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5/20/2019 c33 54Animorphgirl
And we finally have the meeting between Elsa and Carla...and the others. I can’t help but wonder if it would have gone better with just Carla, Kalran, and Elsa. Granted, Carla would never go without Alniss, and I suppose that Akhir and Jasmine would be helpful for both Elsa and Alniss. Still, having a group meeting presents a lot of awkwardness and things not being said. I felt for Carla—she clearly felt anger at Elsa for hurting her Yeerk, guilt at not doing (or feeling that she could do) anything. Personally, based by the way former involuntary hosts like Sara and that vile women from chapter two treat Carla, I would say that she’s endured far more pain than she caused, directly or indirectly.

I still think that the best temporary/transitory solution would be allowing Yeerks to infest other Yeerks. Also with Elsa on evicting Andalites from the role of pool guards. We will have to see where either idea goes!

I don’t suppose the Yeerks are being prevented from reproducing? If not, there could be thousands more Yeerks available when voluntary infestation is finally allowed.

Powerful chapter!
5/20/2019 c33 25godfreyraphael
Well, this was a strange chapter overall. Strange in a good way though. Everyone's got their own reasons for getting together to fight for this cause but nobody had to say that they all have to agree with each to work with each other, if you know what I mean. Especially Carla and Elsa. Carla is just so angry at Elsa for what Elsa did to Silrin, and there is a possibility that this is coloring Carla's view of Elsa about why the latter has decided to join the fight along with all the things that Elsa has done recently. And the thing between the Yeerks about treating the humans as fellow Yeerks... now that's a little bit chilling.

Anyway, keep up the good work! I think I've already said this before but now things are getting interesting.
4/17/2019 c32 5YPM-33-KI
Having nothlits become hosts certainly does seem to be a logical solution to the pool yeerks' problems. I wonder if Kalran and Akhir will consider this again some time? It seems like it'd be a good way to advance their cause - and fitting, too, given many of the nothlits' murky pasts when it comes to hosts.

Really good dialogue, as ever. You do a great job of showing the emotions of everyone involved, and I can only assume Kalran and Akhir will become closer and closer in the coming chapters. Great stuff, as always.
4/10/2019 c32 25godfreyraphael
It's still so easy for a Yeerk to agree to let others become hosts to their fellow Yeerks but then when they stop to think how it would feel if they were the one to be infested, it's so off-putting. Always harder to put yourself in the other's shoes, especially in such an extreme violation of privacy. Probably why the nothlits didn't think of this as a potential solution to the problem of who will host their brother and sister Yeerks until this late into the game, and even then it doesn't look like they'll keep considering it.

Sorry for the rambly bit, that was just the part that stuck out most to me. I wonder what will happen in the next chapter?
4/9/2019 c32 54Animorphgirl
Hmm. Is this leading to Akhir and Kalran possibly becoming part of a triaparte, with Oglud becoming the third member? THAT should be interesting. As for Kalran and Ahkir's aversion to becoming hosts themselves, they might want to reconsider this option. After all, a Yeerk infesting a Yeerk nothlit seems like a reasonable transition before allowing voluntary infestation, and if a Yeerk nothlit isn't willing to host a Yeerk, humans who oppose infestation could very well use this to continue to fight against it. Additionally, will we learn how Kalran and Akhir ended up meeting? It sounds like they didn't know each other during the war.

I understand Kalran's reluctance to "let" Sara visit the pool, but I imagine that if Sara stays as pigheaded as she is currently, the whole visiting the pool problem will resolve itself. She won't be able to keep from misbehaving in front of the Andalite guards, and end up with another ban. Problem solved!

Any chance the next chapter will be the one in which the official meeting between Elsa and Carla meet? You've kept us in suspense for long enough! :)

Great work, as always.
3/20/2019 c31 5YPM-33-KI
A very well-written chapter, this. It's great to see Alniss continuing to try to un-learn her attitudes towards humans and hosts in general. I suppose it's not too surprising in retrospect that Silrin had hidden Peace Movement sympathies, given what we've seen of her in the flashbacks. I'm wondering now what Carla will ultimately come to make of that information - as well as what other things she might end up learning about Silrin further down the line.

Great stuff, as ever; shall look forward to reading more :-)
3/18/2019 c31 25godfreyraphael
Interesting. Looks like Carla's getting to see sides of Silrin that she never saw before. And that's just the beginning. Even the other Yeerks in her life are starting to show other facets of themselves. I bet Carla was surprised to hear that Silrin could very much have been Peace Movement under different circumstances, but the deal that she got with Carla was enough for her to not do anything else drastic. Looking forward to the next chapter.
3/17/2019 c31 54Animorphgirl
Short chapter than your usual ones, but no less poignant. The evolution in Carla's thinking is clear-I remember when, early on, she didn't care as much about the fate of the involuntary hosts as much as she wanted Silrin back in her head. Now, she's come around to disliking the empire and what it's done (or amplified) in many Yeerks, while still loving Silrin for all that she was able to do, and be, for her. I imagine that Silrin would have joined the Peace Movement had she not been assigned to Carla, and perhaps she and Elsa would have established a relationship not unlike Sara and Kalran. Without Sara's evident bias and hatred towards all voluntary hosts! It's pretty clear that Carla's justifying Alniss' behavior towards her Hork-Bajir as being due to the empire, but I imagine that Alniss' comments made Carla's second guess allowing Alniss into her head, were it to be possible! Small nitpick: Carla called Jasmine "mad", with the implication being "crazy" or "insane". That's one of the discrepancies with US vs. UK English-when I first read that, I wasn't sure if you meant "crazy" or "angry". Just something to watch out for in future chapters!
3/2/2019 c30 5YPM-33-KI
Very nice chapter. Alniss sure needs to learn some manners, huh? It's nice that she's making an effort around Carla now, but around anyone else (and around former involuntary hosts in particular) it would seem she still has far to go. I can't help but suspect the meeting between Elsa and Carla would have gone at least a little better had Alniss not been around - though, maybe not, given the considerable animosity Carla still feels towards Jasmine at this point.

That being said, I think the scene between Elsa and Jasmine in the cafe was my favourite part of this chapter. Jasmine's reasons for liking Akhir are oh-so-believable, despite how horrifying they would seem for someone like Elsa, and it's easy to imagine how she and Akhir could end up being so close.

Great stuff as ever, and I shall look forward to reading more.
2/10/2019 c30 54Animorphgirl
Well, the second part was an interesting twist! As for the interview, while both of them should have prepared, I think the true blame lies with Kelly, since she set it up. They all must know that reporters are hardly known for their lack of bias, and unless she interacted with Kelly much differently than she did with Carla and Jasmine, the reporter's bias should have been easy to uncover.

Alniss needs to learn some tact, even though, as Elsa rightly acknowledges, her behavior comes from a place of fear and concern. Not to mention that she has somewhat of a history with Elsa, her being Silrin's first human host. What a mess. At least there's some progress that's being made!

An interesting and well written chapter!
2/10/2019 c30 25godfreyraphael
Huh. It turns out that the people who are trying to get Yeerks back in people's heads don't all unilaterally like each other. Well, I guess that's to be expected. You can't have everyone agreeing on every single thing about each other. There's always bound to be conflict. I must say that things are getting really heavy now. Can't wait for the next installment!
1/27/2019 c29 5YPM-33-KI
Very well-written and thought-provoking chapter. It's easy to see why Carla would react to seeing Jasmine and Akhir together, even though she of course should not have done it. I wonder now if Carla will take more time to prepare for future interviews; after all, I expect hostile journalists will become a fairly common problem if she continues to campaign for the yeerks in the pool.
1/21/2019 c28 YPM-33-KI
Great chapter, this. It's nice to see the campaign coming along, and Karen getting involved brings with it all sorts of opportunities; I look forward to seeing what you do with that.

I found it interesting that Sarah tried to ask Kalran about the earrings, rather than immediately making up her own mind. I might be reading too much into it, but it reminded me a lot of the voluntaries' behaviour around yeerks highlighted at the end of the chapter. Certainly, you do a good job at depicting the depth of the relationship that these two have, and I enjoyed reading their interactions here.
1/21/2019 c29 25godfreyraphael
Have to say that that really went south fast for Carla and Jasmine. That reporter really didn't like former Controllers. I wonder if that's just a general anti-Yeerk sentiment that I'm sure a whole lot of people have, or if she has some history with the Yeerks as well. Perhaps she was a former Controller herself. I don't know. And those scenes between Jasmine and Akhir... Very much a slap on the face for Carla from fate or destiny or whatever. Really drives home the point that she lost Silrin. I am very much curious as to what the next chapter brings.

Oh, and if it's all right, there's something I would like to ask you, but I'll do that in a PM.
1/20/2019 c29 54Animorphgirl
Powerful chapter. It was rather silly of Jasmine and Carla not to prepare beforehand. Together. They had to have known the types of questions that could have come up. And what the woman asked, in and of itself, was hardly the type of question that they couldn't have anticipated. With some rehearsal, and help from their Yeerks, they could have gotten through the interview and showed the levels behind the empire. Granted, what the woman actually wrote is another thing, but maybe that could have been prevented-demanding to see what was written before it went to publication, for instance. But, as Akhir said, all of this is hindsight. With regards to Carla's relationship with Silrin-didn't she know that her Yeerk loved her? You mentioned in an earlier chapter that Silrin called her "tamli", so even if Carla never learned the exact meaning of the term (did she?), she must have realized that it meant her Yeerk had strong feelings for her. Platonic, of course. Maybe, this is just the effect of seeing Jasmine and Akhir and knowing that Silrin is dead and unable to communicate with her? As for Alniss-I can't help but feel for her. It seems like she keeps having doubts about her own relationship with Carla, even though they're completely unwarranted. Anyway, a very solid chapter, very thought provoking, and I hope we get to read the next one soon!
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