I think I'll definitely miss this story once it's complete. And for once, while I feel melancholy over the lack of romance for the MC, I don't feel the story is lacking without it. The friendship she holds with Madara and Hashirama, and therefore, everyone else, is wholesome and encompassing enough that it doesn't necessitate anything else. Of course, if you decide to add it later on, it would be the cream on the top hahaha.

Thanks again for sharing this brilliant story and I look forward to many more to come!
8/26/2021 c13 4CanIHaveAHug
8/26/2021 c13 urs-v
It's good to see this story alive again. I'll admit seeing a story about overcoming the limits of medicine would have been nice in the troubled time we've had, but it is still very much a welcome sight today.

I hope you and yours have been as well as you could be.
8/26/2021 c13 FyreDraagyn12
My brother called me in the middle of the night to let me know of the new chapter haha. Amazing writing; the way you frame each character never ceases to amaze me. I’m so hyped for the distribution of penicillin now, looking forward to the last two chapters!
8/26/2021 c13 5Mrs.Potter-Black-Riddle-Malfoy
Lol shit she'd
This is very awesome
8/26/2021 c13 Guest
So happy to stumble across this update. Been following since the beginning.
8/26/2021 c13 4serus black antihumannature
good work loved the chapter hope for more soon
8/26/2021 c13 11Darkscythe Drake
This is a very interesting fic with the most unique POV I have ever seen. I thank you for sharing this with us and I can't wait for the rest of it.
8/26/2021 c13 2Nerdy Geekdom
Wonderful story! I'm very intrigued by the premise and having Shinobi on the peripheral of the story. I'm surprised that I'm enjoying it so much since I typically prefer more action or romance. It's very well written though, and I love the dialog. You are a fantastic writer and I hope this continues. Thanks for sharing this with us.
8/26/2021 c1 Big Fan
Oh my gosh! I check all the time for your updates! This makes me so happy to I love hashirama trying to make her laugh. Super cute.
8/26/2021 c13 gibs
good read.
8/26/2021 c13 1itsMARWIE
This story has been awesome. Thank you.

I know this is not the end yet, but I also just wanted to let you know.
8/26/2021 c13 5cordo12
AH! So much brightness! So much hope! Please don't destroy it too much. I don't think my heart could take it.
8/26/2021 c13 KagedIn
Welcome back! It was such a good read and so well written, I just absolutely enjoy the characters! Can’t wait for the next installment! Best regards!
8/26/2021 c13 MeowGenics
I hope the future konoha hospital is named after her in some fashion or has their cities emblem. Yui is the mother of modern medicine, that's so crazy. To the everyone else she's literally a medical genius that sprung out of a village of dirt. I think it would be interesting to see how her policies and advances affect the future as a single chapter.
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