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10/15 c18 ReneeEAD
I’m coming late to your fandom but if an awful lot of favorites and follows have popped up in your inbox that’s just me bingeing my way through your back catalog. I love how each version of Harry you’ve created is distinct and individual while still remaining authentic to the starting conditions you set up. Thank you for writing and I’ll look forward to updates or new works equally!
8/16 c18 LAB1
This is a very funny and confusing story that I feel like I got dropped into the middle of. I'm still confused, but I'd like to read more if you come back to it!
7/1 c15 Shadeymankey
Oh lord this chapter is amazing
7/1 c8 Shadeymankey
Lollllllll now shes his mom
6/29 c18 Luis Andres Villegas Romero
Me encanto el como va la historia, ojalá puedas continuar publicando
6/23 c18 lovesolace
5/29 c18 3PascalDragon
Great, kinda cracky story. Love it. Looking forward to more here. :)
5/25 c18 Guest
I love this story this is fantastic I was bopping my head to all the songs and imagining everything in perfect vision I adored it!

The name at the end is what made me laugh the hardest, because if you’re keeping with the theme of the songs you could technically sing the name to the rhythm of ‘hollaback girls’ that is just the cherry on top!
3/17 c8 Phantasmagoricalullaby
Them being siblings is definitely possible and much more likely than being mother and son. I have a big family and the largest age gap between siblings is 19 years, and that's with the same mom. I'm not gonna be mean but im enjoying the story and this is my only problem so far.
3/4 c18 thomassjtobin
very fun story
2/15 c18 Solti
give more pls make it more double it and give it to next reader
2/11 c18 OmaBlack
looking forward to reading more. I always thought that someone needed to go back in time and kick some a...
2/7 c6 andrea.reeder66
On Chapter 6, I can just picture Kreacher going after cows. Lol. Thanks for the laughs.
1/2 c18 6Mando-Vet
Wonderful story!
11/23/2022 c18 Solti
How fun! Please do write this more
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