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4/10/2021 c1 animerule64
Add more chapters please
4/10/2021 c1 animerule64
Add more chapters please
10/18/2020 c1 mattdombast
9/22/2020 c1 Hadami
I guess this works as a one shot, but it would be cool if you updated this. Well-written. Thanks.
2/6/2020 c1 1Alder Hill
This story is great. I really hope you continue with it one of this days. Know others with a similar setup meanwhile? Also can Wanda's magic destroy the horocrux ? And will harry still get quicksilver's powers?
12/11/2019 c1 James Birdsong
Nice writing.
12/12/2019 c1 1The View From Up Here
Oh my gosh, I can't wait to see where this goes! Love it so far!
10/21/2019 c1 4RandomRavenclaw10
Love this idea
6/4/2017 c1 Volans15
Nice story. I like the idea a lot.
5/17/2017 c1 3WhiteElfElder
I wonder what HYDRA would do if they got their hands on Harry?
4/21/2017 c1 1MageVicky
thats sweet! please continue! i love it!
4/16/2017 c1 tommyboynv
Great AU. I was wondering at first where Pietro was...but that is all worked out. I take it Harry is older than he thought if he was adopted by the Potters when he was 3 or did I miss something? He and Hermione can definitely use a little help to handle Nagini early...
4/11/2017 c1 2zhujinlong
Nice story
4/7/2017 c1 Guest
All I ask is that you don't kill Pietro/Harry like AoU.

Great start as well btw
4/9/2017 c1 217The Feisty Rogue
Wow! Great start, can't wait for more!
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