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9/22/2018 c23 57Animorphgirl
I really enjoyed this chapter, in spite of the lack of Carla and flashbacks. But, I guess they can’t be present in every chapter! Elsa is a very interesting character. Even though she knows that she would never want to be a host again, she’s certainly putting herself out there to help the Yeerks. Maybe, it’s partly as a way to atone for how she treated Silrin? After all, Elsa probably didn’t have any Yeerks after her who were nearly as decent. The attitude she has towards former hosts and their Yeerks is similar to Sara’s. The idea that a human would do what their Yeerk wanted from them, after they have morphed human, isn’t much different than seeking the approval of family or friends. But they still think that a Yeerk should have no power over any human. Kind of makes you wonder how nothlits are treated by humans who were never infested. I imagine that former voluntary hosts are hardly the only ones to face persecution!

As far as losing the last couple of chapters...ouch! I know how that feels! For the future, you may want to use the FFN document manager feature to store your work. It saves for something like 90 days after the last revision.

Add more soon!
8/29/2018 c22 5YPM-33-KI
Very good chapter. I really enjoyed reading more of Carla's and Silrin's interactions, and I thought the flashback with Elsa was excellently written. The contrast between past and present Elsa is really striking, and makes Elsa seem like an even stronger character in retrospect than she did already.

Something I'm wondering at this point is whether Silrin was simply promoted on from Elsa, or whether Silrin purposely got herself transferred once it was obvious that she and Elsa would never be friends. I'm also wondering if Elsa's thoughts about Silrin were changed by her experiences with other yeerks later on - after all, I assume her experiences with Silrin were comparatively pleasant, with the benefit of hindsight.

Silrin seems about as sympathetic towards hosts as a yeerk could possibly be without being an outright rebel, and it's easy to see how Carla came to have such strong feelings towards her. I assume Silrin would have liked to have the same level of friendship with Elsa, even though such a thing was obviously impossible. After an involuntary host, receiving such a friendly and cooperative host as Carla must have felt like a real breath of fresh air for her.
8/29/2018 c22 25godfreyraphael
Now that was a very interesting look into Carla and Silrin's lives. Also interesting seeing Silrin meet a former host in Elsa as well as the superior attitude of Elsa's new Yeerk Tamhet. There's a small part of me that hopes that Tamhet either didn't survive the war or, if they did, they were forcibly kept in the Pool and not allowed to morph as a punishment. But that's just me.

I really do have to go back and read this fic as a whole some time. It's kind of hard to keep track with the many characters (not that I can speak as some of my stories can have a buttload of characters as well!). But a one-sitting reading can probably help me make more sense of the story.
8/29/2018 c22 57Animorphgirl
I was thrilled to see an update so soon, especially one that was substantial in length! This chapter had all the elements of your story that I love—a development of the Silrin and Carla friendship, more backstory on Elsa, and interaction between Carla and her new family. It’s sweet to see how protective Carla’s Yeerk was of her. Even the control aspect is consensual and you can see that her Yeerk isn’t in control all the time. The development with Elsa makes me wonder if Carla will take the next step and ask Kalran to read the letter? Hope we find out soon!
8/28/2018 c21 5YPM-33-KI
I've finally gotten caught up on this fic, and I must say I really enjoyed doing so. You've created a very compelling depiction of the post-war Animorphs 'verse, and I love all the yeerk-ish phrases you pepper the nothlits' dialogue with.

I find your take on yeerk nothlits fascinating, particularly regarding their interactions with ex-hosts. Alniss calling Carla her host is really sweet...and yet, the way she tries to control Carla's life - as though she were a yeerk in Carla's head - is anything but sweet, even though you can tell Alniss does mean well. Kalran rightly calls Alniss out on her behaviour...and yet Kalran herself can't seem to help but to pry into her ex-host's personal life, with said ex-host being all too willing to spill every last detail to her former yeerk.

Kalran and Sara are probably my two favourite characters in this, actually - even above Carla herself. I really felt for Kalran during the pool scenes, as well as for Oglud, and I found myself really wishing the andalites would just cut them both a break for once.

That's not to say I don't like Carla as a character, though. Rather, I find her her to be a very sympathetic protagonist to follow, and I enjoyed watching her slowly learn to assert herself with Alniss - even though she of course has quite a way to go. Alniss is also sympathetic in her goals, even though her actions often cast her in a negative light.

I do wonder how Alniss would react, were Carla to successfully get herself bonded to a yeerk. Would Alniss will be willing to let her "host" form a relationship with a new yeerk? And how would Carla get on with that yeerk, for that matter, having only ever had Silrin in her head until now?

Very good fic. I look forward to reading more, whenever it is ready.
8/21/2018 c21 25godfreyraphael
Two things I'm surprised at here. First one: an Andalite is polite to a Yeerk. That in itself is a surprise because for the entirety (probably, I'm not really sure) of the Animorphs series, the Andalites have been portrayed as being condescending and rude to the Yeerks. I mean, I'm sure that not all Andalites are all like that; it just so happens that the Andalites we have seen so far have that attitude. I don't know if we'll get to see this particular kinder Andalite or if he's just a one-off character but he is certainly a breath of fresh air.

Secondly, Carla has become more assertive and dare I say reckless (trying to attack an Andalite guard? No, just no). The prospect of possibly becoming a Controller again has certainly sparked a fire in her. I wouldn't expect the Carla of the earlier chapters of this story to behave like that. That's another surprise, and quite possibly the more welcome one of the lot.

Sorry if this review went on for a bit longer than I usually do. I just had to get these thoughts out. And now I await your next chapter.
8/19/2018 c21 57Animorphgirl
I really enjoyed this chapter, especially the developing friendship between Alniss and Kalran. It was also nice to see an Andalite guard who wasn't a complete jerk. Any possibility he's not in the minority, and even a potential ally? Looking forward to seeing more soon. Good luck with your moving and new job-that's always a challenge!
7/14/2018 c20 4RDavidson
I've been tracking this fic on AO3, but it looks like you're only updating it here now. I hope you'll resume posting it there soon.
6/6/2018 c20 25godfreyraphael
Aha! A new chapter! Glad I caught this!

That being said, I do find myself getting really curious as to how they are going to go about getting people to at least talk about the idea of voluntary infestation. I have a feeling that it's going to be an uphill battle for them, and the hill will be steep as well. Keep them coming!
6/3/2018 c20 57Animorphgirl
Jean's certainly a surprise, but I imagine she could be a formidable ally! Are you going to have the Animorphs disappear soon to save Ax from The One, or are you leaving that part out of your fic? Very interesting chapter, and it was nice to hear Elsa's point of view, as well as a brief part of her infestation with Silrin. Seems like Silrin got better at speaking to human hosts since then. :)
4/21/2018 c19 Animorphfan
Hello ,

Good work! I like your ideas in this chapter. Alniss is still very possessive, but I think it's a good thing if she goes into the pool herself to see how bad Oglud's fate is and: I like your Conlang in this story, did I ever say that?
4/17/2018 c19 25godfreyraphael
Hey! It's back!

I was kind of wondering what had happened to this story seeing as I feel I got update emails about it like almost every week and then it just stopped. But now a new update is here, and even though it kind of feels short compared to some of your other chapter, I'm still going to take it. Keep up the good work!
4/15/2018 c19 57Animorphgirl
I loved this chapter, but I wanted to give Alniss a hard shake. Even if she didn't want an unwilling human, she had no problem taking a "resigned" Hork-Bajir as her host! Makes me wonder how she would have treated Carla had she been assigned to her. (Too bad you can't have a chapter-even AU-in which Sirlin gives Alniss a chance to infest Carla for three days, with her host's permission, of course.) I mean, while Sirlin may not have technically been in the Peace Movement, her treatment of Carla was likely the same as the way Peace Movement Yeerks treated their hosts. Makes me wonder if there were a lot more Peace Movement sympathizers, in the sense that they viewed their hosts as sentient and treated them well, than you would have expected. Anyway, as you already know, this is one of my favorite stories ever, and I am always looking forward to the next installment!
3/2/2018 c18 Animorphfan
And now Ive read this chapter. Finally!.

It was very interesting to see Kalran's point of view, I really like her,really. But it confused me that she still sees herself as fully-yeerk.
Even Tobias our bird boy was within a few months deeper associated the way of life of his red-tailed-hawk.
Much more than Kalran with the nature of humans at the moment after all this years .
But that's something she (and Alniss too!) has to accept: They'll never be whole yeerks again. Even if Oglud is allowed to take over a host, there will be no way to develop their relationship with Kalran in a way likeYeerks could do .

Tobias and Rachel for example , really tried it to form a kind of relationship between this bad nothlit -thing and they failed so many , many times.
What when all things changes ?
What when Kalran suddenly fall in love with a human while she attempts to free the hostless yeerks?
Or worse : When something like this happens when Oglud finally come free?

Its just a thought from me because the notliths cling so extremely on their passed lifes and forget their new ones .

Somebody should tell them such stuff especially Carla in Alniss direction because even when the ex-yeerk have this fear about the young womans death or something like this, she dont have the right to decide anything for Carla!.

All what she can do now is to offered her friendship and her help to a fellow-human and this she had already done thousand times since she and Carla met.

Dont get me wrong : Alniss is a good friend and a lovely person, she helps Carla in the need , but here she cross definitifely the line of self-determination.
2/19/2018 c4 5YPM-33-KI
"She felt the host tense momentarily under her hands" really stuck out for me in this chapter. I got the impression throughout this chapter that Alniss still identifies wholly as a yeerk rather than as a human, but that line really rams it home. I also got a real smile out of the paragraph involving a hypothetical Yeerk flag.

I shall look forward to reading more soon!
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