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2/5 c49 1Pupuni
love all of them very much! I love seeing how the relationships in this story slowly develop and how kindness changes people.
Tamhet really is pathetic, doing all this work just to hurt Elsa, she's got some serious problems. I am so happy everyone stood up to her.
1/31 c49 57Animorphgirl
I get the feeling that Tamhet just lost all her power tonight. Even if she doesn't end up dying by the end of your fic, that's still come comeuppance for her. Plus, you could argue that she kind of brought Carla and Jasmine closer to Elsa. Not that this makes what Tamhet had done to Elsa good, but the Yeerk must have a bad taste in her mouth when she realizes it, all the same.

Your writing, as always, is terrific. I know that Elsa will never volunteer to be a host after what she's been through, but I wonder if the pieces of Carla and Jasmine told her about their Yeerks and storytelling gives her a better idea of what being a voluntary host to a decent Yeerk is actually like. I, personally, would love to see more flashbacks for BOTH characters, but especially Carla. We need more of her with Silrin!

Can't wait to see chapter 50!
12/23/2020 c48 1Pupuni
ohhhhh this was such a good chapter! a lot of emotions and tension and friendships! a lot of trust and support and empathy and honestly-it's what Elsa deserves. I love how no matter if you were an involuntary who held grudge, a scared voluntary or an empire yeerk-every singe decent person would do anything for Elsa.
12/22/2020 c48 57Animorphgirl
WOW. Powerful chapter, there. Elsa's really someone you want on your side, because it seems like there's no lengths she won't go to in order to protect the people she cares about. Even the people she doesn't know. It looks like she's finally getting through to Carla, and I'm holding out hope that there's a genuine friendship between the two of them in the future. Maybe even some reconciliation between Elsa and Ahkir.

I kind of think that the best thing to do-aside from killing Tamhet, which would probably still be considered murder-would be to find a way to get her incarcerated for life. Even if blackmail isn't enough for that in the US system, I would think that Yeerks would be expected to obey additional laws in exchange for the privilege of becoming nothlits. Surely, a Yeerk blackmailing ex-Controllers (voluntary or otherwise) has got to be a hate crime to extreme proportions. But, I guess it's a he said/she said kind of thing, since it would be Elsa's word against Tamhet's.

Carla has a Dracon beam-that's great! Did she just buy it? That would be totally in character for her, to buy a Yeerk gun instead of a human one.

Can't wait to read the next chapter!
11/10/2020 c47 1Pupuni
damn did it feel good to see Tamhet getting what she deserves! And they didn't even have to ask Elsa about it! The friendship all the characters formed was so heartwarming to see, how Jasmine changed from "too shy to talk" to "WILL slap a bitch to protect her friend" and how Carla changed from being distrustful to anyone who isn't a yeerk to someone who would be willing to go to a house of an involuntary for the sake of her friend. Look at all those people and yeerks who adopted Elsa, which she 10000% deserves. I am so happy.
11/7/2020 c47 11my-last-username-was-immature
The satisfaction I felt when Carla slapped Tamhet is literally indescribable. Like, not only is Tamhet getting what she deserves, but the power of these different characters coming together in immediate defense of a friend, and how much Carla's grown, especially in her respect for Elsa, and just the incredible, incredible rush of SOMEONE finally standing up to Tamhet, and how her manipulation got increasingly desperate and it was all futile nonetheless... she's still making threats, and still has enough influence to keep her place in society at large, but man, it's so nice to see her get at least some comeuppance.
Can't wait to see what happens next!
11/7/2020 c47 57Animorphgirl
Wow! Very loaded chapter, and I am so proud of Carla and Jasmine. Kind of a shame that they let Tamhet get away, but I guess they could still get in trouble for killing a Yeerk, even a horrible one. There must be a way to prevent her from doing them any harm. I would think that getting her fired (and hopefully homeless) would be a start to rendering her ineffective.

So, the empire had limitations on how much torture a Yeerk could do at once? I really don’t want to think about how they developed these results...

It occurred to me that Carla might have been able to do something by talking to fellow voluntary hosts at the Yeerk Pool about what she saw. Then again, since Tamhet obeyed the letter of the law, it wouldn’t have done anything. I guess the truly evil Yeerk was the very next one?

Can’t wait to read your next chapter!
11/7/2020 c47 4RDavidson
Good, I'm glad Tamhet was found out. And I think you wrote the confrontation wonderfully.
10/29/2020 c46 11my-last-username-was-immature
It's been a while since I left a review, and I am so sorry for that, because I still absolutely love this story!
Animorphs was such a huge part of my childhood, (to this day I cannot see a red tailed hawk without immediately thinking "Tobias?", lol), and yet somehow I never really considered the perspective of voluntary hosts, or what might've driven them to be voluntaries, or what life was like for them once the war was over-until I read this fic, which does such a good job of it! One of the things I loved most about Animorphs was the complexity of its morals, and the fact that there wasn't a simple message, and you took that and extended it even further, and it's SO GOOD. Like...the balance you manage to write of building sympathy for every individual character, (except for Tamhet, who can rot in a hole somewhere-very rarely do I feel as much hatred for characters as you've managed to inspire in me for her), despite their disagreements, the way that none of them are entirely in the right, (even Elsa, who I absolutely love and want only good things for and I am so, so stressed about the Tamhet situation oh my god), and simultaneously how distinct their personalities are... it's incredibly cool! All of these characters are really unique and really striking, and they just feel so real. I can't help getting invested in their stories.
This time through it, I've also been really struck by how well you capture the complexity of being a Yeerk. Like...the level of detail you put into explaining their relationships, the care with which you write the process of undoing indoctrination, and the difference in how much effort different Yeerks are putting into that, and the guilt they feel-but also the little details like them noticing and admiring textures that humans typically don't! It's so good! Also the way they're influenced by their hosts-that little throwaway line about the speed Elsa eats at explaining the speed Silrin ate at is PEAK.
Plus your world-building skill is top-tier. You have thought through consequences of the post-war Animorphs world that I never imagined, in the impact on voluntaries, the issues and discrimination Yeerks would face, (and also how that could in part be understood), and the weird role Andalites play in all of that, (Fendarin's casual comment about co-evolution with the Gedds making that more acceptable was just-aah! You're just so good at those little lines that establish so much about a character and their worldview, and provide a hint at all the wild dynamics inevitably present with aliens, and all of the ties to the complexity of war, and invasion, and colonization, and you do it so subtly and I's just YES.)
Also, as a college journalism major, (I was a physics major and math did in fact defeat me so soundly that I transferred out-full respect to Jasmine, I feel that predicament on a very deep level), I appreciate the contrast between your two interview scenes. They very much feel like a case study we'd go over, haha.
But yeah! Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this fic! It's so nice to have it available, so that I can drop into this world, and spend time with these incredibly complex characters that I genuinely love so much, and I hope Tamhet gets her comeuppance soon because wow what a scumbag, and Elsa deserves so much better! (I mean obviously it's also an excellent layer of complexity, and a reminder that the Empire was awful, and that some Yeerks participated fully in that awfulness, and it's a really good illustration of the damage they can do, and a reminder that hatred isn't fully unjustified, and I fully understand and appreciate it from a narrative perspective...but WOW it makes me upset. Excellent writing.)
But yeah, I'm so glad this fic exists! And I hope you're doing well. The world is crazy at the moment, and please don't take anything I said as pressure to write more-but I do hope you know how grateful I am that this story exists. It means a lot to be able to escape into a world with so much detail, with such human characters-and not everything is perfect, but people are fighting to make it better and...yeah. It's really, really nice.
10/26/2020 c46 1Pupuni
So many feels
As always, you way you portray relationsips feel very real. Those characters may be aliens, but they feel so human. Tamhet is SO ANNOYING. I hope she gets what she deserves soon.
Ohh, Akhir X Kalran... I ship it.
10/25/2020 c46 57Animorphgirl
Between Kalran and Akhir, it seems like Tamhet isn't getting what she wants. While Kalran doesn't have all of the information, I rather suspect that Akhir suspects that something is going on with Tamhet, as far as her not being as good as she claims. It probably doesn't help that Tamhet actively looks down on Akhir's former job and was rude to her host. We know from previous chapters how protective Yeerks are, and with Jasmine being a voluntary, you better look out! :)

The part about Gareth also being fired simply for being a voluntary was a good addition. It sounds as though, unlike Carla, his Yeerk is still around to help out with the finances? Also, if Yeerks have a good relationship with their host, do they typically live together, in your world? I could very much see that being the case, especially if Alniss' apartment and neighborhood is the Yeerk standard of living.

I'm wondering if you're going to have Carla enter the party in the next chapter and have her meet Tamhet? She would certainly remember that the Yeerk had previously controlled Elsa, and was downright cruel to her. Elsa's enough of a friend to her that Carla would want to say something to Kalran, if not Ilkiss. Especially given the somewhat new information that there are genuinely cruel Yeerks out there who enjoyed torturing their hosts-and Elsa was a victim to one-she might want to say something.

Powerful chapter! As always, I'm looking forward to the next one.
10/24/2020 c45 1Pupuni
very good, I am glad to see Carla, Jasmine and Elsa's friendship grows! 3
even if Elsa's secrets takes a heavy toll on her :( I hope things work out because she really doesn't deserve it.
And Fiona...I am glad she exists, she's been so kind and understanding!
thank you for your update, your story is well thought out and impressive and you deserve more attention for it.
10/7/2020 c45 57Animorphgirl
Elsa's slowly making her way into Carla's heart, it seems. At least, Carla is starting to trust her and respect that she has her best interests in mind. That, in and of itself, is a pretty giant leap. Who knows, maybe she'll be joining Elsa and Jasmine at the movies before too long! I can't help but feel extreme sadness for Elsa, having had to deal with Tamhet so recently. Her responses clearly have their conversation-if you could call it that-in mind. With regards to physical control, it might be wise to put in a stipulation that a Yeerk can take control against their host's will if the host is directly putting his or her life at stake. Not that this is likely to come up all that often, I would hope.

I'm glad you raised the question of Kalran becoming a host. It's probably as likely as Elsa agreeing to it, but it shows there's another option. Also, there might be nothlits who would be willing to host a Yeerk, even if Kalran is adverse to it.

Fiona seems like an interested and unbiased reporter. Given her lack of contact with the Yeerks, she's probably intrigued and thrilled to have the chance to write something so groundbreaking. Wonder if the old reporter will kick herself if Fiona's article receives a large amount of positive attention?

As always, looking forward to your next chapter.
8/19/2020 c44 25godfreyraphael
Holy FUCK. Now that was manipulation of the highest order. And what makes this more terrifying is the fact that something like this can happen in real life. Tamhet is still very much looking out for number one, and it's made for a very cunning creature who will grasp every single advantage to see how it will turn out in their favor. You can take the Yeerk out of the Empire but you can't take the Empire out of the Yeerk. God, I wish one day I could come up with a villain half as intimidating as Tamhet appears to be for this story.
8/19/2020 c44 1Pupuni
damn, such a perfectly hatable character. Impressive.
Poor Elsa, she's really a kind, selfless being.
And the way she stood up to her, wow. Queen.
Thanks for the new chapter :D Hope everything will be ok :
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