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for Once Upon a Moonless Night

5/22/2018 c16 Bill
please continue this story, i can't live without it!
5/22/2018 c8 Bill
Darius is a creep!
11/13/2017 c16 11emeraldphan
This is a great retelling of the story, with a few extra elements thrown in, like Erik rescuing Gustave. I really hope Christine will live!
11/13/2017 c14 emeraldphan
Another very dark chapter but you've given us some brilliant confrontations, as all of Meg's frustrations finally spill over...
11/12/2017 c13 emeraldphan
It was certainly a powerful chapter and it was good to see that Christine's song made Erik change his mind about taking his own life. There is an amazing chemistry between them but I have a feeling everything is going to change soon... You've built up the separate strands of the story really well, but the best one was Christine's realisation that she is no longer a scared child.
11/11/2017 c12 emeraldphan
It's certainly a dark story but it's perfectly in character for Erik to make fun of Raoul like that and allow him to think the worst. But it looks like he needs to be more worried about what Darius is going to do..
10/9/2017 c11 emeraldphan
It's Gustave I feel sorry for most of all; he just wants to be a normal child, after all. And if he got left behind with his real father his chances of a normal childhood would be lost forever. And of course, poor Raoul is having to face reality and accept that his wife has been lying to him.
I can see an uneasy alliance forming between Darius and Meg...
10/9/2017 c10 emeraldphan
Poor Christine. This is one of the best depictions of her confusion that I've read. She's in love with the idealised Angel of Music, not with the lunatic she has met in Coney Island. She feels sorry for him, which is understandable, but it could prove to be her undoing... And Raoul, who doesn't have that emotional link with the Phantom is blinded by emotions of a different kind. I'm really looking forward to Nadir coming back into the story!
10/9/2017 c9 emeraldphan
I love your reworking of Dear Old Friend and the Beauty Underneath, and how they complemented each other. For a moment I was hoping that Raoul would find and comfort Gustave but that would have brought him face to face with Erik!
10/8/2017 c8 emeraldphan
Christine's got some very mixed up views of Erik but she's seeing a much darker side to him now, which might stop her from putting him on a pedestal. He's missed out on supporting her through some rough years and it's not surprising their relationship is so stormy. I liked her comments on how her dreams felt like a trashy romantic novel...
9/21/2017 c15 16Child of Dreams
Oh my God...
9/21/2017 c14 Child of Dreams
9/2/2017 c12 1phantomphan03
Im loving this story so far and I love how you portray the characters! please continue to update the story and finish it :) !
8/30/2017 c7 11emeraldphan
This is a really good alternative to the original "Beauty Underneath" scene. Erik is suitably creepy and mysterious, someone who is not quite of this world... Gustave has yet to see his father's face, which will allow for an unmasking later on in the story - I'm looking forward to seeing how you do it!
The addition of Darius, of course, suggests that Erik and Christine's past may be public knowledge soon, which is going to infuriate Erik. He is certainly very sinister in the way he always seems to be there, watching and listening. I'm glad Nadir is on Christine's side and that he understands her fear of Erik.
8/24/2017 c12 16Child of Dreams
Erik, don't you dare!
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