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1/8/2018 c14 59Animorphgirl
Great chapter! It's interesting to hear the opinions of the hosts in the Peace Movement and the nothlit Yeerks. One suggestion about how to deal with the Yeerks without hosts-and I wonder if they didn't think of it?-would be allowing nothlit Yeerks to be hosts. That is, Yeerks like Alniss and Kalran. Even though the Andalites (and probably a lot of humans) are against infestation, would they really have a problem with, in essence, a Yeerk infesting a former Yeerk? Also, I noticed that Elsa's little sister is named Annie...is that a reference from the movie "Frozen"? Seems a little suspicious there! ;) Hope to see more soon.
1/8/2018 c4 1Q11
You, uh, remember what the books described these voluntary controllers as, right?

The first time they went to the Pool, the Animorphs saw the voluntary controllers laughing, eating, while watching television - just feet away from the non-voluntary controllers who were crying and weeping and begging to be let go. Kids, teenagers, adults, everyone. And these voluntary controllers tuned them out. I dunno, it seems like you're romanticizing them for some reason instead of delving into the ugly truth of being a voluntary controller: that they were condoning something worse than slavery.
12/15/2017 c13 59Animorphgirl
Best chapter so far. Loved the mention of Carla's tattoo-a nice nod back to the first chapter. Especially enjoyed (if that's the right word) the description of Carla's trip to the Yeerk Pool and her experience there. I wonder if she'll learn the Yeerks' ways of getting hosts that go beyond Sharing membership. You know there was a fair amount of plain capturing going on-at least in the case of Eva and probably Karen. Still, it's easy to see how with the right Yeerk, being a Controller would almost be preferable to being "free", as we see with Carla after the war. I suppose the sub-visser mentioned in this chapter is the same one who infests Carla earlier? Sounds like that Yeerk is, if not a member of the peace movement, certainly sympathetic to humans-or is able to act that way. I'm guessing that she had a voluntary human host? I also enjoyed the conversation with Kalran. It would be ideal for everyone to establish voluntary hosts for Yeerks-expanding to Hork-Bajir and possibly even Gedds as well. Looking forward to reading what you post next! Great job so far.
12/11/2017 c13 Guest
Wow...This chapter was so, I dont know... very creepy, disturbing but also amazing in a way. In a blink of an eye I really could see Carlas first time at the pool..could hear the terrible screams of the involuntary ones and it gave me a shudder!
I really admire Carlas self-control and how she could managed cope with all this horror when she was Silrins host. I know I wouldnt do the same...Couldnt . And then the end! I am really glad about it and will really enjoy to see how Kalran meet Oglud.

Oh my godness , this is a very long review I had written and my english is just terrible isnt it ? (I am not a native speaker and a lot better with reading and understanding as with writing )
Sorry !*blush*
12/11/2017 c13 FLESH Weinthal
Just wondering when you'll post chapters 11, 12 and 13 on your other fan fiction website?
12/9/2017 c12 Animorphgirl
Very enjoyable chapter, although I wish you had included Alniss or Carla's point of view at some point. :) Interesting development of Elsa. It's too bad that Silrin never shared any memories with Carla about her and Elsa's time together, because I would love to have seen exactly what some of their interactions looked like. Sounds like Elsa was incredibly stubborn and one of those humans who-no matter how nice their Yeerk acted-would just scream and do whatever they could to make their Yeerk's life miserable. Pretty much the opposite of a Yeerk who tortures their host. Can Yeerks share memories with each other directly? Maybe we could see it through Alniss! Anyway, I am really enjoying how this story is going, and it's nice to see some of the former hosts connect with the Yeerks. Hope you add an update soon. Also-did you get my last private message?
12/6/2017 c1 Guest
Awww, Elsa,Sara and Huan are sooo sweet and amazing and i like the idea of voluntary infestation too.
Yes there was a war but Kalrans friends are right . Earth is not the planet of the andalites. They cant make decisions for all humans and if there are someone who would host a yeerk why not?. I mean a yeerk must leave a host all three days , right? and every three days, their host is left completely out of their control so he/she can decide to volunteer again or just to break off and go away. There wil be no cages to hold them in the pool area against their will, so whats the problem?
11/15/2017 c11 Guest
Very good again, so much emotions are merged together at this point *wipes tears off *.
I really like the conversation between Carla and Sara and can understand both of them.
Sara was a tortured involuntary one during the war, living in a neverending nightmare. She was a victim captured in her own body by the enemy .
But Carla was willing from the very beginning to share and formed a good relationship or maybe sort of therapy too , with the help of Silrin.
The part when Alniss referred of Carla as her "host" was sooo sweet and i like your concept how yeerks would think and feel 3 .

Please more of this soon, its sooo amazing and i cant wait!
11/12/2017 c11 Guest
I really enjoyed this chapter, although I have to say that you went in a different direction with Sara than I would have expected. I guess I assumed that she would be more pro-Yeerk, given her experience with the Peace Movement! The rest of the chapter was very good, as well. Alniss' perspective was a nice change-not that you haven't done that before-and it was realistic and a sweet touch to have her refer to Carla as "my host". I hope you'll add more soon!
11/12/2017 c11 Animorphgirl
Thought I had reviewed this earlier, but I guess the review did not go through. Anyway...

This was a very good chapter and well thought out. I actually thought that Sara would be more friendly to Carla, since she and her (now former) Yeerk are on good terms. You would have thought that she would have met other good Yeerks during the war. But I guess she saw those as the exception, whereas Carla saw the Yeerks she met as kind of extensions of Silrin-who was kind to her and helped her with alcoholism. I would like to see more of Sara in future chapters, and maybe have a friendship develop between herself and Carla? They're ultimately on the same side at this point, after all.

The part about Alniss seeing Carla as her host was sweet, and not at all unexpected. It's easy to see how their friendship has deepened over the past several months, from Alniss' initial gratitude and wanting to help Carla out, to her appreciating her as a genuine person.

Hope you add more soon!
11/6/2017 c4 Riviere Parley
I like the comment about beauty here, how humans take it for granted the beauty around them and how aliens, even parasitical, know how to appreciate it! A great commentary on our own world.
11/6/2017 c3 Riviere Parley
It's cool to see Yeerks just trying to survive. And seeing Carla as she understands Yeerks and their stubbornness against human tendencies. A great perspective!
10/15/2017 c10 Groovej
The story is written well, the plot is compelling. The characters are nice and flawed too. Interesting character- Carla wants to share mind so that she can be accepted without being judged- to have some one see her point of view and blindly accept it.

But to get what she wants she needs to see the point of view of those she perceives as an enemy and accept some critism. Otherwise why dish out what you can't take?
10/8/2017 c10 Animorphgirl
Great to see some backstory! Interesting that Carla's infestation was almost nothing like Tobias', but I suppose that different leaders manage things differently. Is it a coincidence that Carla's first paid job after McDonalds ended up being at a pizza place, and Taken mentioned Silrin's favorite pizza flavor? :) Was Carla hired by a former voluntary host, or a nothlit, or just someone who that awful woman never got to approach him/her? I am also a little curious about what Carla did for volunteering before she got hired. I imagine it was something like working at a soup kitchen. Anyway, good luck with your move, and hope to read more once you get your Internet working and your house in order!
10/8/2017 c9 Animorphgirl
Very interesting and powerful chapter. I enjoyed that Kalran and Alniss realized that Carla needed to learn more about the Peace Movement before dismissing it entirely, and had the sensitivity to 1) make sure that Alniss was there for support and 2) have the other Yeerks not be around the apartment. I sort of wonder about just how large the movement was by the end of the war. Obviously, with Aftran being a nothlit humpback whale, Visser Three was unable to retrieve any information from her-nor, presumably, any other Yeerks within the movement. As of #29, there were over a hundred members, so I imagine there could be at least a thousand by the end of the war, but they hardly seem to be a majority. Then again, maybe a lot of the Yeerks with Taxxon hosts joined after being denied the morphing power. The lack of the movement's role in the later books was one of the major disappointments in the series for me, so whatever you choose to do with their history (and future story!) should be an interesting read!
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