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for Gardens bloom but flowers will wilt (Hiatus)

4/27/2019 c5 3Fictionlover87
I like this story will you be updating
4/25/2018 c5 Fictionlover87
Stories really good please update
11/17/2017 c4 naruita14
J'ai adoré,pauvre naruchan.
Pour le couple j'aime ita/naru ou alors shisui/naru.
7/29/2017 c1 Guest
You mentioned the Uchiha brothers as possibles for Naruto but what about others? I'm a fan of the m/m rare pairings.. I personally always felt Naruto needed someone older and more mature not bc Naruto is stupid but bc he's ( Shikamaru and Shino) are way ahead of their entire generation mentally (he's 13 but mentally 16-18)... that's before the use of the Shadow Clones (after S.C.'s mentally ages a year for a year)... Male Harem with no canon females that are suddenly male.

Shisui x Naruto
Kakashi x Naruto
Shikamaru x Naruto
Aoba Yamashiro x Naruto
Genma x Naruto
Ibiki x Naruto... (weird but rare and could still totally see happening)
Izumo x Nartuo x Kotetsu
Hayate x Naruto
7/27/2017 c3 Reversus12
You have a lot of writing potential for someone being 14, I liked your sentence structure :) I don't mind KyuuNaru yaoi, in fact I like that pairing so much and these fanfics are at most rare.
7/27/2017 c1 Scarease
This think would cause the Third to snap their would be blood lots of it and he like not be a push over anymore .
4/18/2017 c3 1eternal nothingness
well this is an intersting story so far can't wait to see what happens next.

also for the pairing i would go for kyuunaru(yaoi) it's an intersting pairing to me.
4/18/2017 c3 1Novrier
Hmm, this was rather short. I guess the next chapter will have a more substantial amount of content with the upcoming conversation. But overall, this was a short, but decent chapter.
About pairings: I really don't care that much. Yaoi ... not a fan (same thing about harems), but I don't condemn it or anything. It is again, a matter of taste. Mostly I can live with pretty much any pairing that is done well. I have no real preferences and I have read and enjoyed stories with different pairings, just because they were done is a way that made the believable and relatable. In most cases that means that authors took time with them. Characters and their relationships require time to be developed, much time and work. So I can't really tell you what pairing to use, you are the author and that is completely up to you, mostly, because only you know where the story will go, how characters will be developed and what pairings will be possible. So overall, I read the story for the story, not for a pairing to drool over. As such in the end, I support no pairing, whatever you choose is fine with me, as long as it is done well.
As for spelling. Umm, I can't say it bothers me. As long as I can read without any trouble, I won't address it. Yeah, at times I can see mistakes, but it doesn't ruin anything for me. As long as I can read without trouble, I am ok with it. I do understand if some people take it more seriously, though I do believe that if they take time to point out spelling problems, they could also say a few words about a story itself. Again, that is their right, not obligation.
The dark stuff. Umm, again, I am not against it in any way. If your story has a darker tone, be my guest, again, that is your choice and I can't really say much in here. I can't demand a fun and fluffy stories with bunnies and rainbows (ugh, I think I am going to be sick from that picture) I get what I get. The tone of the story if for the author for decide and again, that is more of a matter of taste. I actually enjoy stories with a bit of ... umm, brutality. I mean, they are ninjas, slitting throats and stabbing someone in the back is already an everyday job for them.
So again, dark stuff, not a problem. Cliches are. Again, the mob thing is old and overused. But, whatever, I just hope there will be more original and unique content in the future. Like a new twist, a new concept. New stuff is always a pleasure to see.
Finally the amount of content. Alright, as I said, this last chapter was a bit short. Actually it was basically just one scene. Not really enough for a chapter, not is it? Not that big of a problem, but it will eventually get annoying. I suggest keep chapters to around 2000, 3000 words, that is not so hard to write, yet gives enough content. For crying out loud, this review seems longer than your chapter, not a good sign, now is it? So just for the future, make chapters a bit bigger. Well, maybe not a bit, just bigger.
So overall, this all depends on future chapters. I do wish you one thing important for any author, inspiration.
4/12/2017 c2 thor94
interesting story, i really like kyunaru yaoi fic.
especially with an effeminate haku like naruto.
hope you will give him cute outfit and jewelries like yukata, with a choker, bracelets and anklets.
4/12/2017 c2 3Fictionlover87
that was so good i enjoy it good work
4/12/2017 c2 1Novrier
I don't really mind there being some dark stuff in a story. Yeah, someone might really dislike it and I can understand that too, but I think that is mostly just a matter of taste.
What I didn't like was the whole Naruto gets abused by a mob. Again, not because it is a dark and somewhat disturbing concept, it is just an overused there, a bad cliche. You know when you start a story, you could start with a more original thing instead of something that is so common it is annoying.
I can understand that you required a darker start for a plot, but there can be numerous ways to approach this.
So overall, a very mixed bag for me.
4/12/2017 c1 ccrim1997
I'm not into yaoi, so I'm sorry but if it turns into one I'm out. I do however enjoy the NarutoxFu and NarutoxTayuya pairings. There really aren't very many of those.
4/12/2017 c1 Jay Leonardo
please spell check it
4/11/2017 c1 23kyekye
It is spelled surrogate... but I really like this I hope to read more soon
4/11/2017 c1 gvargas132
You should use Spellcheck for the few misspelled words.

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