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5/16 c38 5YPM-33-KI
Interesting couple of chapters, these. It sounds like the yeerks' campaign is set to really step up, and I can't help but wonder what will become of Carla's and Alniss' relationship if Carla does manage to become Oglud's host. Personally, I imagine there being room in Carla's life for Oglud and Alniss both, but only if Alniss is willing to accept Oglud's presence.

Stay safe, and best of luck with future chapters!
5/8 c38 53Animorphgirl
Thought provoking chapter. I expect that, even if Alniss isn't aware of it, she's probably envious of Oglud, in part, because she's never had an intelligent host who wanted her there. It was easy enough to feel happy for Silrin, because Silrin was her sister, and Alniss must have felt that she deserved a truly voluntary host after being with Elsa. Carla is also a connection to Silrin, since they shared a mental head space for two years. Oglud, in addition to being a part of the Peace Movement, is an unknown Yeerk who suddenly has a claim on Carla. On the other hand, if Carla is able to become Oglud's host and Oglud becomes mates with any other Yeerks who aren't still Yeerks, Carla's bound to feel like a third wheel. Kalran and Alniss are also overlooking the-now probably defunct-third option concerning Yeerk rule. That is, something more akin to a democracy or republic than an empire. Such a government would have been far less of a police state, where Yeerks can be executed for no reason whatsoever. Anyway, I look forward to your next update.
4/19 c37 1Pupuni
Very sad and emotional chapter. Also, bless Fanderin, really. Thank you for your update and may Kalran find happiness.
4/19 c37 53Animorphgirl
Poignant and powerful chapter. I hadn't expected an Andalite to be willing to join their fight. It doesn't surprise me that Oglud knew about their breakup. She probably experienced this from other Yeerks, and based on the lack of details Kalran and Ilkiss included about their life post morphing, she figured out what had happened.

Is the Tamhet that Ilkiss is involved with the same one who infested Elsa after Silrin and used mental torture on her? The numbers after their names are the same, so unless Tamhet has a twin...If so, I wonder what Tamhet has told him about her experience with hosts, especially Elsa? Has she claimed to have changed, or is this simply something that Ilkiss doesn't know? I imagine that it will only be a matter of time before Elsa meets her former Yeerk...and then, things will become interesting.

Stay safe-and update soon! :)
1/20 c36 5YPM-33-KI
Man I love Elsa. She's such a strong character, and she's clearly been through so so much. You bring her emotions out excellently here; it's really very well written.
1/15 c36 Pupuni
Pure and amazing chapter, as always. People are complicated and you're doing great in capturing that. Thank God that Elsa has Kelly. And she's right Elsa shouldn't try to fix the entire world.
I loved it, thank you :)
1/14 c36 53Animorphgirl
Well, now we know why Elsa was upset during the meeting. It makes sense, but I wish we had learned more about the person who saw Elsa and ran the other way. Maybe in a future chapter? Your writing is great, and so is your dialogue. If I had to make one critique—and you are hardly the only one who does this—is you use so and so “said” after most of your dialogue. It’s not too bad on occasion, but it’s nearly as inexpensive as not adding anything after the quotes. So, something to consider for your next chapter! One question to consider: given that the two were close friends before, did they become full members together or was one of them first? If either had a direct role in the other’s infestation, that could play a part in their relationship. Please add more soon!
12/11/2019 c35 Pupuni
Hug Elsa please, she's pushing herself too much.
Sara using Tamli is pure, she cares so much.
Yay for Karen!
12/11/2019 c35 Animorphgirl
Great to see Karen make an appearance in the flesh! I imagine that she'd be about thirteen years old, now? Nice way you handled the bias in the newspapers, with her dad's money. I wonder what's wrong with Elsa, though. Perhaps she found out who the person was that did a double take after seeing her before the meeting a few days ago? I must say that while Sara is making a very small amount of progress, the other involuntary laklats, as I am now going to call them, need a real lesson on compassion. Especially if they want to get hosts for the Yeerks who are allergic, and don't plan on doing that on their own. As always, an intriguing and solid chapter, and I hope you'll update again much sooner!
12/8/2019 c34 Pupuni
I commented on your fanfic in ao3 and read the rest here. Your story is a real work of art. Do so many different characters with different persobalities and they all feel human (well the aliens feel aliens but also human it you know what I mean) and real. You can write a situation and give us all the reaction and thought process of all the characters and we can related to them and see where they're coming from. Everyone carries their own pain.
Kalran is so gentle and kind
Alniss is like a very protective mother who needs to learn to listen to her kids too
Carla lives her life feeling like a part of her is missing which makes her hide in a shell and snap when she feels treathened
Elsa is honestly so pure and brave
Jasmine is shy but finally found a real friend
Sara has fire in her and is loyal to the point of a self sacrifice.
Alkhir cares a lot and slowly learns to be better.
Fantastic work.
9/3/2019 c34 25godfreyraphael
Hey there! Welcome back. I know how it feels with having your works get piled because of real life taking precedence over all else seeing as I'm in pretty much the same position right now, which is why I've only gotten to read your latest chapter right now. Man, these three gals (Carla, Alniss, and Elsa) were really making it tough on each other to cooperate, but if they're going to do what they want to do then they'll just have to grit their teeth and bear it, I feel. I'd like to see where their new relationship takes them.
9/1/2019 c34 5YPM-33-KI
I can’t help but wonder if Silrin’s time with Elsa influenced her subsequent interactions with Carla in any way. Silrin had a Taxxon before Elsa, if I remember right, so I can’t imagine Silrin would be used to (or be expecting) serious host resistance. How must Silrin have felt, I wonder, in that moment many chapters back when Carla almost fought back in a similar way? And how often did Silrin continue to think about Elsa as her time with Carla went on?

Elsa was the star of this chapter, in my view. She continues to come across as so brave, and so very very strong. I hope that Carla will learn to trust her with time. And if Elsa and Alniss can eventually come to trust each other, so much the better.

As ever, your dialogue remains top notch. Very solid chapter, all in all.
8/21/2019 c34 53Animorphgirl
So glad that you finally updated! I admit, a part of me was worried that something had happened to you. But, yeah, life can definitely interfere with writing fanfics—it’s pesky that way. ;)

Writing this from Alniss’ point of view definitely added a level of perspective that we wouldn’t have seen from Carla, or even Elsa. You made the right choice, there! It’s still easy, at least for us as the audience, to see the inner conflict going on between everyone. I suppose that Elsa is now around 23, which would have made Anna about five when Elsa was initially infested. Given all that she has been through, her ability to forgive and work with Yeerks like Alniss (who she has only really seen as empire Yeerks, unlike Carla and Kalran), she’s really pretty remarkable! I wonder if she went through any form of therapy after the war?

I hope to see some type of mutual respect, if not outright friendship, develop between the three. I can see Silrin watching all of this from Heaven and hoping for this as well. Granted, she probably already knows what will happen!

Looking forward to reading the next chapter—and I hope we won’t have to wait as long for it!
8/19/2019 c33 11my-last-username-was-immature
Oh! My! Gosh!
I can't remember if I've reviewed this fic before, but it definitely deserves all of the praise I can give it, so here we go again.
Do you know how amazing of a story this is? It starts out from a perspective I'd never considered, through reading the entire original Animorphs series, and the entire world that you built to set it in, with all of the changes that victory made...it's an incredible amount of detail and thought, and it makes it really cool to read, because it feels so immersive.
It's also amazing to see how you build the different characters, and all of their different flaws and perspectives. They have such radically different opinions, (which makes sense, based on their backgrounds), and you do a really good job keeping those consistent throughout all of their interactions, and staying true to how their perspectives influence their actions. It's also fascinating to see all of the characters through different eyes, especially after you've spent time in each of their heads, and to see their opinions on each other, when you've already seen the other person, and understood their actions from their own point of view, which makes them feel justified. It's a really difficult balance to walk, and you do it super well. That's not only super impressive, it makes the story really immersive, and interesting to follow.
Not to mention that I've become completely emotionally attached, and every time I catch up to your updates I get my heart broken. I want to see the relationship between Carla and Alniss continue to grow. I want to see Alniss start to understand the human perspective more, I want to see Carla stand up to her! I want to see Kalran get to be closer to Oglud, and I want to see her heal. I want to see Jasmine continue to grow in confidence! I want to see Elsa start to get more closure and satisfaction! I want to see where all of this goes, and I've fallen in love enough with the characters that I want that to be a good place for them! It's a really, really cool feeling to find a story that absorbs me as much as this one is, and I'm so grateful that you're writing it. (But also, please don't take any of that as pressure to write more. It's meant as a compliment that you made such life-like, intriguing characters, but I get that real life is hard, and fanfic definitely shouldn't take priority. I mean...I don't think I've updated a fic since like 2016. Your time is for you, this isn't me trying to pressure.)
But yeah! Thank you for a really engaging story, that you've obviously put a lot of time and effort into. I love it, a lot, and I hope you're doing well!
6/4/2019 c33 5YPM-33-KI
Elsa really is a remarkable person, isn't she? I felt really sorry for her in this chapter, and I feel sorry for Carla too. I loved that little glimpse in this chapter of Carla's and Silrin's time together, and it got me thinking about what life might have been like for them both had Silrin survived to become a nothlit.

Seems that Carla's mind is well and truly set now. I wonder how her conversation with Alniss is going to go? Very good stuff, and I look forward to reading more.
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