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for Bo and Carly- Eternal Flame

4/14/2017 c13 4DtownGurl4488
Awww I hate that it's over already. Boo! Lol. I enjoyed though. And as one of two writers giving me CarBo, I sincerely hope you write more.
4/12/2017 c7 DtownGurl4488
Absolutely LOVING this story! Honestly as much as I love CarBo a part of me doesn't want Carly to go back to Bo in this particular story. Killing her husband and son was harsh but looking forward to more.

Carly Corinthos (GH) is one of my all-time favorites so using the name here was a pleasant surprise. But I do have to ask; do you write/post stories anywhere else? Your writing and use of certain words remind me of some other CarBo stories I found a couple days ago.

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