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for The Tempest Temptation

9/30 c18 1The Eternal Forgotten
Thank you for the update! It’s much appreciated.
9/30 c18 25lovleydragonfly

8/17 c17
I have no words
This cht was pure bliss
8/16 c17 Guest
Thank you so much
8/18 c17 3PenguinOtaku
Thanks for the update!
8/17 c17 Levin Kluge
Nice chapter again. I hope you continue very soon.
8/17 c17 qiaraz97
How can you forgot Hayato... Was he already poisoned at this time? Since Bianchi might have met with Reborn at Cavallone. Aahhhhh I've always been curious about Hayato since Tsuna accidentally slipped his name in the first few chapters..

Glad Daemon Arc went down quickly. I can't stand the suspense.
Thank you for the update ️
8/16 c17 25lovleydragonfly
excuse me but

how dare you just randomly show up and drop an amazing chapter and then disappear again lmfao jkjk

but honestly though? fucking missed thissssss. and freaking adore this chap! super eager to find out what izuku plans on doing. and adore how your writing everyone's growth!

see you in a year <3 XD
8/16 c17 Byakuri
awesome chapter as catching as always. love your story great work and wow many reveals
1/25 c16 Lua
Lololol tsuna should've been clearer but maybe xanxus will obey him. I'm excited to see your daemon!
11/27/2021 c1 4maharzoubari
please update...l can't wait
10/27/2021 c16 Kunaydlz
You were't kidding. This is... how Xansus... damn.
Good come back for sure.
10/23/2021 c16 Exodus12345
Well dropped. This just got stupid. Tsuna has been through enough and now you torture him even more and the woman he is in a relationship with is probably screwed to.
10/6/2021 c16 Dman4869
Thanks for ur hard work and continuing this! I hope ur doing well. Please take care of ur health and take breaks as needed. We can wait. I gotta say though seeing this update and then reading this update was amazing. I really really enjoy ur writing and this story very much. Anyways damn that cliffhanger was really good. I'm so hyped. Thanks again for everything!
10/5/2021 c16 15Arienna Natalitha
hibari is so cute :3 where did he get the idea of sneaking into tsuna's luggage anyway? XD
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