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5/14 c8 6CrystalAris
Hmmm sound familiar… America
5/13 c13 Guest
Ah so wonderful! I can't wait for the next chapter. You are truly a good writer
5/6 c13 Avercrucicus
I still wait for the epilogue daily
5/2 c13 john777
great story
5/1 c13 1IvyWinters98
One of the best Warring States period stories I've read!

Just asking, is this story still going?
4/30 c13 fan
This is the best naruto fanfic with a non shinobi maincharacter, no doubt about it. Not that there are many of those though, but really, one of the best fanfics on any site. I can't wait for the last chapter and epilogue but I quess I have to. Thank you for writing this, truly
4/28 c13 No-Shmucks-Given45
Hope all is well with you, whenever you update a chapter just know that I'll be here.
4/26 c13 Deathbeproud
I've read this wonderful story a couple times, so this time I decided to finally comment. Sage Thrasher, thank you for writing this, and posting it here for us to read.
4/24 c13 7Lilyannenora
I was really happy for the update. Thank you
4/18 c13 halloo
hello, hope this is still ongoing. One of the best of this genre, if not the
4/5 c13 6Hatake Keiko
3/30 c13 ZyteWCDb
Congratulations, it's currently three in the morning, I have school tomorrow, and I just finishd reading this. It's just that good. One might argue that that is because of my poor self control, but those people are wrong!.. Well, mostly wrong, but my point still stands!

Good fic, read it. Now. c:
3/30 c12 1riddletharalts
success! pls continue
3/28 c13 Arya the Killer
Hey! New reader, please i need the ending! PLEASE!
3/26 c1 rurimiya
i love this story so much! it has everything i like all in one place, isekai medical drama, naruto, and a wonderful oc! thank you for writing this, i hope you finish it soon!
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