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4/1/2018 c2 Me
Huh. Who knew. Lucky chap.
3/30/2018 c2 15NinjaFang1331
Awesome job
3/28/2018 c2 Arcticatskill
3/28/2018 c2 21C. Rinkuki Takato
Lol the Cardinal will not let this stand... Could have sworn that thing is almost sentient. Enjoy your little break while you can, Kirito.
3/26/2018 c2 Emerald Rose nee Potter
I like it. This is brilliant and I look forward to the next update.
3/24/2018 c2 Angron
if Kirito was unable to defeat the boss alone, it promises for the next boss. he should go back there and face Illfang again
3/20/2018 c1 Me
Please update soon! I love this plot! (Eeeeeven though its just started, but whatever. Please update.)
1/6/2018 c1 7SakuraLuck
If Kirito stays several levels above the front lines, wouldn't that mean he is the front line? Since he's unlocking the floors and such before anyone else so they wouldn't need to unlock it then? It would be fun to see the differences between canon and your Kirito. Fight on!
12/24/2017 c1 Mydrums27
great start to the story
12/22/2017 c1 ArcticFireX
Come on
12/21/2017 c1 1Sgkillz87
Hey u got around to do the story
10/12/2017 c1 Theboss786
prioritize this story
8/11/2017 c2 11Screaming With Your Mouth Shut
This ever gonna happen?
6/22/2017 c2 Theboss786
You should prioritize this story solo
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