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5/13/2019 c18 wnig2latybf
Alexa, I am so sad to see that you never expanded on any of these short blurbs or the ideas you featured in the next section of this work, which I already left a review for. I know that you are grown up now (30 this year?) and have a life. So do I, I no longer devote time to writing fanfiction and now am focusing on starting a writing project that I hope will one day be published.

I just hope you can find the time, even if twenty minutes in your day, to write something. Even if it's just in tiny increments over a several months; it would be a hell lot better than nothing. Miss quality writers from back in the day such as yourself. :(
8/17/2018 c19 920355
Hey there, checking in and realized you haven't put up any of these stories. I last reviewed just about one year ago on a different account, am sad to see you never returned to write any of these. :(
8/14/2017 c19 wnig2latybf
First of all: Holy crap, this made me nostalgic! I wish more people were still around to write DECENT/APPROPRIATE 7th Heaven fanfics like you! :(

Second of all: I came up with a really long list, I'd say half of the summaries you've listed here, I would love to see written. Unfortunately, I think I might be the only one to drop a review, as it doesn't seem like anyone comes around here anymore. :(

The list:
"Was It Worth It?"
"This Time Around"
"Think of Me"
"Dirty Secrets"
"Opening Old Wounds"
"My Favorite Mistake"
"I Want You"
"Imperfect Christmas"
"I Should be so Lucky"
"Smoke and Mirrors"
"Goodbye to Innocence"
"Confide in Me" version 2
"Nothing Can Stop Us"
"Walk Away"
"Something to Remember"
"Dirty Little Secret"

Yeah, I want to see a lot of these written. XD Especially the ones with an original pairing.
5/27/2017 c18 Anon
I hope you will flesh out some of these stories but I totally understand if you don't want to. Some things have to be left in the past, but thanks for sharing!

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