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5/13 c44 Robotdocter
i was at first kinda annoyed this won over Right of Conquest considering i wouldve changed my vote to said chapter if i hadnt already voted lol but after reading the chapter as a whole i do really like how you handled the continue, especially the part with the central 46, i hate those old guys in most stories.
overall great chapter, even if it wasnt what i was hoping for :P
5/11 c43 Guest
I voted for both Right of Conquest and Moon Phases previously, and I'd be happy with either, so I'll do it again. I was leaning RoC, but part of me would be so vindictively happy to have a 'four-foot nothing' Ichigo in MP explain to every Shinigami on the execution hill how badly they had f'ed up concerning Aizen and that his action in regards was 'allowed under Soul Society's laws' as the heir to a noble clan whose head had been murdered by Aizen. Basically a notice that since they couldn't clean up their own mess, Ichigo did it for them, and if something similar should happen again, they really won't like how he does it the next time.
5/11 c43 LKturtledove
Hmm, this chapter(43) is very interesting. I think I would like to see more of it.
5/11 c43 26Harbinger-of-script
I vote for Right Of Conquest... I really liked that particular one the best so far :)
5/11 c43 16Raine Haruto
I will vote for Chapter 33's Moon Phases. After re-reading it, I wanna see more tiny Ichigo and jokes about his height compared to his mental age. :P
5/11 c43 2Plebers
Since we never got a description of Mangetsu's ability, I'll vote for MP again
5/11 c43 Maxuos
Well honestly there are a lot of chapters i want to se continued, but probably i would prefer ch 28, 18 or 31
5/11 c43 ScarletRoofs
The soundtrack does fit.

Another vote for Moon Phases please! (I’d love to vote for TfTpO and TEFL as well but MP is doing so well right now, I’d like it to keep the lead, lol).
5/11 c43 1Murderleo38
creo que este es uno de los pocos capitulos de la serie que creo que no merecen la pena leer, este cap es una mierda y tu, autor san, lo sabes
5/11 c43 Arraia
Perfect and update soon please
I vote in chapter 32
5/11 c43 Saber Zugaikotsu
prison of my hearth
5/10 c42 Murderleo38
el capitulo estuvo realmente increible, aunque en parte confuso ya que no describes bien cuales son las vidas anteriores que ichigo recuerda bien o por lo menos lo suficiente, eso... y donde carajos doy mi voto para la encuesta? o ya termino?
5/10 c42 ScarletRoofs
This was amazing! Remembering all those lives is definitely crazy. So is expecting someone to remember something from 800 years ago, then again it was weird and seemed important that alone should allow it stick out. I’d love to have more of this, but...

I guess I’ll vote for Moon Phases (MP) again since others are catching up.
5/9 c42 UOxOU
I love this chapter so much! This concept is amazing.
5/9 c41 ScarletRoofs
Nice play on the words! This Ichigo is definitely breaking stereotypes, lol. Their reactions are just hilarious. Enjoyed!

I’m voting, Chapter 40- The Eldritch Fire Lilies (TEFL)
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