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9/6 c25 1Phoenix774
Hope you update this story soon. It is a wonderful and riveting story.
8/10 c25 31DragonKingDragneel25
Ok, like other crossovers I have read recently, I avoided this one for a while because I feared it was like others I have read, where the world's weren't melded/brought together in a way I found believable. So much so in fact, I just got around to finishing it just a few minutes ago, and I started it this morning.

And just like the others (including your story Ruby's Mansion, I might add), I find myself enjoying this story and find the two worlds combined in an interesting and unique way and doesn't at all feel forced or lazy. So, great job on that.

So now that you have a Persona for all of Teams RWBYS and JNPR, will their team be different from Akira's? What I mean by that is, are you having them join the Phantom Thieves, or will they be their own entity like Phantom Thieves themselves, SEES, and the Investigation Team?

I honestly think that would be the most interesting route, especially if you're going to do what I think you're going to do and have the Phantom Thieves give them some coaching on how to use Personas. I think you might already be hinting at that since the Velvet Room for Ruby is different than when Akira enters it (and on that note, I love the design of the Velvet Room for Ruby).

But, whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be amazing, and I can't wait to see what you have in store for this story.
7/20 c25 Wyran cost
For those wondering about this story, the author has stated in chapter 19 of Ruby's Mansion that this story is being rewritten due to additional info and characters from both Persona 5 Royal, Strikers and the latest volume of RWBY. (Atlas arc in case you are wondering.)
This is to add several new characters as well as to flesh out and improve the overall story.

This is your friendly comenter, bringing those unaware of this up to speed and in hope to get said individuals to branch out to the authors other stores so that you may enjoy them.
(Or don't, it's your decision after all.)
7/13 c25 dragon rose 11
love the story bro can't wait for more.
7/13 c25 Guest
Please update this story soon. I quite enjoy it.

7/5 c25 Jinny Kisaragi
Ssssssoooooo... When's the next chapter of Remnant's Phantom Thieves is going to come out? It's been 11 months since you updated.
5/21 c13 MissNoir11
Don't you fucking dare tell me that Gregory is Akechi's reincarnation. Don't you fucking dare.
5/13 c1 Guest
Love this story hope to read more
4/14 c25 TBAgent
This is really good. I hope you continue
4/11 c1 Dasgun
4/5 c21 Slackboy101
Is Gregory Ashe who I think it is?
3/25 c25 Guest
Hope you update this soon. I like to know what happens next.
3/9 c21 Natsu-Dragneel 210803
Akechi Sketchy
3/4 c25 Guest
Please update this
2/1 c25 1W8W
It is official that Ruby will be persona user rest of teams RWBY and JNPR from your messages to but I wonder what about Penny. Waking up was funny scene especially cookie.

So Phantom Thieves knew about Ruby new situation. I wonder what will be the relationship. Will they serve as a close mentors or two groups will work more or less independently. Yang and Blake are definitely somebody that should play big role in changing Raven and Adam hearts respectively.

Part about eating challenge was funny.
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