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for Capturing Her Damaged Heart

11/16 c83 Alexa
Te mando un abrazo y esperando que te encuentres bien.
Yo estare aqui esperando una actualizacion.
11/12 c1 3NatsuHeartfilia0628
I love this story so stinking much, you're such a good writer. I know life likes to throw you under a bus sometimes but just know that you got this and there are people in your life rooting for you.
9/14 c1 9Stardress23
Hi beautiful, hope you're doing well. It's been almost a year and I just wanted you to know you're amazing and very talented in writing. All your readers are thinking of you and when you're ready, we will happily be here to read more. This is my comfort fic I've been reading since it's release so it holds a special place in my heart. You're amazing and hope you are in a place to continue soon. Take care!
8/18 c83 Guest
This is the slowest burn ever. 83 chapters in and they still haven’t even kissed yet but I absolutely love it ;-; This story has made me laugh, cry, and has genuinely impacted me in more than any other fan fiction I’ve read. The chapter describing the lake house was a tough one to get through, I had to keep reminding myself it was just a story! I realize the last update was nearly a year ago but I’ll be sure to check in every now and then, I’m so excited to see how the story goes from here! No rush, I know how life is. Hope everything is okay with you and i’ll be eagerly awaiting the new chapter! :)
7/15 c83 theunicorn22
Just finished rr this story and it's crazy to see how much I changed from the beginning to now along with the characters. Haha I seriously love this story and can't wait to see how Natsu grows. As scary as it is to face feelings even when you see how much it ruins someone, I can't help but hope for the best. I love this story author and I hope you're doing ok in life as well !
6/2 c83 1Cinnamon
Hello! I really hope you’re doing well! I found myself thinking about this story again after sometime and decided to give it a reread within the coming week. Even if you never end up coming back to this story, I just wanted to sincerely thank you for the83chapter’s you have written! This is no small feat and even if it does remain unfinished, be proud! This is hands down my favorite fic I’ve read to date and… well, I’ll be here cheering from the sidelines for you! Hope you have a good day/night!
5/15 c83 Guest
Just commenting so you can rest assured that you definitely still have fans waiting as long as you need. I’ll keep checking in every week or so, in hopes that this masterpiece has updated. I also hope you’re doing well, and that life has been kinder to you
4/22 c83 CathJorda
omggg I'm so happy. this update is amazing, I'm glad you're back. I was worried something had happened to you. I wish you would pursue a career as an author, you're just so so talented !
4/7 c83 Guest
I’ve been following this story for years, and it’s helped me get through some more than one hard time. I’m so glad to see your life start working out for you; to hear that you get time with friends, a steady job, other hobbies, etc. it’s bittersweet, because I’m always hoping for another chapter, but I’m much happier knowing that your life is growing and getting better.
3/6 c83 14Patpat
Omg friend, I didn't receive an update for the chaprer from the app. I guess FFnet had given up on an update on this story, but I didn't. even if it took 9 months, I'm glad you still write. You're hands down one of the most talented authors out here and this story is my number one favourite! Thank you for not dropping it, you're amazing. Even if the updates are rarer, I'll stick around. I'm loving it too much.
Thank you also for your life update: work sounds intense but at least you seem to be in an overall good place. Take great care of yourself, it's important! xx
2/26 c83 13Doginshoe
Still thinking about this story every day. Life seems so busy rn, that I completely missed the email and I haven’t read anything for the hot minute! I’m so glad there was a previously on cause I did not want to do the skip back and see where I was and the skim and come back and then go back again XD With the last of us coming out right now weekly, I just need way more zombies in my life and this is so good to always come back to. I love your writing and I love this story so even if you write 5 words a day I’ll still be here waiting. Can’t wait to see how this unfolds, especially as life goes on and we find ourselves getting more insight into our own characters and how we can flesh them out even further! Can’t wait till we are fighting for our lives in the apocalypse!
2/25 c83 redwolfBm86
I’m waaaaaaitiinnnnng
2/23 c83 KgNalu
Thank you for updating when you can! I love your writing and how it is without any of the rules. Thank you for making this book and I can’t wait for the next chapter :).
2/11 c83 Guest
Sounds like a rough year, but you made it through! I'm honestly amazed with how long this story's been going on for, plus the story I fell in love with!
2/7 c83 valerioux
I’m really late to reading the latest update so no worries about the update! Honestly your writing is great already but I’m not the best when speaking about grammar perfection so I can’t help much there. Saying that I say don’t worry because like I said your witting is already so good to read.

I’m excited for what’s to come, whenever they may be! I want to be in Natsu’s head and know what he’s feeling and how he’s struggling. I feel for him but the longer he waits I’m scared that Lucy is going to want to move on and if he does decide to give them a try Lucy will now be too scared to change because she’s accepted his rejection. Just gotta wait and see how this story unfolds.
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