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5/9 c40 ScarletRoofs
These new chapters just keep getting better, Chapter 39 - TfTpO gets my vote.
5/9 c39 ScarletRoofs
Truly hard choices, I’m glad you gave the opportunity to vote more on most recent chapters.
First I’d have to vote for Moon Phases(MP) - Chapter 33.
5/8 c41 3EvilMagicman
Sure. I'll vote for P(rison)o(f)m(y)H(eart). This was Chapter 4 and 31. I just love the idea of Aizen and Ichigo on friendly, chatty, mature, understanding terms despite their past differences.

Nice chapter here though. Really nailed the Genius Ichigo idea. Didn't even feel OOC at all. This is definitely something Ichigo would do.
5/8 c40 2Plebers
I would love to see moon phases have a sequel.
5/5 c39 Guest
If I had more time, I'd make a top ten list. As it is, I'd go with 32 or 33, probably in that order, but I'll be more than happy to see any of your ideas made in full.
5/7 c40 16Raine Haruto
Theres too many shorts to choose from.., _
5/7 c40 Arraia
Perfect and update soon please
Part 2 and 3 of chapter 32
5/7 c40 LKturtledove
Very lovely! I will love to see more of this!
5/7 c40 1Murderleo38
me encanto este cap, siento que ichigo es un noble pero aun no deja de ser ichigo, y por ultimo, los que protegian a karakuro cuando yuzu y karin estaban en el colegio eran el grupo canon de amigos de ichigo o solo son shiba de bajo rango?
5/7 c40 D.manna
5/6 c39 Viragon
I would love to see more of old Ichigo. So 39 gets my vote.
5/4 c3 1Lucifer's assasin
Senna, i like him to be paired senna so i'll just assume its senna
5/4 c39 CrazedLunatic1023
Two thingsMy vote is for chapter 18: Rumors can be real.
secondly, this story is amazing. Each one shot is hilarious or amazing, but all are well written. So keep on with what you are doing!
5/4 c39 LKturtledove
Can’t decide, so I just wrote down all the ones I really liked!

Chapter 9: human tendencies(love those crossovers!)
Chapter 10: Karma Mishaps(shadow walking Ichigo yay!)
Chapter 11: my favorite crazy uncle(the reactions of literally everyone!)
Chapter 14: the requirements for captaincy(doggy Ichigo! Kawaii!)
Chapter 18: rumors can be real(yakuza boss Ichigo! This could become a khr crossover!)
Chapter 24: hell mishaps(king of hell Ichigo!)
Chapter 25: hell hath no fury(Kitsune Ichigo! With a grudge!)
Chapters 2937: the throne(another king of hell Ichigo!)
Chapter 30: elven prophecy(faerie Ichigo! Or is it Elf Ichigo?)
Chapter 32: right of conquest(king of hollows Ichigo! War!)
Chapter 35: walpugisnacht(witch Ichigo!)
5/4 c39 Rake1810
Great chapter and my vote for a sequel is any of the following chapters: 1, 19, 21, 32, 39. I know that’s probably not want you want but after a bit of a hiatus I’m kinda most interested in what you’d want to write
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