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for A Lesson in the Art of Subservience

4/25/2017 c1 Wishing For Dragons
Okay, first thing first. In the sentence starting with he "slammed", I think you meant to write body.
Also considering I'm doing the review tag thing and therefore don't know the characters, I applaud you for being able to give me a clear... picture (lack of a better word) of their personalities in such few words.
Honestly for a drabble this is very telling of the dyanmic between the two characters.
4/13/2017 c1 37schizelle
Ooh. (I really need to finish reading the series idk where I stopped though lol)
This reads like the start of some really kinky smut. But you've labelled it Angst so maybe it's not lol. Teen being teen.

Bananach is always so rude to Niall. :C And even though, he communicates with violence to make her more docile, she feeds off it. They both are such head-strong characters, neither is ever likely to let themselves fall into a servile role.

It's really good. And the length makes it so much better.

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