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for Bakeneko's Beginnings

6/15/2022 c1 Savana62
Pls continue the story or put it up for adoption I want to see it completed
4/3/2019 c1 Watching the rain fall
Cool idea
12/26/2017 c1 Anime100
This is truly interesting to read; please update very soon
11/5/2017 c1 kagome higurashi
please write some more. it's good.
7/21/2017 c1 Weep for the empty
Best freaking story EVER.

It's SUPER detailed. And you obviously put a lot of thought into this story. Please update soon! I can't wait for more!
6/29/2017 c1 2CelestialPirateQueen
This is so interesting! Hope you continue soon! Their powers are so cool! Are you still going to give Luffy a devil fruit? If so, is it the gum gum fruit? Or another one? You didn't say anything about their swimming? Since they are part cats.. Do they hate swimming? Or do they like water? It is very intriguing! Hope you start the story. I am shaking from excitement!

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