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for Children of Wand and Atom

4/12/2017 c2 23Rori Potter
Amazing! Update soon.
4/12/2017 c2 18Otsutsuki no Yami
A pretty well done chapter, sadly it was a bit too short. Well, it seems that Dumbledore is just an old man who lacks a spine to justify a wrongly imprisoned man.

The things in Dumbledore youth has blinded him for the truth of Harry and his mother's family troubles. The Headmaster is not a necessary evil if so far I can see, just ignorant and a tired old man.

I sincerely hope you did not make Harry canon version, dumber down by Hermione and Ron. Harry is a very smart boy for someone that was abused by his family. So, I really hope you make him survival smart which means that the boy has a knowledge about things because people like him mostly hid themselves in libraries or on the web.

Mostly they too keep their talents and knowledge hidden. Lastly, I do hope that Harry break up his friendship with Hermione and Ron, I do not see them accept him being a mutant. And I dislike them very much.

Well, I hope to see soon a new, longer chapter.
4/12/2017 c2 Pikachu79
My first thought of who is chameleon is would be Tonks but I could be wrong. I look foreword to the talk with Harry.
4/12/2017 c2 1AngelLaNelle
tonks is chameleon
4/12/2017 c2 kirsty21
cool update soon thanks
4/11/2017 c1 3Caelus06
wow ! Oliver's powers are cool. I kinda noticed something. About XMEN & Marvel verse in general. It seems all mutants. Are a bit tougher than normal humans. Even the ones with powers that aren't good for combat. They can take falls & damage that would put a human in the hospital. But they can still get hurt & die.

Anways looking forward to reading this story.
4/11/2017 c1 eri1551
Love your new story! A promising start. Will you explain more of the backstory later on?
4/11/2017 c1 1davycrockett100
4/11/2017 c1 18Otsutsuki no Yami
interesting start. It seems that Harry has more than only claws. Because when you mentioned incredible powers when his eyes opened for a moment means that Harry has something more.

I surely hope that this is a Harry Potter x X23 story. And not a slash. I think it is a normal Male x Female so I will add this and hope I did not fall in a trap
4/11/2017 c1 Sleste.09
Love the start of this story.
4/11/2017 c1 58randomplotbunny
This is going to be fun!
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