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12/23/2019 c4 38Beedok
Lucky Kaito, now both the Detective of the West and the East know his secret... but it seems in a way that isn’t too likely to come back and bite him?
2/11/2018 c1 silentnotex

7/14/2017 c1 Dovembre
AprIl fOolS ShIniCHi
7/1/2017 c1 EnjeruTantei
Did you know that you forgot to capitalize the first 'i' in the summary? XD
6/11/2017 c4 BadBoySupreeeeme
Hahahahhaa that was so good hahahahha I absolutely definitely LOVE IT. Reading that was so much fun I can't take the smile I have off my face hahahah you're one of a Hella good author. Hope you'll update soon I love this story and the part where Heiji, Ai and Kaito talk to each other. That's one of the things I've been wanting to see/read. I really love this Story hhahahaha
6/5/2017 c4 Rockster
Hm? A part of the omake had been posted? Sweet!

Ya know... I still had to wonder where Subaru is? I am sure that Subaru had not moved out of the Kudo mansion yet... if we follow the current timeline...

Conan... you are not the only one who felt foolish for the whole day (or story)... Yeah, my brain cells are tired as well. But I had to say that I laughed my brain off due to how funny the omake is.

So... that is how the plan had started out? A drunk Yukiko mistook Chikage as a stranger who wants to flirt Yusaku. I am surprised, yet not at the same time.

Oh... boy Kaito and Haibara... I wanna scold you for what you done on poor Conan... but at the same time I just laughed how Shinichi reacted when he know that they draw on his face when he was asleep. I know it is for Shinichi's good... but ya all went a bit too far with the prank...

So, Chikage is the one who pretends as 'Fumiyo'... that explains why Yukiko and 'Fumiyo' are in the room at the same time.

So wait... if Yukiko didn't know who is Kaito before the prank occured (disguise dressing part), then when did she knew Kaito is Kaitou Kid? I mean when Conan screamed 'KID!' in this chapter, Yukiko did not react to the name. Same goes to Heiji... but I doubt it will be hard for him to deduce that Kaito is Kid with the evidence is right in front of him.

There are a few mistakes that I can find in this chapter:
' "Shinichi Kudo! You know better than to shoot soccer ball's in the house!" ' [Change the word (ball's) to the word (balls)]
'She was just was always in a hurry.' [Remove the second word 'was' in this sentence]
'So she was...careful enough to avoid any cop car's. '[Change the word (car's) to the word (cars)]

I can still spot some dialogues have the wrong format, and it looks like there are some mistakes that had not been fixed.
'But if that was Yukiko than...he turned to face Fumiyo, who rose to greet the new arrival.' [Change the word 'than' to the word 'then' (chapter 1) {Yes, I went back and check for omake part to see if it matched with the story; I found this one mistake instead.}]
The word 'than' is used to express a comparison between two things (for example: more than, less than, bigger than). The word 'then' is oftenly used to situate actions in time, or to indicate time. I am pretty sure that you can find more infomation about those two words in the Internet.
Seriously, you might need to proof-read your story again for double checking.

Anyway, nice and funny omake (well part of it). I am sorry if I sound rude tho.
6/3/2017 c1 10ridiculouslyhappy
I found the hidden message, haha! Seriously though, interesting and hilarious story so far! Good job!
6/2/2017 c4 1Disconsolate Mist
Very nice chapter! Another one that had me grinning my head off and laughing like a maniac until the very end. Ah, it's so enjoyable. Comedy is definitely a fun genre. XD

Oh gosh, I loved all the adult inclusion here. We got perspective from Yusaku (haha, Yukiko, Chikage, and Las Vegas. A recipe for disaster. And of course, disaster occurred. Poor Yusaku. At least he escaped his signing...) and Yukiko (Oh, gee. Having too much fun torturing your son, now aren't you? And preparing for it as well. I wonder if Yusaku ever questioned this plan... *shakes head* Never mind. He probably didn't. What a dynamic duo they make, ne?).

Whew, Conan's reaction to Kaito drawing on his face (kitty whiskers and nose? Probably also something about Ran and his crush on her... XD You can't help but laught at that part... From Kaito's escape to the top of a bookshelf to Conan's red face, it's priceless. Then there's Yukiko stopping it all and torturing her poor son even more. Conan's life will never be even close to normal.

Yay for Heiji and him liking Kid! As well as more inclusion with him! *happy* It's nice to see (almost) all the Gosho Boys together helping with a prank on the shrunken one and going over it. :) I can't wait to see what you do with Heiji's perspective part! Good luck with explaining the case if you plan to do that, as well... That's going to be difficult. Cases are so very hard... -.-

Anyway, amazing job as usual! Keep up the great work!
6/1/2017 c4 16Hebiaczek
Oh dear~ I had a pretty good laugh there :D Shinichi's reaction to the little additional prank was precious, so was Ai's when Kaito offered her the magical pen xD It's also sweet that Heiji did take a liking of Kaito - but with Shinichi's shouting I guess Yukiko already knows about KID?
5/27/2017 c3 1Disconsolate Mist
This was quite the chapter, and you've awed quite a few of your readers (including me :D) judging from the reviews. Very nicely done! Though, it's really comes to no surprise. This story was smartly planned out, intelligently executed, and just a joy to read. And that along with the hint you left in the summary? *applaud* YOU CREATED A MASTERPIECE!

Ahh, just gotta love how everyone was in character. It's a little hard to keep them in character with a setup like this, but you got it down perfectly. The conversations between characters were enjoyable (Kaito and Conan... *millions of hearts* They make me so happy when they interact with each other. XD), the interactions of characters was amazing, and I can't help but comment on the whole plan you had them put together. It's a genius prank, dang it, and all the clues left throughout the story? It makes the whole thing like some odd and fun mystery without murder. Which made this story even better.

I do have to feel bad for Conan... So sorry buddy. But, you kind of deserved it. :/ After all the things you put those guys through (you were trying to protect them, I know, but didn't you take it just a little too far?). He must be so exhausted though... Well, he gets a nice rest at home before Kaito uses his tininess and intelligence for heist plans (secret TK plans... hehehe...). Seeing himself dying in front of... himself (err, sounds odd) must have been so hard, though... I wonder just how far they broke his brain... *ponders* I hope not to badly. He needs it to be a detective!

I immensely enjoyed focus you put on the adults as well as the teenagers. It made the story and the plan they hatched together all the more enjoyable. I'm really excited to see what you do with this omake, getting some outside perspective of the whole thing. So much fun! With so many possibilities as well... O.O I wish you luck with that, and as always, I'm here to help if needed. :D

Anyway, I really, really loved this! You did a wonderful job, and I'm glad I got to work with you a bit on it.
5/25/2017 c3 Rockster
Y-Y-You... sigh... wow... boy... geez... WHAT?! You know what? I applause to you, dear 'LadyShadow26', I just lost my words and brain cells like Conan there at the last part.

Also, I will take back what I said about the summary being messy. I smacked my head hard and just laughed at my oblivious-ness just now. Yeah, after reading this chapter, I just return to the summary to finally notice that puzzle, and pretty interesting puzzle. I can see now why you never post this story at April Fools Day, and really you got me there.

To be honest, I am with Conan on this one. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Holy cow... SERIOUSLY!? I feel like a train just hit my face and I had mindblown after that 'revealing' happened... Yeah, you all got me... I had the same expression as Conan there after that.

Hi Chikage and Kaito! Seriously, I am not expecting Chikage to be here and freaking disguised as Sato! Let alone the fact that Kaito is the 'fake Shinichi' and Sasaki is actually Yuusaku is just so shocking for me! Do I pity Kaito for his identity getting exposed? 'Yes' and 'no' at the same time.

Haibara manage to change her attitude 180 degrees is a pretty nice touch in there. I would not had expect that she is actually acting like an actual kid for that entire time, as well as calling Conan as 'Conan-kun' instead of 'Edogawa-kun' threw me off guard. Nice job there Haibara!

I had to say that Heiji did a great job at his part. To think that Heiji managed to lie to Conan for that extend, and his act was quite convicing, yeah Heiji you done a great job too! Despite the very minor slip ups with how Heiji called Haibara 'Little Nee-chan', he manage to play his part so well that even Conan do not realized he is acting. Now we wish that Heiji would watch out for his mouth everytime so that Conan's identity did not get revealed that easily. (Even tho I had to wonder how no one figured Conan's identity from Heiji yet)

BTW, I wanna ask... Isn't Subaru in Shinichi's house for now? [Spoiker for the Scarlet arc] Why would Chikage and Kaito willing to enter the house, when there is a FBI agent in the house? Not to mention that both KID and Phantom Lady are international wanted criminals. I guess that they managed to get Subaru out of the house for that moment, or Subaru is also in this prank too...

There are a few mistake in this chapter:
'His assailant flinched under the kick and lost his grip, dropping him to

the floor.' [There is an accidental double 'enter' space in this sentence]
' "I think he's probably suffered enough." Replied Shinichi, who sat up,... ' [(...suffered enough," replied Shinichi,...) Yeah, I got lazy in dialogue format fixing. There are a few dialogues that had the wrong format but I will not mention it here]
' "If you're you, than that means…" he turned to Sato "You are…" ' [Change the word 'than' to the word 'then']

Anyway, pretty nice yet troll-y chapter. I can't wait to read the omake later. Seriously, you got me pretty hard there... Conan, I pity you (and my brain) for getting prank like that.
5/26/2017 c3 1Otamon
This was really well written. Thank you for this!

I really looked forward to finding out how the April's fool was planned out. And poor Shinichi was so confused all the time, that he missed many of the clues at first...

But I don't really see, what's so funny in this. Why did Shinichi's parents plan this?! How can they laugh? Because if you'd see yourself dying in front of you, and couldn't really do anything to prevent it, I don't think you could just brush it off. It's too diffrent than seeing just some bodies of people you've never known. I understand why Kaito isn't exactly comfortable.

Ok, maybe the Kudos would actually do something like this. It's possible. I just don't understand them. Like why would you make your own son go through something like BO kidnapping him? I think that's quite sick sense of humor.

Still, I enjoyed the story! I hope that the omake is less dark than this.
5/26/2017 c3 16Hebiaczek
Haha~ This was great :D But I guessed right that 'Sato' here was Chikage (was stunned for a second when she appeared, wondering if she was on the whole plot, before realizing that it was not needed XD). I'm only wondering if it was already Chikage when Sato was suppoused to look after Conan, when 'Shinichi' dashed off? Oh well - I'll see in Omake chapter :D
But maaaan - Shinichi has awful parents to put him through this sort of stuff (and Kaito as well). Not that I believe that they wouldn't canon - they totally would. And Chikage would have been more than happy to comply (wouldn't be surprised if she supplied them with some of the morbid ideas herself).
Still I doubt Shinichi will learn much from this and start playing safe in the future x)

Anyways - a very nice chapter~ Despite that I knew it was all just an act, you still managed to keep the tension up. So overall - great job and keep on writing! :D
5/22/2017 c2 Hebiaczek
Oh dear! I'm so sorry for Kaito - forced to solve a real-life murder case. So not fun... Well - at least now it seems like the planned prank is back on track. Time for the real Shinichi to get a heart attack? :P Seriously... Never again let Yukiko and Chikage plan something xD
Can't wait for the next chapter :D
5/22/2017 c1 Hebiaczek
Oh gods this is fun~ Well - just as your hint said - It's a Aipril's fool's prank - with the help of Chikage, Kaito and... is it really Akai playing Sasaki? Had me quite confused up to the moment he creeped out Conan... then again Chikage wouldn't be a stranger to creeping people out either xD
Reading on~!
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