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8/28 c3 Asumodeus
what is with giving Ozpin a first name... and the prophecy was not subtle at all. Also kinda weird how no one is reacting to him telling Weiss he will kill her and her entire family while holding a blade to her throat. Other than those things, quite a fun chapter.
8/20 c14 1Starpottergeek
good job please update
5/4 c14 Mark of Arendelle
I hope you can come back and finish this story, but I can understand and respect why you stopped. This story is just so interesting and very unique. This is a new concept for me and I love it to bits, you gave me inspiration for my own private story im writing and I thank you for this and for writing this story, I just hope you come back to this. Thank you for writing this
3/2 c1 Guest
Dud tell me your still alive please
11/17/2019 c13 2Noitaerc
In the omake… Ruby may take advantage of Tychus's incapacitated state to have some fun with the Odin.
Salem soon is searching for a way to leave Remnant… because she (somehow) got her hands on a copy of the potential upgrades, additions and modifications Ruby had for the mech. And it scares her.
Tychus is now considering joining the eggheads if only to understand that kind of thing and get such ideas. He is also rooting for Ruby to win John's heart.
10/23/2019 c13 45Wacko12
so are you going to have Tychus be alive in the main story? with the Heaven's Devils?
6/26/2019 c14 Wacko12
don't worry I have ADHD too. Its hard but you can overcome it
5/29/2019 c14 Guest
If you do a rewrite, ad John to an oc team with him as leader. The oc’s in question can be two human and one faunus and are love interests for yang, Blake, and Weiss. Sorry about your dog. Lost all three of my dogs so your not alone, man. Good luck with rewrite.
5/13/2019 c14 12micelzod
Holy shit man...am sorry about your dog take your time also If create a game of thrones with a polish Jagiellonian dynasty with the Italian people of Urbino as well.
4/27/2019 c14 Guest
I understand perfectly, i'm sorry for your dog
4/26/2019 c14 Dank mans
Good luck on your rewrite and my condolences for your loss even if it is a bit late
4/26/2019 c14 archive4465
It's ok i look forward to your rewrite of the story
Cuz this means you learned how to be a better writer, hope i could read it soon.
4/25/2019 c14 4Dragon lord Syed 101
good to know sorry about your dog
2/4/2019 c13 3Snowballs FF
Please, your chapters are my saving grace to hiatus.
2/4/2019 c13 Snowballs FF
You're gonna amhave time now to make one?
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