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8/19/2020 c44 60Animorphgirl
Well, Tamhet certainly wins the "villain of the fic" chapter. Not that I'm giving Sara, Kelly, Huan, or any of the others a pass. But, she certainly takes the cake. Considering that she's only appeared a handful of times, that's some great writing, there.

As for what Elsa can do...personally, I think she should go to Kalran, at the very least, and maybe even Akhir or Alniss, as much as she doesn't care for them. They overtly care about voluntary hosts, and if Elsa can provide any information about them, perhaps they can try to protect them.

I also wonder about 1) support groups for involuntary hosts after the war and 2) any ways of reporting "Yeerk abuse" to the authorities. After all, Tamhet can hardly be the only Yeerk to behave like this, and if all Yeerks who weren't allergic were allowed to become humans, surely there are other humans who would be afraid of their Yeerk coming after them-even if they were involuntary. Especially then, really. It's kind of ironic that people are so concerned about allergic Yeerks receiving voluntary hosts, while empire Yeerks like Tamhet pose a greater, and immediate, threat.

I've said this before, but I think it bears repeating. At the very least, humans like Carla and Elsa, who are now living with fear of being hurt on a regular basis, should purchase and carry firearms. I know that you live in England and that's not done, but in the United States, gun ownership is both a right and a responsibility. Above all, how would Carla or Elsa feel if they were unable to defend themselves or one of their friends?

Please update soon-and preferably end Tamhet's life (or put her in jail for life!).
7/29/2020 c41 5YPM-33-KI
Elsa sure isn't having an easy time of things, is she? You'd hope her friends would be more understanding with regards to yeerks and voluntaries - and yet, really, that Elsa herself is understanding just shows what a strong person she is. Great chapter, all in all.
7/27/2020 c43 1Pupuni
OH MY GOD TAMHET IS ONE OF THE YEERKS THAT HURT ELSA! and now they're both in the bathroom AAAAAAAAAAAAA I smell troubles. badbabdbadbadbadbadbad.
Elsa should kick her in the face, see how she likes that.
Everyone else is a pure bean, though.
I love Fendarin so SO much, great to see some decent andalites out there! and now he and Kalran are fwiends 3 lovely
I ship Kalran and Akhir, they both care about each other and their hosts very very much, they would make a good couple. Now just need to find a third...maybe Ilkiss? once he finally ditches Tamhet, that psycho.
Thank you for another great chapter 3
7/26/2020 c43 60Animorphgirl
Always happy to see an update from you, and this chapter doesn't disappoint. Although I wonder a little about why Lee dumped Sara, I'm not too anxious for another Sara chapter. Also, without even knowing him, I can imagine he deserves much better than her. Regardless of what Kalran may think, as she's evidently biased. ;) One question I have: Ahkir mentions infesting Jasmine's best friend at the pool, but I thought only Hork-Bajir were pool guards? Was this before she received Jasmine as her host? That would make more sense.

When Elsa was introduced to Tamhet, Kalran used "Anderson" as her last name, even though we know it's "Martin". Was Kalran intentionally misleading Tamhet, even though she must not have known that Elsa had been her host? Also, when Tamhet excused herself to go to the bathroom, I imagine that she did so knowing that she would likely encounter Elsa, and try to make her life more difficult? Any chance that the next chapter will involve their confrontation? Lots of questions, I know!

Looking forward to your next chapter.
7/20/2020 c42 Pupuni
Sara is very hot-tempered, and not always justifiably. Her anger at Jasmine and sometimes even Kalran is irrational and undeserved.
I mean, what could Jasmine even have done? any attempt to resist would just take her to the cages, she couldn't have saved Sara or anyone else.
But anger isn't always rational, sometimes it's just easier to blame the world for what happened to you.
And Sara's loyal and caring, very very much. She's 'aggressively helping' as I tend to call it. Making someone who needs help to accept it whether they want to or not. In small amounts with people like Kalran who's so selfless and giving, this is an important quality to have.
But Kalran is also very gentle, and Jasmine's light touch and soft words also do wonders, along with yeerk friends. Sara should be happy Kalran has a support network. Since she cares about her so much, I think she would improve her adidtude about volentary hosts and such. Kelly is already learning, I think Sara can too
7/2/2020 c42 Animorphgirl
As always, a very poignant and well written chapter. And, of course, Sara continues to get on my nerves. It's ironic that Elsa and Kelly, who experienced Yeerk cruelty firsthand and in large amounts, can find it in their hearts to care about Jasmine and Carla, while Sara remains a total jerk in spite of having barely suffered-and pursues a friendship with her former Yeerk. Someone really needs to give that girl a good shaking, at the very least.

Is Elsa going to find out about Tamhet and Ilkiss' relationship? I thought you might be headed in that direction, but I imagine that Kalran would be too distracted or upset to talk about it. Still, it had to only be a matter of time before the big reveal.

Looking forward to your next chapter!
6/10/2020 c41 1Pupuni
Elsa deserve all the good things, espically on her birthday. I am so proud of Kelly for inviting Jasmine and doing her best to be nice to her. They're all so sweet.
6/7/2020 c41 60Animorphgirl
As great as Elsa is, I seriously want to give her friends more than a couple of punches. And Jasmine...I still believe that voluntary Controllers have NOTHING to apologize for. It's not like saying "no" to their infestation would have resulted in anything positive for humanity, and it probably would have hindered the Peace Movement. Jasmine apologizing constantly just gives credence to this belief that Kelly and the others have that voluntary humans are as bad as their Yeerks. No wonder Carla has trouble with Jasmine! Anyway, another powerful chapter, and I hope we'll get another one soon.
6/4/2020 c40 5YPM-33-KI
Certainly seems like you're building to a big moment here. I wonder just how this new interview will go, when the time comes? And I wonder if Carla will manage to get any more comfortable around Elsa, in the meantime? She does seem to be slowly getting there, but she obviously still has far to go.

A very well-written chapter, all in all. I'll be interested to see where all you take this next.
5/31/2020 c39 YPM-33-KI
This really was a brilliantly-written chapter. The dynamic between Elsa and the others is so very complicated, and the dialogue here really makes that shine through. It's easy to understand why Elsa would be concerned about Carla's and Jasmine's situation, and it's just as easy to understand why Carla and Jasmine would be offended by that concern. All in all, you've done a great job here, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how the second part of this proceeds.
5/30/2020 c40 60Animorphgirl
Even though Elsa is the youngest of the humans, she clearly has the most maturity. As for Carla, seems like this chapter is two steps forward, one step back. Still, I have an inkling it's only a matter of time before she trusts (and likes!) Elsa enough to go on movie outings and shop for clothes with her. Especially if Kalran can get Alniss to encourage Carla to start befriending non-Yeerks. Time will tell! One question a reporter might ask, which they might have covered "off-screen", would be if Elsa would want to become a host. As the answer is clearly an emphatic "no!", that might be something she would need to think about. After all, even though she wants others to have the option, it's not something she would even remotely consider, so a reporter could easily find a way to twist this. Say something like, "And yet, even the leader of this movement is unwilling to host a Peace Movement Yeerk. In light of this, how can we trust them with our fellow humans?" It's one thing to be in favor of the right to do something without wanting to do it yourself, but there's still an unsavory element associated with that. Something to consider.

In light of the eating observation, I would love to see more scenes with Carla and Silrin together. Perhaps, even that scene in particular. Since we know that their relationship evolved with Silrin taking control all the time as a way to keep Carla calm and as a way to care for her-with her being happy to relinquish control if asked-I wonder how it worked in the early days. It had to have been, if not a struggle, at least an adjustment.

A very, very well written and poignant chapter. I sense we're at a turning point in this story!
5/24/2020 c39 1Pupuni
All your characters feel so human, and so sweet and so kind. They all got hurt and some built thick walls around them but mostly they're just so so kind.
5/18/2020 c39 60Animorphgirl
Looks like this group is finally making headway, especially Carla and Elsa. I like your head canon about the Yeerk empire doing cross infestation in cases of a completely insane Yeerk. I might use this in a future fic (giving you credit), if you don't mind! I imagine that Taylor's Yeerk only got away with being completely nuts because her host was voluntary and not being abused-at least in "The Illusion"-and she was a high level sub-Visser. Which, when you think about it, might be the Yeerks most likely to advance to the point of being exempt from this kind of protocol and be able to get away with host abuse. Something to think about. I'm eager to read the next chapter, but have to ask you if you would consider doing more flashbacks during Carla and Silrin's time together. The interview, or post interview, might be a good time for such memories to come back into Carla's head. Anyway, very solid job, and can't wait to read more!
5/16/2020 c38 5YPM-33-KI
Interesting couple of chapters, these. It sounds like the yeerks' campaign is set to really step up, and I can't help but wonder what will become of Carla's and Alniss' relationship if Carla does manage to become Oglud's host. Personally, I imagine there being room in Carla's life for Oglud and Alniss both, but only if Alniss is willing to accept Oglud's presence.

Stay safe, and best of luck with future chapters!
5/8/2020 c38 60Animorphgirl
Thought provoking chapter. I expect that, even if Alniss isn't aware of it, she's probably envious of Oglud, in part, because she's never had an intelligent host who wanted her there. It was easy enough to feel happy for Silrin, because Silrin was her sister, and Alniss must have felt that she deserved a truly voluntary host after being with Elsa. Carla is also a connection to Silrin, since they shared a mental head space for two years. Oglud, in addition to being a part of the Peace Movement, is an unknown Yeerk who suddenly has a claim on Carla. On the other hand, if Carla is able to become Oglud's host and Oglud becomes mates with any other Yeerks who aren't still Yeerks, Carla's bound to feel like a third wheel. Kalran and Alniss are also overlooking the-now probably defunct-third option concerning Yeerk rule. That is, something more akin to a democracy or republic than an empire. Such a government would have been far less of a police state, where Yeerks can be executed for no reason whatsoever. Anyway, I look forward to your next update.
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