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for Capturing Her Damaged Heart

7/28 c82 Guest
I know you’re taking taking a much-needed break, and I absolutely respect that. But I miss this series so much I check on it once or twice a week to make sure I haven’t missed an update
7/15 c1 redwolfBm86
Hey fool, its me again. Thanks for all that you’ve given us but i cant help but ask for more. Soooo uhhhhh lets get to it please! I’ve patiently waited since March and I gotta say I’m starting to give up
6/24 c82 4T-tawny
Congratulations on the job!
And I know about the relationship thing, I'm Asexual and no one has been willing to look past that so I would rather not put myself out there only to be hurt and told there's something wrong with me I know it's not the same, but I get it.
As usual, great writing, but my heart is broken :)
6/17 c82 Rivera.Silver.11Creepypastas12
Yikes what a rough thing to be left on..
6/17 c73 Rivera.Silver.11Creepypastas12
So fucking good but this chapter- My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
6/7 c82 Guest
I can't wait for the next chapter ! This is a very good story. I can feel the pain from both Lucy but also Natsu. It's obvious that he shares her feelings, this is not an unrequited love at all. But he's facing a dilmena which is clearly explained in his sentence "I'm scared". I hope that he'll be able to overcome his fears and doubts and give their love a chance.
Please dont make us wait too long! But I know that it's not easy especially when you have a job. Thanks for your hard work!
5/26 c82 Elayna
Hello! I just came to check to see if you’ve released a new chapter when I noticed the message you added on the 9th! I just wanted to say super congrats on your new job and I hope it’s going great! I love this story immensely and I’m glad you’re going to continue, but please take as much time as you need and want! And thank you for keeping us updated, you’re amazing and I wish all the best for you!
5/13 c82 2ottermadness
Finally got around to reviewing this chapter after so long! I liked it although I wasn't expecting Lucy to confess to Natsu and the outcome was to be expected given his development so far. I am curious how things will go from here and I'm guessing the next chapter hint means a celestial spirit is involved? Maybe one that we haven't seen yet will make an appearance? Maybe a chapter from Loke's POV? Hmmm, not sure.
5/10 c82 redwolfBm86
You better update fool
5/5 c82 AJ
So when is the next update? It's really been a while.
4/28 c81 ottermadness
Congrats on passing 4k reviews although I'm a little late on that xD
Also, congrats on hitting 30, and if it's any consolation, I attended uni when I was 26 going on 27. I know you're recent Tumblr post says you've decided accounting isn't for you but here's my experience. I found it better for me education-wise as I took what I was studying seriously but I found it hard to relate with people as they were a bunch of 18-year-olds who talked about partying whereas I was trying to pay off credit card bills lol. The ones who had similar interests to me were the ones in video game design classes but again, they had memories of playing Minecraft as older kids and I was like 'I was 20 when I played the beta of that...'
Yeah.. that's my story as an older student.

Anyway, I don't mind waiting for Natsu's development to progress. It doesn't frustrate me at all. I'm all for the mutual pining, even if Lucy starts seeing someone else briefly but still thinks of Natsu ;)
It feels like there needs to be the right moment for nalu to happen and I would feel disappointed if it just happened without Natsu addressing his fears first. That's my opinion at least.

I'm almost caught up, hopefully tomorrow I can get onto the latest chapter!
4/22 c80 ottermadness
I understand Natsu's mentality now after reading this chapter. That sort of upbringing would definitely leave a scar. Everyone deals with death differently although I don't think Igneel would've let Natsu suffer like that, even with depression. I'm glad he pulled himself together eventually. I think some more memories of Natsu's adoptive mum before the illness might have been beneficial to help understand what kind of person she was and how much of both Igneel's and his adoptive son's lives she had an impact on them and why Igneel kind of lost the will to do anything after her death. But I also know that's another story and not the focus here, I'm just being greedy :P
I dunno, speaking as a new parent now, I feel like I would double down on spending time with my daughter as that's kind of what I did when my dad passed but as I said, I know how depression affects everyone differently. I and half my family members have had it at some point... That's not a critique or anything, just my take on the backstory and I like how it establishes Natsu so well in the current time of the story. It really explains his sometimes immature and jarring thought process perfectly.
4/22 c79 ottermadness
I'd say the best thing for Natsu at this point is to either mature emotionally and realise he's already feeling the pain of heartbreak by denying his feelings in the first place or find Igneel asap so his dad could maybe correct him a little when it comes to love and the upsides that come with it. I don't think Lucy will accept Hibiki's offer of a date.
4/22 c78 ottermadness
A desire to go back and change things if you could, much like a lot of people wish they could do, but Natsu seems to be intensely focusing on it and feeling irrationally guilty. I wonder if it's similar to something that's happened to him in the past. Maybe I'm overthinking it and it's probably just part of his protective personality when it comes to Lucy. Whatever my thoughts, it was a good chapter that dealt with his emotions well.
4/18 c77 ottermadness
I liked Jellal's POV, it was really refreshing to read another perspective. Erza changing jobs to get out into the field so to speak makes a lot of sense given the circumstances. I wonder if Lucy will try to do some investigating into her father's company based on what they know so far although how to go about that in apocalyptic times would be difficult I'd imagine. Looking forward to reading the next chapter asap!
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