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for Capturing Her Damaged Heart

5/17 c70 Duchixx
I’m so glad they were able to finally have this one to one!
They needed that so much, just look at the progress!
I loved this chapter so much, it just radiated a sense of comfort and coming into trust.
I look forward to the next chapter and tbh I like “filler stuff” because it just fleshes out the story that much more to me. I also think it makes for a more balanced story.
Anyways thanks for the chapter!
5/13 c70 Animeforlife1412
That was a great chapter, I can't wait for the next one. Hope your doing good during this pandemic. I started reading again from the beginning since I stopped reading around 3 years ago and I'm glad I started again.
Looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the good work. Cheers
5/13 c70 1Etherious X
Your story is fine in my book, has a lot of good things going on. But my question is why are you making natsu so naive? It just doesn’t add up considering the environment they’re in would have forced people to mature and be more knowledgeable overall. I’m pretty sure people would have indulged in each other Like the ungodly pairing of Cana and Macao(no offense). Overall Just more knowledgeable. From my perspective you’ve treated Natsu basically a man child an it just leaves plot holes in my opinion. You make him suspect-able to change which leads to character growth and development granted but the way it’s portrayed he has the mental capacity of a 13 year old.
I’ve made a couple inferences a few chapters back which most of them seem to have played out, but from the looks so far not that your story is predictable but as natsu dives further into to his sexual “endeavors” you’ll make him callow in that aspect as well. In short possibly a virgin which was what I thought before. You don’t have to indulge me with a response I’m just making a few comments.
5/12 c70 FyreFalcon
I re-read from the beginning around a month ago and noticed some changes. Honestly, I like the flow, but I thought I was losing my damn mind because I remembered some things being slightly different (like why Max went off base...that one fucked me up a little).

But that was then and this is now, and the mix between sexual tension and loving care is so spot on. It's nice to see Lucy opening up to Natsu a bit more, and poor Natsu is so far gone and doesn't even know it.

Nothing wrong with filler chapters; we've spent so much time recently in Natsu's head, it'll be nice to see what's going on with Lucy. I look forward to reading what comes next.
5/9 c70 40AbsentAngel
I have been so busy with the stuff I got going on, but I just want to let you know that I am still very much enjoying this fic! And I’m so excited to see things from Lucy’s POV (especially in regards to this latest chapter)! Looking forward to reading the surprises you have in store. :)

Well wishes and happy writing!
5/8 c70 1BloodySabbath44
Oh my good god Natsu is so cute, I love this so much
5/7 c70 1Lodemai04
Man I love this story! I'm glad Lucy is opening up to Natsu, he was gone for so long I can only imagine she was looking forward to catching up. However everything went to shit and she had to step away.

Natsu is so funny, I love his crazy hormones.
5/5 c70 Tohka123
Really loving how things are coming up the hard work
5/4 c70 16CrazyZaika
Omg... this chapter is awesome. And so sad. really, and when Lucy told Natsu about the dude, who raped and threatened her, I feeled the urge to get him and rip him a new one... and other stuff, which would let Ivan go pale... grrr

*deep breath* okay...

Hope you stay healthy. Looking forward to your next chapter
5/4 c70 valerioux
Yes I like that change in the story for Natsu! Because that means he’ll hesitate even if he figures out his feelings have grown and it makes more sense why he’ll try to deny them longer. Even if I want them their relationship to grow further just friendship lol but it makes sense and I like it.

This chapter was idk what’s the word cuz good doesn’t seem like enough but it was soo good lol. Them cuddling in both where Natsu is the little spoon then reverse and then just holding hands and touching her hair just ahh everything. Then also learning a bit more from what happened to Lucy and Natsu learning what he didn’t know. Lucy really opened up to Natsu there and the whole chapter just felt so precious.

That awesome that you’ve gotten your vaccine! I have gotten both but I got Moderna. It’s good to be fully vaccinated but we’re still careful no matter what but it’s nice being able to be with family now that we’re all fully vaccinated. Ohh and sorry to hear about your renovation project being delayed but yes old houses can have a lot of issues and more if the ones living before didn’t maintain it well. Good luck on that no matter how long it takes! :)
5/4 c70 Bookwork129
Wow I have been looking forward to this chapter! It was so intimate and vulnerable between them. I think that the impact of those moments hits much harder for me. I can't wait to switch to Lucy's point of view next.
5/4 c70 aly2.0
amazing chapter. Awesome as Always
5/4 c70 Copperreign12
Awesome chapter! I absolutely loved it! Lucy sharing her story with Natsu was so amazing! It made their bond stronger then anything she has with anyone there! They are family and best friends! Poor Natsu through this worried that his body would short circuit with her touches was very interesting! I really loved the intimate touches and holding each other and hugging definitely made me smile! Cuddling is always ok no matter romantic or just platonic I definitely for it and have done that! It made me feel good for Lucy she needs to feel loved and cared for! The I love you’s back and forth was simply amazing! They love each other as best friends and starting bit more and time will change that! I can’t wait to see what happens 5 weeks later especially after your sneak peak with Lucy whoa! Thanks for updating!
On side note we all have things in life that take time like renovating but everything doesn’t have to be rushed it takes time so you get what you really want! We all survive and keep going no matter the wait! So take care and no worries!
5/3 c70 guest
Great chapter! I'm so glad Lucy is making progress & trusting Natsu.
I thought Natsu was just a late bloomer. I can't wait to read more!

As much as I love story progress, I am also a fan of filler chapters because I feel like they allow us to get to know characters better and appreciate subtle changes within the characters as the story goes on.
I'm guessing the surprise has to do with her journals/writing or a new purse, maybe.

(Halfway through my vaccinations. Go team Pfizer!)
5/4 c70 Lovesmutbabe
I love how intimate and wholesome this chapter was, the trust and love between them is just beautiful! And both of them saying 'i love yous'?! (with happy included haha) Tho platonic, was def a big thing. I love their friendship.. and am ready for this time skip and to see how their relationship evolves from here! Definitely still lots to unpack, like Natsu's view on love/relationships (he's so conflicted, aww bb!) and what Lucy went through with Ivans group. Also curious to know Lucy's pov on everything that has happened since their adventure, along with her feelings for Natsu.
I'm so invested in this story, truly one of my faves, I check for updates on this story much more than I'd like to admit haha. The preview for Ch71 omg! What a tease, already so excited for it! wishing you luck, Update soon! Thank youuu :)
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