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6/20 c11 Guest
Take this as a compliment, that misunderstanding is the best thing of this fanific! I kept giggling the whole time since it started and now that it's evolving it's even better. Love it.
6/11 c18 tricorvus
I adore this story. I love Kreacher. Whoa, that pregnancy threw me for a loop. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.
Rock on
6/10 c11 tricorvus
I just bookmarked 8 of your other HP fics. Boy oh boy!
You may just be going on my favorite author list.
Rock on
6/10 c10 tricorvus
I stumbled upon this story accidentally and I could not be more pleased. I adore the premise. Well-written and I love this Kreacher you're writing.
Rock on
6/9 c18 Cookiemathew
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA, Black family women are the absolute best in the world! Loving this much. terrifyingly arousing determination... "Crystal". God this chapter can't get much better. 11/10
6/9 c18 OctopusInTheCloset
i have enjoyed this story. thanks
6/2 c18 1Kyria Greene
Love this story!
5/30 c18 bigdudemcgeeforu
Hope you continue.
5/25 c18 darkpegasuzz
Love the story, hope you keep it going
5/24 c1 Bronze
Fumblemort's worst nightmare has just come true! Someone who truly cares more about Harry personally then his so-called " Greater Good " now has Harry. And worst yet, she has four years to correct all the crap the former Dursleys and Good Ole Fumblemort have put him through. If she can turn him into a real badass in just four years, well, maybe he won't fall for the Weasley set-up at Kings Cross Station on 09/01/'91. Nor MoooRon's lie on the train that " Everywhere else is full up. " Both events I believe were meant to get Harry to become A, friends with MoooRon and B, to think of the Weasley family as his own. All because they were rabid followers of Good Ole Fumblemort.
5/19 c5 Not A Fan
Nope. Sheer ridiculousness.
5/15 c18 darkpsychoqueen
omg love this story cannot wait to see what u come up with next lol
5/3 c18 Ironcoil
Oh this has been such a fun story, more slice of life than adventure but I can see that changing soon as they get closer to Harry going to Hogwarts and their family now growing. Man I hope you continue this and maybe even the prequel to this story as it really is a lot of run to read. Thanks again!
4/29 c18 5Dark Neko 7000
What will happen next time
4/28 c7 3HP.HG. fan forever
I just love that last part.
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