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for Not the Only Monster in the Mirror

1/1/2022 c3 Guest
Please update
12/16/2021 c3 Carlisle
I don't expect you to update, monsieur author, but as it is with just three chapters, they're all excellent! I like how you describe passage of time in your stories, and the medical sides to your characters as well. Nicely done!
10/30/2021 c1 15jamiehernandez8888
This is amazing! Please finish it! I love it so much!
5/10/2021 c3 mardar
I hope you will update this and your other stories too. They are really good and I would love to see them continued.
4/2/2021 c3 your kidney 4lunch '3
I was going go reread Finally Belonging but then I saw this and omg do I love it! You should totally finish it some day!
12/26/2020 c3 ripper34
Good story
12/13/2020 c3 Meliss1627
I really like this story and hope you continue it! I'm excited to see where it goes! Hope you update soon! Keep up the great work!
10/14/2020 c3 11Nanchih
Small glitch. Bruce doesn't have a bed frame, only a mattress on the floor. The armor can't be under that - too lumpy. It could be under the couch?
7/1/2018 c1 Slytherclaw2005
Plz continue
5/5/2018 c3 6Chickenspoon42
Well... I wasn't expecting that. I am looking forward to if and when you update, if only to watch Bruce gape and go "What the..."
Also to see what gave Loki his mind back. It seems rather out of the blue... Why then?
3/9/2018 c3 28Radon65
I'm quite enjoying this. I hope you write more. I'm a bit surprised Bruce is actually willing to deal with this stranger on his own, but... it's *Bruce*. I also found it amusing that Bruce realized he was essentially using "John" as a therapy doll. I liked his analysis of Loki's clothing and attempts to figure that out and Loki's fits have been interesting hints of what's going on in his head. I like that he's finally speaking! Excited to read more.
3/5/2018 c3 125Scififan33
Poor Loki! Though glad he ended up on earth and not with Thanos! But does that mean Heimdall can see him? How long did he fall for to be so skinny and mentally lost?
3/5/2018 c3 FrostyLostWoods
I came here after reading...41 chapters of Finally Belonging. Pretty good stuff here, I wanna know more on this story.
2/13/2018 c3 wenduo
Ouch sounds like someone knocked Loki hard on his head like very hard...
2/13/2018 c1 wenduo
I think an friendship story between these rwo and maybe you know help them both with their problems thing. Getting Loki back to his family?
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