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for Devil's Angels

12h c10 sarae32
Another great chapter!
17h c5 sarae32
Harry is making a valid argument. I say Hermione gets all the handsome wizards! Talk about never being unsatisfied.
1/17 c10 Guest
Pleeeeeeeease please please finish the story! It’s so creative and it’s well written and I need more!
17h c4 sarae32
I loved this chapter. It’s interesting how Dolohov was the difficult one of the three. And I really like Thorfinn. He’s cocky but obviously kind hearted deep down. Interesting fact about what Hermiones fate could have been. I always wondered what the pure bloods thought of her power. Great chapter.
20h c3 sarae32
And just like that I am now a fan of Greyback.
22h c2 sarae32
Lucian broke my heart. Really enjoyed this chapter and now that Hermione has set her mind to the task I can’t wait for what’s ahead.
22h c1 sarae32
I love the banter between Harry and Hermione. Great first chapter
1/16 c10 nemesisq
love this story idea. Can’t wait for the visit(s)! Tbh not the biggest fan of Harry but I suppose Hermoine needs someone on the outside...
1/16 c10 Dixiechick023
Please update! I love everything you post!
1/13 c10 Guest
Awesome! I couldn't stop laughing! Thank u for the update. I couldn't stop reading... dang a "cliff hanger"... at least it felt like it. I can't wait to read what happens next. -Lizzie
1/13 c10 z.maines
I love that Hermione is such a champion for these boys! It makes me so happy to see them with someone on their side to advocate for their wants and needs I can’t wait for another update!
1/11 c10 3Daphne Ackerman
I’m very grateful you updated and all but WHY CUT THERE I WANTED TO READ THE REUNION SO BADLY
1/8 c10 E
I’m loving your book, please update soon- I can’t wait to know what happens. Thanks :)
1/9 c10 The Queen of All Demons
Omygod i binged this so quickly I asked myself where all this enthusiasm goes when i have to read for my professor's assignments. I'm loving this story! The kids are so cute and Hermione's family mystery is intriguing! Keep up the great work and happy new year!
1/7 c10 PE
This is so well written. I love thus storyline. Please throw us another chapter!
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