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2/18/2018 c3 5YPM-33-KI
I've been just lurking and skimming this fic for wayyyy too long now, so I thought I'd go back to the start and review this properly.

With that being said...I really enjoyed Alniss' introduction to this story, and Carla's reluctance to accept help (or even admit the scale of her problem) was all too believable. I can well imagine that yeerk nothlits and ex-voluntaries would band together in this fic's setting...and that they would more-or-less need to band together in a lot of cases just to get by, for that matter.
2/18/2018 c18 57Animorphgirl
I enjoyed this chapter, despite the lack of lack of Carla. Elsa seems like a really sympathetic character. I get the sense that she doesn't hate Silrin after the end of the war, just the empire. She had some much worse Yeerks since Silrin, after all. Sounds like she has a pretty good understanding of the Yeerk culture, especially their protective nature. I guess she was infested for about three years before the war was over? Anyway, if she ever ends up having an official meeting with Carla, it sounds like she would be a real advocate to the cause and supportive of voluntary hosts. I hope that Carla ends up reading her letter at some point. Please add more soon!
2/13/2018 c17 Animorphgirl
Aww. Poor Carla. Poor Alniss! The situation is so awful for both of them! I think that if Alniss and the other Yeerks were truly honest with themselves, they would realize that they ultimately wanted the same thing as the Peace Movement Yeerks during the war—no involuntary hosts. And it’s not like the Peace Movement had much to do with the Animorphs during the war. If anything, Cassie helped them far more than they helped the Animorphs. But I guess that propaganda makes it hard to accept facts, or even common ground. I can see why Alniss is so hesitant to “let” Carla get involved with the infestation movement, but she has to know, deep down, that if the involuntary humans wanted to hurt her, they probably would try something more direct. Isn’t outright violence more their style? Anyway, very powerful chapter! Hoping to hear more from Silrin about her experience with Elsa in the next one.
2/11/2018 c16 Animorphfan

Very nice again!,

It wiill be interesting now to see how Carla work together with the others and have some touch with her own species so to say- especially this would be very good for her even when Carla dont see or feel it in the moment!

Naturally I am lvery courious about Carla and Elsas relationship , sure I dont expect the developing of a sort of friendship here , but a little bit understandig each other at least . With time Carla must see the other side of the coin because she is a human and in the most cases the yeerks were the reason for unrepairable injurys of souls from thousands of sentient beings no matter if they just followed their dutys.
Carla must accept this point and come clear with, .Yes I am sure humans could cope something of this. The earthlings could learn to tolerate the yeerks as a part of their planet and even forgive them. For sure , because we humans are very great at forgive bad things .
But we never would forget. So the yeerks- especially the not-YPM Ones who stayed on earth- must learn to appologize with perfect honesty and compassion. If they do not do so, or dont get a chance to do so in publicy in their own words, I think all the efforts of Carla, Elsa and their friends will be in vain .

(Oh man, at the moment I am very great in very long and emotional reviews- sorry for this!)
2/5/2018 c16 Animorphgirl
Very emotional chapter. Alniss feels almost like a surrogate mom to Carla—very Mama Bear. I can imagine how protective she would have been had Carla been her host during the war! Carla’s thoughts about the Peace Movement seem kind of contradictory to the point of the moment. I mean, they started as an organization that was opposed to forced infestation. As Carla was voluntary from day one, had any of them been assigned to her during the war, they would have gotten along fine. It’s not like all of the hosts of the Yeerks in the Movement started out involuntary! I can see Carla’s initial dislike of Elsa. Even though Silrin probably didn’t tell Carla much about her—aside from a mental image and the fact that she was involuntary?—Carla clearly feels protective of her Yeerk and would hurt (or avoid) anyone who had previously hurt her. What a mess! I am looking forward to more flashbacks (of course) as well as seeing the eventual meeting of Carla and Elsa. Should be pretty dynamic! Superb chapter.
1/21/2018 c12 Guest
Hey ,

The last too chapters were really good. Especially the way how yeerks could feel and thinking. The moment when Kalran refered about Sara as her host and Alniss did the same with Carla ,was very emotional .
I admire Elsa, Sara ,Kelly, Huan and the others for their courage! The fate of the yeerks who remained on earth is more than bad.
Something must happen!

Just to take a host is not evil. Its a kind of evolution in the yeerks case. Evil is just when they make it against the free will of the potential host . Thats my point
1/23/2018 c15 Animorphfan
Very bad prospects for the freedom of the hostless yeerks. Especially when also Cassie cant help :(.
Its a disaster and real ashamed that aliens like the andalites seems to control the decisions of the human goverment in this world!.

Then the scene if Carla meet Oglud and she offer herself.
Her selflessness Its so bittersweet and amazing but naive too.
Sure she want to help but Ilkiss is right.
What when she cant cope with Oglud in her head ? What if Oglud dont like her . I mean, this yeerk is not Silrin or one of her siblings like Alniss.
It is a complete stranger who she dont know at the moment and it seems a little bit as would Carla doing all in the world , just to have a yeerk in her head again, no matter who it is.

And it is so sad and hopeless at the same time. The Andalites here are such a ugly pack of arrogant narcists! Very sadistic in their whole behavior and so unruffled ...
They are bastards and I hate them in this chapter but I dont think that they lying when they say "It will never happen"...
Oh, poor Oglud !. sentencedl for lifetime to life in the pool .
With a little bit hope now yes, but neverthless is he/she a prisoner without a realistic chance so to say.

I like the end of this chapter so much!. It could really help when Carla work together with Elsa and the others. Maybe...
Please let it work!
1/23/2018 c13 Animorphfan
Wow , what a heavy chapter!, really hard stuff to cope with, just by reading!. But what should I say? you managed it to show the whole horror of the yeerk pool atmosphere very good and I can understand how glad Silrin was that Carla dont freaked out when she saw whats going on there .
But maybe Carla was simply too shocked to do so...

The Sub-Visser who you have introduced some chapters before this must be Talen or not?.
I am very courious about her too .
1/21/2018 c12 Animorphfan
Hey ,

The last too chapters were really good. Especially the way how yeerks could feel and thinking. The moment when Kalran refered about Sara as her host and Alniss did the same with Carla ,was very emotional .
I admire Elsa, Sara ,Kelly, Huan and the others for their courage! The fate of the yeerks who remained on earth is more than bad.
Something must happen!

Just to take a host is not evil. Its a kind of evolution in the yeerks case. Evil is just when they make it against the free will of the potential host . Thats my point
- I have leave a review as anonymous at first because I had forgetten to log in. Sorry!
1/20/2018 c15 Animorphgirl
I loved this chapter, but I have to say the Andalites really ticked me off. What arrogance, what a reduction of an entire race-many of whom are now blind and helpless, entirely because of them-to "filth". They're practically ruling over the Yeerk population of Earth, yet did practically nothing to help the planet when it was in serious trouble of losing to the Yeerk Empire. I kind of hope there's some kind of a mutiny against them with the Animorphs and the Yeerks, because they're incorrigible. I imagine their egos (at least, the warriors, princes, etc.) have expanded considerably after "defeating" the Yeerks.

Okay, now that THAT is over with, onto my thoughts about the latest chapter. I enjoyed your take on the Yeerk Pool and how Carla got to see it without the cages. I was a little confused as to why there would be other Yeerks (nothlit humans?) there in so many numbers. Are there many of them who wish to communicate with a Yeerk who has remained Yeerk? This seems likely, so I would just mention something-a throwaway line, even-about how there was a law passed that all Yeerk nothlits were able to go to the pool to communicate with the other Yeerks, but it had to be infrequent and monitored. Something small like that. The way Karlan and Carla communicated with Oglud was especially touching and well written. I wonder if Karlan could also communicate via thought speech to Oglud as he did with Carla? Not that Oglud would be able to respond, but it would be handy for conveying a message they didn't want recorded, or even speaking in code.

The part about Elsa gave the chapter a nice ending. Do I sense that she'll play a role in gaining more respect for voluntary hosts during the war?
1/20/2018 c15 FLESH Weinthal
Just wondering vic you're going to post chapters 13, 14 and 15 on your other site.
1/17/2018 c10 Animorphfan
This first-time-yeerk-infestation chapter was very cool written! .
You discribe it so great. Carlas doubts and thougts are very realistic and than in addiction the pure oddity of this situation...
Often I think for myself about this whole infestation-thing and if yeerks would be real , this I must admit - I would be very courious what is it like to be a Controller and would it test willingly .
But only in peace-time after the war when it happens that some yeerks would be allowed to stay at earth in their natural forms . There could be any practical reasons for a willing infestation too. Maybe of medical or justicial nature.

I am very exiting to meet Silrin a little bit more through Carlas eyes and memories . She is a very interesting character.
1/13/2018 c1 Animorphfan
And here I am again to leave a review : )

This er... "meeting" between Elsa, Kelly and Carla was very odd especially because Elsa was the previous host of Silrin and involuntary, I wonder what kind of relationship they have had. Silrin dont looks very bad and decent to me.

That Kalran was in the YPM was a shock for Carla . This "Is this losing?" from Kalran was very ironical. Or does she real thinking her life now and that of her fellow yeerks is a sort of gain?!, sure the nothlits have their own bodys now but however no place in human society or I am wrong?. I guess the most people hate the nothlit-yeerks, no matter if they were in the YPM or not and pay their homage just to the animorphs.

And then this dream of being a yeerk for herself in the Pool when Jake flush it... woah, what a horrible picture it gives me goosebumps and Alniss is so understanding and sweet, I like her more and more.
But on the other hand I am really angry about the human and andalite autorities. How dare they to judge and damn all the yeerks who stay on earth?!. Especially the andalites earth is not their territory they cant make decisions for our kind and every single human on the planet !.

Oh my god, now I am fury about imagimary persons , what kind of freak I am ?! XD
1/11/2018 c6 Animorphfan
Oh my god...

The kind of bare life who the yeerk-nothlits must eke out after the war is really cruel . So many of them are stuck together in this very small apartement and then this stuff about Carlas alcoholism. I am sure she had a hard life to live before Silrin came along.

By the way: I am very interested in the "old yeerk legends" what Carla mentioned, maybe you could give us a little bit of this stories : ) .
Oh yes, and I like your conlang and this schrelna -idea very much!
1/9/2018 c3 Animorphfan
Hey Kharina,

At first, Animorphgirl recommended me to read your story and here is my first review. (a good one ) She she didnt promise too much.
You are a very good writer and this story is unique. I have never ever seen a story about a voluntary one(so to speak a collaborator) after the war.

So and now the plot: Carlas story is very sad .
The reader really feels her grief for silrin and this thing with the tatoo behind her ear is really special and heartwarming .
It shows how close they were during the war.
Alniss seems to be a good soul, I like to see more of her so far and Carla need a friend and any help to get a grip over her life, even if she doesnt admit this in the moment.

I will definitly read on !
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