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5/27/2018 c3 28JustWriter2
I know you might be angling for a relationship between Anikan and Buffy, but I'd be interested to see some flirting, admiration, and friendship between her and Obi Wan, even if he's older than her by several years. Something similar to how he and Anikan bicker, but with loads more respect would feel approximately correct. But nothing much would even happen during the battle at Geonosis, what with the life threatening situations popping up, there'd be little time for flirting and canonically, Anikan and Padme get married pretty quickly after Geonosis.

3/1/2018 c2 12Esmereilda
oh I'm loving this fic so far v
2/28/2018 c3 7Tsamoka
I wonder how the Jedi council will react when they find out that Buffy is the Chosen One, and that one is born every generation. (aka the Slayer) That will certainly put a twist on the prophecy they know.

Of course, the Slayer and the Chosen One from Star Wars have nothing to do with each other, but THEY don't know that! :)
1/12/2018 c1 11Worldmaker
I read the title and thought, "The Chosen One's what?"

You're using the possessive "One's" not the plural "Ones." Might want to fix that.
12/18/2017 c3 Guest
Great story really hope you update
12/13/2017 c3 Hawkgirl
I'm really enjoying your story. Keep up the good work.
11/29/2017 c3 Verina Du'Arden
so far, so good... Like to read more of this.
11/25/2017 c3 Fred
Great story thank you for writing it update soon plz
11/15/2017 c3 Guest
Really good story hope you update soon
11/1/2017 c3 Haruka Kasumi
I'm rather surprised to see a new chapter, but pleasantly so. I hope that it means that this story will continue?
11/1/2017 c1 71lateVMlover
Exciting update.
10/30/2017 c3 Princesakarlita411
Still reading want more
10/30/2017 c3 2KK1987
An update woo hoo *happy dance* fab chapter will eagerly await the next chapter
10/30/2017 c3 2aveave
Great story. Can't wait for the next chapter.
10/30/2017 c3 loopsyloo
Really loving this story. I've found one similar but it was made years ago but never finished so,I have high hopes for this one
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