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for Conversations with a Ghost

8/10/2019 c10 Guest
I loved this, wish you’d continue. I’ll read your other stories now if there are any.

-Your Lord and Savior Dunkin’ Donuts
7/6/2019 c4 FrostHunter
I see
7/6/2019 c3 FrostHunter
7/6/2019 c2 FrostHunter
Start of beautiful friendship.
7/6/2019 c1 FrostHunter
Well at least bella is trying.
4/28/2019 c4 Guest
EFFING HELL!.This so adorable. Danny is adorable. Their conversation is adorable. THIS FREAKING IS SO GOOD.

Not really a Twilight fan, but it didn't himder me to enjoy this great story
3/9/2019 c10 Ploonet
Hi! This is an amazing story. Please continue this uwu
7/16/2018 c10 Lazy Me
I'm so sad to see no progress made to this story. It's too amazing to die. :(
7/3/2018 c10 LukeGayl
Best. Fucking. One-Liner.
I got the shivers man.

9/25/2017 c10 7jh831
this story looks good.
kind of sad this isn't going to be a Dannyxbella, but then again, this story really doesn't call for it. however, i hope this isn't gong to be a bellaxedward or bellaxjacob story, or a DannyxSam story, but a story without parings besides what is already established (cullens).
I hope Danny can help her out more and if need be, go to Washington to talk some sense into her and give her a real shoulder to lean on.
looking forward to the next chapter.
9/14/2017 c1 Guest
Please update your story is one of the most interesting ones im reading
8/27/2017 c10 CRK16
I never even knew that such a good twilight x Danny phantom existed! I came upon this beautiful story while trying to get back into the mood to continue one of my crossovers and I was just swept away by your story! I seriously could not put it down and read it all straight through! I cannot wait for this story to continue. Please provide more promptly to this Positively Curious Person!
~16CRK :D
7/27/2017 c10 Lazy me
Omg! This was so amazing! I need more! Please, please, please continue!
6/5/2017 c10 Lunox.Devl
. i can't wait for the nxt chap! This story is great so far. Keep up the great work!
5/2/2017 c10 Wraith42Phoenix
What is with bella and her ability to attract all supernatural creatures to her. XD that seems like something she should work on. Danny is the best stalker ever if you ignore him he will give you a free computer. Great chapter update soon can't wait for her reaction.
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