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6/29 c82 Ill elemental
loved it hope to see a continuation to this, i want to know xanxus reaction to circe and xander
6/20 c1 Guest
I like the drabble series that you have for different fandoms. I know that you’re probably busy with all the different stories that you are working on. If you have time/consider doing it, would it be possible to do a drabble series for YYH?
6/8 c111 Anon-Reader28
Dear Author-san. By "Katana", do you mean that one obscure manga where the characters pilot a weapon suit that's called "Katana"? And the MC himself is actually half-human and half-Katana.

Because if it is, I am a fan of that manga! True though, not many people read it. Well, since everyone I asked so far has never even come across it before
5/22 c63 Stazzy241
OMG this is amazing, please make a whole story on this
5/18 c161 Sabakunoyokho
I re-read this yesterday and after read an old manga Evangelion, I think you can have an inspiration. Tens words. Asuka, Lal Mirch, their lovely/baka and a final : Tsundere.
think about it.
Red : Storm. Angry, wild. - Asuka
Blue : Rain. Calm, depress - Rei
Violet : Cloud. Territory, Berserk. - Shinji.
Mist - Kaworu, Kaji?
Lightning - Misato?
Sun - Mari?
And if Shinji is a Cloudy Sky. very possessif of his gardians and they're more stable with him.
It's Logic that Gendô is in Discord by the lost of his own Sky Yui.
What do you think?

5/15 c22 1whoiamiwho
I saw the kitten in Aden of wolve staging and my head went to the wolves scene in Stork.
5/10 c161 2Ghostisreading
I love your drabbles!
5/7 c139 7littleditto
This is adorable
5/6 c130 littleditto
Wow, super interesting
5/6 c101 littleditto
Very intriguing
5/6 c98 littleditto
Kitty!Reborn sounds adorable
5/6 c97 littleditto
Wow! Super interesting
5/5 c77 littleditto
5/5 c76 littleditto
Asdfghjkl I love it
5/5 c75 littleditto
I adore this
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