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for Capturing Her Damaged Heart

1/23 c64 10ipromiseimnotatotaldweeb
Love it. Love you. Love this.
1/15 c64 Marinamohsin
hey, can u pls update more often,cuz I love this story
if u can that is...thanks
1/10 c64 Guest
I’m absolutely in love with this story! Something about the zombie apocalypse sound cool-

Great work author!
1/9 c63 Terdooski
...a bit too much
1/9 c63 Terdooski
I love your story awesome build up with nalu but can u pls stop making Natsu look like a dick
I understand his protective nature but it's
1/8 c64 aiyannaliszkap
i love this chapppp
1/8 c64 1samuel.bryant17
It's good that Natsu admitted his "toxic" traits and faults, and that he wants to change those things about him. It's also good that Levy went after him after he "blew up" at his friends and stormed out, and offered to help him to change. I was not expecting Lucy to come to Natsu's room to talk, but it was good that she did, and that she admitted that she still wants to be his friend; it was also nice that she delivered the message that the others wish to apologize for the way that they treated him- making him feel like he was being backed into a corner - when an animal is cornered is when they are at the most ferocious, and will attack without hesitation. I look forward to seeing what progress Natsu will make in making the changes that he wants to make.
1/8 c64 Flor de cerezoNFTLC
Hello, I have a question regarding the zombie chariot. I remember that many times the clearers have to left before time when lots of zombies appear. So, I wanted to know what they do now when they go to the zones with more zombies, like if they have to scape, the person atracting the zombies needs to start running so that the zombies go faster? Can the chariot outrun the other zombies? If the chariot is composed by walkers and the ones following them are sprinters what will they do? Do they hide in houses till the zombies go away and there is no longer a threat? In other to get to those areas are they going to use electric cars when the solar panels are installed? Sorry I have lots of questions and english is not my first languge
1/6 c64 Duchixx
I loved how vulnerable this chapter was!
I’m so excited for Natsu and his journey, and I really wasn’t expecting her to come in at all! But I’m happy that she cleared the air bit!
Thanks for the chapter!
1/6 c63 alexmalik15
Okay but this chapter was so amazing! The way you wrote Natsu emotions and everyone reactions was amazing! I kept on switching sides but I was so pumped up and felt his anger! Great job! Love your work!
1/6 c64 2ottermadness
Great chapter and it was nice to see Levy's level-headed approach. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.
1/5 c64 positive vibes only
This was such a good chapter. I am happy with the growth that Natsu experiences here. I was surprised when it was Lucy who was at the door to be honest but I am very happy it was her. Can’t wait for the next chapter!
1/4 c64 Guest
i have been following this story for so so soooo long, and i am in love with it. thank you so much for writing this and continuing to work on it. it makes me so so so happy, and i hope you see it out to the end. thank you for writing this.
1/4 c64 Guest
THIS CHAPTER WAS SO SATISFYING AND EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED TODAY. Oh man I love this story so much. Making Levy a future therapist and utilizing her to help the situation and guide antsy through difficult lessons that are hard to to learn on your own is so good. I’d hoped you’d develop her character like that at some point and I’m so glad to see her get to fulfill herself while helping her friends. And there’s REAL coping mechanisms and development happening, not temporary bandages and toxic, half-assed, controlling compromises. I can’t wait to see where the story goes, and hope we see Lucy and natsu moving back in together before TOO long

1/4 c64 MissYukkina
I'm really happy Lucy came to him in the end. I feel like that hug lit a fire under Natsu's butt and it was a perfect way to start his journey of becoming a better friend.
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