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for The Tempest Temptation

11/14/2019 c10 StarlitBaby
Thanks for the update! Great chapter!
11/14/2019 c10 shukkets
11/14/2019 c10 KuroHinata
as long as you understand each other. work at it to achieve your goals.
9/25/2019 c9 Dman4869
Exam week? Who cares. This is an awesome fanfic. Can't believe I didn't read this earlier. Really enjoying the bonding of Tsuna and Xanxus. Very very cute. The idea of Tsuna murdering mukuro if he got it on with Nana was hilarious. I marathoned these massive chapters in 2 days. Im loving everything Ive read. Thank you for all ur hard work! Now I can't wait for both Generation Cross and this :D
8/28/2019 c9 3code R.R
I hope they bond, Karasu is just a delight! Plus honestly, besides me wanting to see different guardians, i think she'll just help him move on and get better :)
8/28/2019 c7 code R.R
oh wow that was a thing, interesting though

Also damn she wants him badly!
8/28/2019 c6 code R.R
oh...well shit I was wrong lol
8/28/2019 c5 code R.R
i love this, and honestly, I do want to see what guardians/Elements that Tsuna will pull into his sky. I like the idea of other guardians eventually for our Tsuna to smother with his harmony lol

I will say I'm curious on what flame he awakened but...for some reason I thought Earth flame? Likely wrong but just a thought
7/26/2019 c9 23Mel Writer
Lol this is great! I found your stories through you sushi cross-over, and I have to say, I am very, very impressed. I dearly hope to read more of this story soon!
7/12/2019 c9 7Albertasteinthe21st.genius
6/28/2019 c9 Kloness
Loved it. Twas awesome.
6/25/2019 c9 8cielo-bambino
on my knees sobbing this new update. i love it so much! and holy FUCK did tsuna bond with takeshi?
6/22/2019 c9 Levin Kluge
I like your story very much and i hope you continue very soon.
Does Kara know the whole story ?
6/20/2019 c9 Guest
Mukuro & xanxus scene was so cute that i had a hard time imagining it lol. Hahaha.
Omg. Chrome i love her. I wanna give her a hug
Also possessive mukuro is the best mukuro. I can't wait for him to be all over tsuna, the reaction that the entire mafia would produce can feed me for a year.
Ugh. I feel sorry for xanxus when he finally finds about gokudera.
But also people are gonna mistake tsuna for a pedo tbh. So maybe throw in reborn as the sun?... Take the bait...please?

Aaaaaaa. I love you. Thank u for the chapter!
6/20/2019 c9 Guest
I haven't read anything yet but thank u. This made my day. I love love your work. I'll keep waiting for your future updates even if it takes a long time.
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