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6/19 c151 Guest
KHR/MHA: The 10th generation fixed the messes of the past 9, everything should of been fine but then quirks appeared. Tsuna and his friends and family died protecting the innocents, the one who did it hypocritically used their deaths to promote the hero system with them as the first heroes.
Dabi wants his sky back free of chains binding them to this broken society, Xanxus is not going to lose his sky sibling to the orders of the corrupt again. Keigo has to play the hero the hc wants to protect their cloud's siblings.
6/13 c144 YaoiXanxus
I love this chapter XD, now I really want to see a "Chrollo/Xanxus" Yaoi Pairing in this crossover
6/8 c146 Guest
6/1 c150 RoseRavenWillow RandomFangirl
Have you thought about a Mar crossover? The first episode has a kid who is unathletic, has poor grades, and needs glasses (though he's very energetic, extroverted and has some friends) gets the chance to go to a new world where he becomes something close to superhuman. I'm wondering what would happen to Tsuna if he got sent to the Mar world.
5/29 c151 Jad317
Would love to read more of "Champion of Ouranos"
5/29 c147 Jad317
love to read more of "Dragon's Wrath"
5/29 c117 Jad317
I so want to read more of "Drifting Hearts" Plz continue writing this story
5/26 c151 angelamirosh
Honestly would love this becoming a whole story.
5/23 c151 BadassXTsuna
love the chapter but I'am looking for some more Badass Ruthless Tsuna being OP god guy , like a crossover with the anime "Arifureta" and a mix crossover with "Fate Grand Order" in it will be great XD


plus Tsuna is also having some hot male servant's as husband's (just in the anime Arifureta Lol X3)
5/24 c101 4fangs of death
This i am hoping to see more of this story line to, it is great!
5/24 c70 fangs of death
this was one interesting chapter hope to see more of this one someday.
5/21 c151 Guest
please oh please turn this one into a proper mini story. I would love to see how you would introduce Reborn and her need for guardians into this one.
5/21 c151 Braeden1002
I find this story interesting as the names of the characters remind me of two from some other series but I cannot seem to remember who. It would be interesting to see how things progress between the main characters and what will happen if or when she's brought back into the familiga.
5/19 c151 Guest
seriously a Sailor Moon crossover with fem!tsuna ,how lame and boring because I'am sure you are going to put the pairing Fem!Tsuna with Michiru as Yuri or Bi

seriously when are you going to make a crossover's with "Fate Grand Order" here in the drabbles series
5/17 c151 Guest
Sailor Moon: When Tsuna was sealed the moon queen stole a part of his soul containing his first life and bound her daughter's second, this caused canon. So when modified bazooka flung him to a few months before the the visit , his first life awoke partially which means he takes the escape that car crash gives him and his mother.
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