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2/16 c105 3GiveMeBackMyFreedomFandoms
Considering this implies fem Tsuna as Sailor moon I want to know how it would effect the bonds Tsuna has with the people the were the 10 gen. And what it would mean for the people that reincarnated from the silver millennium.
2/16 c133 Cooldude82
Hibari’s form…a bird type yokai, possibly a tengu maybe…

Hang on Fons attack is literally called a storm dragon….maybe Hibari and Fon are Dragon based yokai… now that would be cool
2/2 c165 carneyjarred
ok i want to read this also i wonder if you improved writing duals at all even if a little bit or maybe you can have someone write those for you.
1/26 c153 Fafnir137
More DBZ cross fics
1/26 c159 Fafnir137
Make this a full story. Fall with me is amazing
1/1 c169 Project JPDE
Voi… is it too late to suggest crossovers with "Mission: Yozakura Family"?
11/16/2023 c163 B127
This one has promise too
11/16/2023 c161 B127
This is awsome
11/15/2023 c169 10ultima-owner
Chaos describes what he can do on the battlefield perefectly.
11/8/2023 c169 guest
it would be funny if vince was reborn's son along with being xanxus's older half brother.
11/9/2023 c169 AyameKitsune
Epic! I can’t wait to see what happens next!
11/8/2023 c169 4whitewolf3190
OMG! It’s been so long since I’ve read a story crossed with FFVII! You have to make “Chaos Reborn” its own story! Love where it’s going and what’s in it!
11/8/2023 c169 13foxchick1
11/4/2023 c169 Phoenix
Ooh, this is so interesting I like to read where this goes next please.
11/4/2023 c169 Draco
Awesome, so hope that you continue this one.
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