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for Keeper of the Lost Cities: Juline's Backstory

2/28/2021 c18 Guest
1/18/2018 c18 TaylorTot46
I can't wait for an update!
10/14/2017 c18 Sofitz
Hmmmmmmm... Maybe she sets up a dance. And Juline nor Kesler know each other is there. It's in a giant space and they have to find each other without help.
9/18/2017 c18 1Owlmoon of OwlClan
Ooh! I have some ideas that I'll PM to you not to spoil the story for the other glad you finally decided to update!
9/17/2017 c18 booksaremylife
8/26/2017 c17 Owlmoon
Ooh! Sooooo exciting! You and Team Sophie are a really good, well, team. You both seem to be excellent writers together and I've only caught one typo this entire time. Can't wait for the next chapter!
6/23/2017 c17 Sofitz
Kesler I like Keefe and Dex at the same time. It sucks that cant update. Well anyway if you have time, I got a Wattpad account it is Melonie_Sencen I you want to chat it out. But I love his story and I will miss you update it too!
6/20/2017 c17 booksaremylife
Aw! SO adorable! *dying* I love this so much! I know I say that in all of my comments, but I really do love this story so much!
6/20/2017 c17 Ellie
6/10/2017 c16 Sofitz
OK so that is what I'm getting, Juline is Sophie and Edaline is Sandor. I really like this fanfic and if i had an account would follow you and fav you and the story but. als I am not old enough.

Anyway, I really like this chapter and think it is interesting that Edaline is beIN so smart! I really like how the story swaps POVs and the is a total love triangle. Also on her matchmaking scroll it didnt say any of Keslers brothers like it maybe was mentioned in Lodestar.

And this is out of curiosity but who do u ship?

Your welcome for reviewing and thank you for giving me shout-out s you r the first author to do that :)
6/7/2017 c16 booksaremylife
Nooooo! Evil Edaline! And yassss Hunger Games! Oh, I did really enjoy this chapter, even though it was short. I love how I am so intrigued and this is so suspenseful even though I know how they end up and that Juline and Edaline are friends!
6/6/2017 c15 Sofitz
wow! That realy sounds like Edaline! But, what level is of Foxfire is Juline in? If she is about to go into the elite levels, hen ill her parents find out? Sinc in the books Edaline said that her parent made Juline go through the elite levels. Plz make the chapters longer.

I LOVE this fanfic i can imagine Fitz Biana and DEx finding ou that their parnts dated. PRICELESS
6/5/2017 c15 booksaremylife
Haha it seems like Edaline is going to be a spy! Also, why?! Please no suspenseful endings... :) I can't wait to see more Kesler soon! I love this story so much! Thank you for creating such an amazing story!
6/5/2017 c14 booksaremylife
Oh my gosh I really want all of that food right now.
5/26/2017 c14 4Waves-Of-Writing
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